Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock painting - peacock

This is one of my favorite painting on a rock. I give this away to one of our sister and I'm glad she likes it. One of her daughter got the rock painted hummingbird. I still have couple rock painting left in a basket and whenever we have some friends over in the house, if they are interested then they can take one home as a souvenir from me ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

rocky patel cigars

My grandfather and my dad are both smoker and since my dad smoke and drink a lot, it cause him to get sick and become ill and it leads him to death. It was a sad story but we already accept the fact that he already resting in peace a long time ago and we need to move on in our life. That’s why don’t abuse your health with over drinking and smoking. Smoke once in a while is okay but don’t over use it. Well, when it comes to cigars, it reminds me of my grandfather because he likes to buy rocky patel cigars. Some of my relatives on my dad side also like this kind of cigar. So when you are looking for a rocky patel vintage 1992 cigars then is the right website for you to visit.

Rock painting - dog and cat

This are one of my favorite rock painting and its my first time to make a dog painting. This is Thunder our male English Mastiff and a face of a cat. I focus the cat eye, they look real isn't it? I'm glad it turns out good. If you are interested on this rock painting, you can get get it for only $10. Its perfect for a gift to those dog and cat lovers. Its not include the shipping though, just add $6 for shipping. I also put a matte finish in it so it won't fade the color and paint. Thanks!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rock painting - Owl

We bought our 3 year old daughter a stuff toy (owl) and now she wanted me to paint her an owl in a rock. Since I still have 3 river rock left so I made her one! I didn't sell this owl at my friend yard sale today. We will keep this since my little girl like it.

Rock painting - landscape

This is my new rock painting landscape. It was the lake side. One of my favorite landscape. Saw this photo online and painted it in the rock! Its like turning the plain rock into art. Hope you all like it! Enjoy!

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