Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue Blogger Layout

This is a new layout I made for today. Blue is one of my favorite color and this is my color of the month. This layout has 3 columns. Same style as the music layout I made before. Please leave a message if you are interested at this layout. Thanks and have a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress Lighting

We're almost done putting the drywall in the patio. It would be look nice if we also done painting with it. Then after that, we can add ceiling fans and ceiling lighting. We still have plan to put tiles in the floor that has the same color in the kitchen. I am excited to see the outcome with it. Since it's not totally done, I was checking prices online about progress lighting and came across this website at They have nice selections of lighting, from bathroom lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, pendant lighting, ceiling fans, ceiling lighting, bathroom fans, outdoor wall lanterns, post mounted lighting, ceiling mounted lighting, landscape lighting and more. They are the leading online store for progress lighting. So will see if we can find the one that we're looking for.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No connection...

This morning I was checking my email in our desktop computer then I went outside to play with my kids. When I came back to check my email again, the connection is out. It said no connectivity and seems like there is some problem with it. I called my husband to tell him about it and try to figure it myself. But it doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s going on. The modem seems okay and also the router. My laptop connection was fine, just the other computer doesn’t work. Well, I couldn’t figure out myself, so I need to wait my husband to came home so that he can fix it himself. Around 7:00pm, he knows already the problem and he needs to run to the office max to get a new adaptor. Seems like the Ethernet port has a problem. I’m glad the connection is back and the computer is running. Now, everyone is happy! We sit down and relax together for the night and have some cookies and milk for a snack.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

natural colon cleansing

Did you know that natural colon cleansing can help you to lose weight, detoxify your body to make you feel good inside and out, it can also eliminate acne and makes you healthy? Yes, it's true. My husband was using colon cleansing before and I noticed the difference right away. He has good appetite that helps him to lose weight. He is in good mood all the time until he stop using it. I told him to get back and buy the natural colon cleansing his been using before. We are both thinking about it because I want to try this colon cleansing to help me detoxify my body.

chin acne

How many young girls and adults suffer acne? When you start to become teenagers, that's the time that your acne and pimples came out. Have you seen the commercial about one of the popular acne treatment? Most of them are teenagers and most of them are so happy with the results and maybe some are not. There are some acne treatment that you think that's the one but when you started using it, you might have a reaction that makes it worst, it become itchy and red. Guess what? There's a part of your skin that doesn't cured with other acne treatment and that is the chin. Chin is the one of the most active areas of the skin that can suffer acne and suffer the most blackheads and other small and growing types of acne. Have you been at They have information about how to get rid of chin acne. Maybe this one could help you decide which acne treatment that best for your chin acne.

Feel weird...

I feel weird today especially when I eat something. Maybe it's because I am not used to it with this bridge. I had two hours dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. They do the filling, crown and bridge. That's kind a lot of work isn't it? I feel new now because I don't have to wear my dentures at all and I need to get used to it with my new teeth. This is only temporary, I will get the permanent this May 7th. So, I can't wait for that. I love to wear my smile all the time and not being shy anymore to show of my teeth hehe.

Monday, April 19, 2010

body building supplements

How long you've been in the gym trying to sculpting those perfect body. I am sure it takes a long years or it depends how eager and persistent people are to reach their goals to lose weight and sculpt those great muscles. Without using supplements and healthy diet, I don't think just spending in the gym and do a little bit of exercise works. Many men and women works for the best to get a perfect body they wanted. Most of them take a very strong body building supplements, like my husband he took body building supplements too while his working out in the gym. I think it really works because when I first saw him personally? I saw those nice muscles in his chest, arms, legs and his abdomen and for me it really turns me on. It add points to make me fall in love with him. Well, he has a charm and charisma and he is such a nice guy! I am very fortunate that we met each other. Anyhow, if you are looking for a body building supplement, is the right website to visit, click here for more details.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New layout for the week...

Personalized your blog with this yellow green layout. Very refreshing color and its perfect for spring time! You can add the photo of yours or your children at the header. This layout is very affordable, $20 to install this layout in your blog. If you are interested, please leave a message. Feel free to comment! happy blogging everyone!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Online tests

I missed being in school. I remember my high school and college days where me and my classmates study together and do our homework. Sometimes we share what we learned in the subject and have the same score in all our quizzes. It’s hard to study especially if you work in the morning and go to school at night. I was a working student before and I am so grateful that I finished my two year course. Well, that was a long time ago, year 2001. Since I am here now in the United States, I can go to school whenever I want. Either online or in the campus. I have two wonderful children, they are still young so I need to wait for a couple of years to go back to school.

Anyhow, talking about schooling, I came across this website at They provides free knowledge sharing tools and free online education. They also offer an online tests and at create knowledge, you can create and share quizzes. I missed the quizz, so I tried this and I found it really interesting. I learned a lot and it makes me feel that I am in school! They also have free brain games, this can help you become more smarter! If you are looking for a test? is the website you need to visit. They have web based testing software that you can try.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

OZ Life - makeover

Two days ago, I receive a message from Anne and told me that her friend need a blog makeover. She recommend me to her and when she gave me the yahoo ad of her friend, I add her right away and perfect timing because she was online yesterday. We chatted about ovehauling her blog and show her some of the designs. I came up with two or three designs and she decides what she likes. This morning, I receive a message that she needs more changes in the header. So, after I receive the message, I did the changes right away and showed it to her the outcome. Well, I always want the satisfaction of my customer, that's why I make it sure that they are truly satisfied with the layout.

Thanks to Jessenie for purchasing layout and to Anne for recommending my designs to her friend Jess. This is the new look of Jessenie Blog "OZ Life". You can view it now live! I just done installing the layout and show it to Jess and I'm so glad that she likes it. Have fun to your new layout Jess and don't forget to tell all your friends!

Layout color for this month - Blue!

This is the new layout I made for this week. It's color blue with 3 columns, you can either use it to your personal blog or a travel blog. This layout still available, you can get it for $20. If you are asking for a discount, I can go down to $15 :-) Hope you like this layout and let me know if you are interested. I am still doing Jesenie's layout for his "OZLife" blog. I choose blue as the color of the month because most of my layout I made this week is all color blue. If you like blue and want to overhaul your blog then you came to the right place! My price is affordable and you can have the layout as soon as possible as long you keep in touch or we can talk in YM to make sure that you all satisfied with the layout. Thanks and have a wonderful day! Happy Blogging!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

term life insurance

When you apply life insurance, what first comes in mind? I never experienced to apply life insurance by myself because me and my kids are covered with Mike’s insurance, so I don’t need to worry about it. But to those first timer, maybe term life insurance will be a good one to start because this is the simplest and most affordable type of life insurance available. But if you are looking for a universal type life insurance then maybe whole insurance be the right one. The death benefit and cash value are guaranteed for whole life insurance. If you still confused in what kind of insurance you will apply, just visit for term life insurance quotes and rates and talk with a licensed advisor if you have any questions.

jobs in philly!

Looking jobs in Philly? Here is the website where you can find available jobs in Philadelphia! They have 15,186 jobs available and 10,038 new jobs in the past 14 days. So this is your chance to find a job! Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to get one. For thousands of available jobs right now in Philly, I am sure there is one perfect job that rights for you. Post your resume right now and get started today!
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