Tuesday, September 28, 2010

African Mango

Who doesn't love Mango? Mango is one of my favorite fruit but I love the Philippine Mango, for me they are the best. When I moved here in the United States, I can hardly find the Philippine Mango, I saw one that almost the same but its from Mexico. It taste okay but I still love the other one. Talking about Mango, did you know that African Mango will help you to lose weight and stabilize cholesterol levels? If you don't know then check this out! offer african mango and it claim that it will help you to burn substantially more fat without the side effects. To find out how this African Mango actually work visit

Friday, September 24, 2010

husband gift ideas

When was the last time I give my husband a special gift? My special gift is a homemade greeting card. Well, I don’t give him gifts because he is the one who give a gift on our special day. I just make a handmade card to our anniversary and he loves it, he really appreciate it when I make it by myself. I saw a wonderful husband gift ideas online and you can personalized the sweetest day gift for your husband and wife! Will see if I can find one that perfect for my husband.

Kids at the park photos

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This are the new photos of my kids Dustin and Dana together with their new friends 2 Jacob. The two little guy have the same name (Jacob) and they have the same birthday too :-) This is my Filipina friend here in Grand Junction, Arlyn and Elvie. It was nice going out with them today.

Go to the park...

My husband is working today and since it’s Friday, it’s nice to bring the kids at the park once in a while. My Filipina friend invited us to go to the park with their kids, we eat the buffet restaurant after and we went to the mall to let the kids play again. It was a great time and we are planning to do it again next week. Anyhow, while I’m driving to their village, I noticed that one of their neighbor already took their christmas yard decorations. I think it’s too early to do that. They seems very excited for that occasion. I just ignore them since we don’t do that every year. What you think? Do you think it’s too early to take all your christmas yard decoration and start putting it all together this month of September?

No connection...

No connection for one day is kind a different, I am not used to it. Yesterday, our connection is temporarily disconnect because we didn’t pay our internet connection for this month. I supposed we need to wait today, Friday because my husband will get his paycheck. I’m glad the connection is back that way I can talk with my sister tonight. My sister don’t have a job and it would be nice if she could come here with my mom that way I can find her a healthcare jobs here in Grand Junction area. But we can’t afford to sponsor them both to come here this time, maybe in some years from now. Will see…

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dana in the swing!

I love taking the kids at the park. Dana loves the swing a lot, she keep laughing and she really enjoy it. This photo taken yesterday at the Eagle Rim Park here in Grand Junction. We attend baby shower from one of our friend in the congregation. It was really fun and it's nice to see my kids having fun too!

Just heard on TV and advertisement...

I always heard on TV about this male enhancement thing but we didn’t think about using it. I know most men are using this and I am aware of that. Since I am talking about male enhancement, I just want to share this website at because they rank the top 5 male enhancements on the web and they also offer a lower price. If you want to know more about their product then visit their website!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

weight goal

When my husband and I start to work out together at one of the popular Gym in Grand Junction area, I noticed that after work out, he bought this huge creatine powder, the BSN Cell Mass. He’s been using this powder for couple of months. I never taste it but he says it taste like natural drink with flavor in it. It helps him to build up muscle and it gives him more energy too. No wonder he got a nice muscle in his arms and legs. We stop going to the Gym for a while, I think it’s been almost a year that we didn’t visit the gym again but it’s nice if he start working out again that way he can get the weight goal he wanted.

Prily New Blog Layout

You can view it live now the layout that Mabelle purchased few days ago. She gave the layout for her friend Prily, owner of the Capturing the Moments Blog. Visit her blog now and show her some love! Have a great day!

top rated fat burners

Since I was talking about fat burners, here is another website that you might want to visit, There are many thing we need to learn about fat burner. First we need to make it sure that this fat burners are top rated and been reviewed to the consumers, have good consumer feedback, have safe ingredients and affordable. You don’t want to spend more just to lose weight don’t you? Well, most people does. They spend a lot of money just to get rid of those unwanted fat. You can’t blame them though, they want to look good and so do we right?

quickest working diet pills

Have you ever tried the 72 hour diet pill? When I heard about their website, I was kind a hesitate to visit because I even not sure what kind of diet pills they offer. But by reading 72 hour reviews at it makes me think maybe their product really works! Guess what? 72 hour diet pill is watchdog approved! You can burn fat as fast as 72 hours! You don’t have to spend a lot of money for fat burner pills because 72 hour diet pill is one of the least expensive, fastest and quickest working diet pills on the market. So you better tried and see if it works for you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Scrapbook Blogger Layout

This are the 3 columns blogger layout I made for today. They are the Scrapbook Themes for this month. The first layout is Sold by Mabelle and she needs to choose another one either the blue or pink blogger layout. If your interested to overhull your blog, please let me know and feel free to leave message. My blog design are very affordable for $20. Thanks and happy blogging!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Xerox Phaser...

Have you visit concord supplies website? They offer a wide variety of Ink and Toner, Office supplies, furniture, technology and more. They been in the news too! You can also stop and save up to 65% with compatibles and Since we ran out of ink in our printer, I supposed we can get it online or else we need to go to the ink refill in downtown. If you are looking for a Xerox Phaser, this is the website I will absolutely recommend, visit concord supplies and don’t forget to get your 108R00723!
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