Friday, October 9, 2015

dj intro

We have a gathering to attend before winter and I heard that they are looking for a DJ in the Valley to play the music. I am not sure if they will going to find one in a small Valley like ours but I'm sure they will find a good one maybe in the other side of the Valley where all the big store are. There are many party's and celebrations going on last couple months for the graduation and even the home coming and of course when you have a party, you don't want to miss having a good DJ right, sometimes they hire professional DJ's and some they just do it themselves and pick the music they like to play. Anyway, when it comes to dj, I found a nice dj intro at musicians friend website. This might be a right controller to use for a dj starter. So if you are looking for a dj intro, don't forget to visit musicians friend!

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