Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Got sold!

Just want to say thanks to all who purchase my handmade painted rock and the paintings above. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and thanks for finding my items on my ebay and etsy store. So to those interested, I still have some few paintings available. So feel free to bid or you can buy it now for a very affordable price. Thanks!

Friday, February 15, 2013

printing software

Printing business nowadays are using a Web to Print software to help their printing work more faster and easier. Well, maybe not all but I guess some of them does. When I work at the printing business, we usually do it manually but now that they have this powerful suite of software tools that most printing businesses needed, I am sure the work will be faster, easier and smother. If you never tried this software before, maybe you might get interested to give it a try and see how it works!

Beautiful unusual flower

This is already available on my eBay Store, so to those interested, feel free to bid or buy it now for $24.99 and its free shipping inside US area. Thanks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

insoles for comfort

Mike spend a lot of walking at work that’s why when he get home, he complains that his foot and heels was hurting. Maybe because of his shoes? Or maybe he just walk so much in the gravel? I don’t know because he bought this insoles for comfort but I am not sure if it helps him a lot maybe he didn’t get the right one. When you spend so much walking, it cause your foot to feel hurt and sore. It happens for all women too especially to those women who wear high heels all the time. When we wear heels, it takes a lot of pressure in the foot if we walk a lot, that’s why I really wanted to find spenco online, I heard they have really good spenco insoles and arch support. I really need this insoles for comfort this coming June for our upcoming convention that way I don’t need to worry about wearing heels.

Gloomy Landscape Painting

This are one of the new landscape painting I made for this month. I painted it in a acrylic pad not in a canvas since I am still practicing into landscape painting. My husband said, I just need to focus on painting wild animals and flowers since I am good at it but I want to give it a try too into landscape because I like landscape and there's nothing to lose if I give it a try right? Hope you all like it. To those interested in my painting, feel free to leave message or visit my ebay website.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

avira antivirus software

There are many anti-virus software out there, are you sure you got the right one? Sometimes we ended up using the one that is more popular than any other antivirus software or the one that is more cheaper that is available in the market. We been using our anti-virus for couple of years now and so far we are happy about it and since our anti-virus will be expired soon, we are thinking to try a new one. We heard about this Avira from and I guess its worth to try. What you think? Avira is one of the world’s best free Antivirus software and its easy to use too. So if you are looking for antivirus software, you might like to try Avira from!
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