Friday, October 30, 2015

Early Winter here at Wolf Creek Pass

This photo taken on October 21 at Wolf Creek Pass and the Colorado State Patrol says that a number of cars "spun out everywhere going over the pass". So it seems kind a scary to drive in that kind of situation isn't it? So to those driving over the pass, just be careful out there and hope no one gets hurt! Wolf Creek Pass is about 45 minutes from where I live and driving on that direction might be not a good idea to do this weekend. 

More bird feathers...

I finish the first batch of feathers that my friend gave me a couple weeks ago and I used them all in my arts and crafts project. I also made couple of earrings out of feathers and give it to some of our friends. Now she ask me to fix couple of her jewelry and I need to find a matching beads to her necklace and I am glad I did find the matching beads to it. Instead of a hook earrings, I use the clip-on ones since she only use clip-ons earrings. I make her another 3 feather earrings and she gave me another bunch of bird feathers! Now I am going to make more feather earrings and maybe another artwork using those feathers. That will be a nice art project to do this week with my daughter. 

Elk hide painting

This is my first time to paint using elk hide. One of our friend has this huge elk hide and they had it for  a long time that been sitting around their storage and now they been thinking of adding an art work to it. They ask me if i can do it for them and they will pay me. At first I am kind a hesitate because I never use elk hide before on my painting and I used to paint on canvas. So it takes me a while to get courage to start it out. So I just cut couple of small parts in the side and try to paint it each side and see how the acrylic painting works to an elk hide. I show it to them the sample and they like it. I have already something in mind on what to draw, I just need a little bit of ideas on how to start it. So here it is with my daughter in it. I just finishing it up and add sealer to it to make sure the paint won't come off. So it turns out pretty good and I can't still believe that I did it. They appreciate my work and they really like it and that is all that matters. :-)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Handmade Earrings

Here are some of the couple earrings that me and my 6 years old daughter made. I also made 3 earrings out of a bird feather. That's the left over feather I have, I am looking for another feather artwork for this week, a friend of ours who owns couple of birds keep saving all the feathers and put it in a jar and instead of just leaving it in a jar, she give it to me and she ask if I can do something out of it for my artwork since I really love to do artwork with my kiddos. So I accepted it and me and my daughter really had great time to do something out of the feather. Of course I give her some of the feather earrings for her to keep :-)

Frame arts and crafts with kids

This is the fun time gathering we had at my house together with all little ones, young and teens. We had frame arts and crafts and mask too. Everyone had great time. Kids get a chance to create and design their own frame then I took a picture of them or they can pick who they want to be in their picture, I print it out and put it on their frame! then they can take it home together with a little gift bag. Everyone likes it and I am sure will do this again next year before school starts. I see how creative those kids are and they did pretty good on their frames! They design it really well. Good job kiddos!

dj intro

We have a gathering to attend before winter and I heard that they are looking for a DJ in the Valley to play the music. I am not sure if they will going to find one in a small Valley like ours but I'm sure they will find a good one maybe in the other side of the Valley where all the big store are. There are many party's and celebrations going on last couple months for the graduation and even the home coming and of course when you have a party, you don't want to miss having a good DJ right, sometimes they hire professional DJ's and some they just do it themselves and pick the music they like to play. Anyway, when it comes to dj, I found a nice dj intro at musicians friend website. This might be a right controller to use for a dj starter. So if you are looking for a dj intro, don't forget to visit musicians friend!

My Feather Artwork

Here are some of the feather artwork I made couple weeks ago. Just got a chance to post it now, my internet explorer didn't work so I decided to use the google chrome instead and it works out pretty good now. So just want to share it in here and hope you guys like it! I was planning to transfer them into canvas, I finish 3 of them and I give out one to one of my dearest friend and I'm glad she likes it!

Here's what it looks like now after I transfer it on a canvas, I print out a very nice background that will fit to it and it works pretty good and my friend really likes it, its way better than the white background isn't it? I will keep you posted from the rest next time, Enjoy!

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