Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nice dinner with friends...

Our friend just invited us to have dinner with them. It was a nice simple dinner. Dustin was okay this afternoon until after dinner because he started not to feel well. He said he is cold and hot, that he is tired and wants to lay down. We let him lay down in the couch and rest while we still finishing the dinner. We stay until 9:00 pm and decided to go home because of Dustin’s condition. We wants to stay a little bit longer but we really need to go because Dana starting to get grouchy because she’s tired and sleepy. When we get home, we had a snack and the kids was feel asleep already. Since they are both sleeping, I still have time to check my email and talk to my sister and friends online.

And oh! I forgot to read the apidexin reviews. I was reading that this afternoon but I didn’t finish it. It interest me to read consumer reviews about different kind of diet pills product because it give me an idea on what diet pills that really works the best. Maybe someday if I gain weight, I know already which diet pill that rights for me.

I mow the lawn!

I mow the lawn yesterday and it was very hot outside. I had fun but after doing the hard work, it worn me out and I was really exhausted and thirsty. I went inside the house, drink water and sit down in the couch. I try to relax myself because I feel really hot and exhausted. Then Dana came up and wants to nursed so I just nursed her while I’m sitting in the couch resting. When I woke up this morning, my arms and legs are sore. I woke up around 9:00 am, Dana and I woke up late. Dustin and Mike woke up early. Mowing the lawn is a good fat burner exercise. What do you think? If I do this once a week, it will help me to become more fit and active. I need to get used to it so that it won’t give me joint pain after.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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After the assembly...

Here are the photos we took after the assembly last Saturday together with my Filipina friend name Ella. It was nice having her that time. Dana is not looking in the camera but she is so adorable and cute in her cute purple dress.

hard time to get up...

Goshh! It's already almost 9:00 am and I am still in bed, trying to wake up. Dana still sleeping and Dustin was already awake. Don't feel like getting up, I had a joint pain all over me. I think that's because I did a lot yesterday. I did a lot of cleaning and I vacuum the 3 bedrooms while I'm holding Dana. Dana don't want to let go on me, she's really grouchy. Well, maybe she's teething that's why she's acting like that. I still need to get up and prepare breakfast for my kids. I'm kind a hungry too, so it's time for me to get up and move around. I will take pain killer after breakfast.

Monday, May 24, 2010

modern sofas

I been wanting to have a new modern sofas since our sofas are old and worn out. Our dog loves to lay down in our couch and if ever we can buy a new sofas, I won’t let our dogs lay down with it anymore. Talking about modern sofas, I found this great selection of modern sofas at and guess what? you can also customized it to suit your style and home. For more details and prices, please visit their website at

Quick update...

It’s been six days that I didn’t write a post at this blog. I’m kind a lazy this past few days. Actually I have a lot to talk about, last week I bring the kids at the park and went to the bookstore, then on Thursday, my kids and I do grocery shopping and went to Family Dollar. I bought Dana a little cute purple dress so that she can wear it to the circuit assembly this coming Saturday and Sunday, May 22nd- 23rd. The Circuit Assembly held at the Avilon Theater, downtown Grand Junction,. They give special talk about how to safeguard your spirituality. It was a great talk, it’s really inspiring.

Anyhow, today I been so busy doing the household chores. There’s a lot of things to do here in the house. I still need to vacuum, washed the bed sheet, clean all the windows, sweep and wipe the floor and also clean the bathtub. It worn me out after I did all this things. I put Dana into sleep and finished doing the laundry. I had a chance to sit and relax while watching movie title Babe I love You. Then around 4:30pm, I prepare dinner and wait my husband to came home from work. It was really windy outside but the weather is nice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When was the last time I watched live concert? I think that was a long time ago when I was in my high school when me and my friends watch live concert at one of the popular stadium in Davao. Since I live here in the US, I never had a chance to see one or even to see a live football games. I am not really into it because I don't think we can afford the ticket. We have friends that really love to watch football games at the stadium and I bet many of you does really love to see it live. Good thing because if you want to buy ticket online you can just visit They have Texas Stadium Ticket available, the Super Bowl Tickets or how about the Texas Stadium? If you live in that area then you can easily get the ticket you need for your favorite sports game, concerts, theater and more. Just access their website and buy ticket at!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Custom Layout for Jes

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Genejosh Adventure makeover

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unlocked cell phones

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I remember that my husband cell phone (black berry) can be used with many other GSM, he said that he can just call his cell phone provider to unlocked his phone so that we can use it if ever we travel in the Philippines. That way we don’t need to buy new cell phone when we get there.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mary Anne's Musings makeover

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Friday, May 7, 2010

testosterone creams

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3 layout giveaways - anyone interested?

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Employment screening

In the Philippines where I live, finding job is not easy. Employers are more careful on choosing the right employee. They ask a lot of requirements and make it sure that you are qualified for the position. When I moved here in the US, I never tried to work and find job because I was pregnant and I rather stay in the house as a full time housewife. Some of my Filipino friends already have their first job here in the US. When the time comes that my kids are big enough, maybe I can get a job that suits me. Anyhow, if you are an employer and you are hiring, you better check the employment screening website at They are the source personnel information service employment screening that you can rely on. Visit their website and try the special offer free background check!

Pregnancy Vitamins

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick update...

Hello everyone! Here I am again. Sorry if I didn’t update this blog for couple of days. Without assignments, it makes me feel lazy to write a post. By the way I just turned 28 last Saturday, May 1st. The years went by so fast, two years more and I will be out in the Calendar. We don’t celebrate birthdays so it’s just like an ordinary day. My husband bought a Mexican Food for dinner and he bought my favorite one the Guapo Burrito. It was nice and I am thankful that I reached this age. My removal of conditional status was also approved by the immigration, so we are happy with that.
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