Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dinosaur Ridge Colorado

We took the kids at the Dinosaur Ridge Golden Colorado last week for their Spring Break. It's very interesting how they found those dinosaur tracks and foot prints by accident when they build the road. It also shows that long time ago dinosaur ridge was a big ocean and wet lands. So it was an interesting trip for the day. Kids really had fun, its something to do as a family on Spring Break and they both got a toy at the gift shop. Next trip is to go to that Dinosaur Museum at Canon City. So will see... 

Yamaha ypg-535

I missed our old piano. One of our friend give us an old piano and we just put it in the kids room. Kids really didn't play it, its very old and some of the keys are not working. We accept it just for kids to play with. Now that the kids are  growing up, whenever they saw piano, they also talk about it and that they wanted a new one, not the old one we have. We throw it out couple years ago because our dog chewed the leg of the piano and it doesn't look good anymore. Good thing the piano is old so I guess if we can save enough money will be able to provide piano for my kids but they need to learn the basic piano lesson. It's going to be hard to find a piano lesson in the valley, I am not sure if they have one in here but will see. But anyhow, talking about piano, I found this yamaha ypg-535, this will going to be a great portable grand piano keyboard. Not too fancy and it looks really nice. There are 88-key and it has well built integrated stand, has easy keyboard set up. All in all it was really nice. It was a top rated piano keyboard. The price is affordable and it has 4 and a half star rating. This will be a great piano for us. So if your looking for a piano keyboard, check this yamaha ypg-535 at  

Pretty Princess...

Here's our new Princess in the house. We name her Princess Shnookums. She just turn 8 months old this month. In the first photo she was about couple weeks old. Look at her now! She grown up a lot! She's very sweet!

Growing dogs...

Here is the latest photos of our dogs Princess (English Mastiff) and Sugar (Anatolian Shepherd). Sugar is about a year old and Princess is 9 months old. They grow so fast! They are such beautiful dogs. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shure 215 earphones

Did you know that shure 215 dynamic microdriver earphones clear is one of the top sellers microdriver at guitar center? You can get it for $99.00 at their website. Its in stock and ready to ship! I love shopping instruments and accessories at guitar center. This shure 215 microdriver delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass. So you will surely love this microdriver earphones. If you are looking for a trending earphones online then look no further. Visit guitar center and find the instruments and accessories you need! Happy shopping!

Dana's art project!

Here's Dana's new project! She use a lot of scrap like the plastic bottle, strings, stick, fabric, paper clip for the body, a lego tire for the head and a cotton for the hair. She did pretty good assembling it! I help her a little bit in the water bottle, I cut it like a wave and color it blue. We use fabric nets too and a ribbon. She had fun making this art project for her art lesson. She did really well and its nice spending time with her doing her art project. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

best MF orange pedal

I was just searching guitar effects pedal online for a friend. He bought his guitar last year, he has a band and he likes to do gig with his friend. It's been a while I didn't go to my friends gig. I miss watching live bands. He just ask if I know anything about guitar effects pedal and I say not so much but I can do a research for him and if I can find one I will let him know. So far this is what I found, I bump to this website at the musiciansfriend and they have the best MF orange pedal. This is their top rated items and a lot of customers and retailers are looking the same product! So i might show this to him and see if this is the one he is looking for. So will see... 
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