Monday, June 22, 2015

at Huron lake, Michigan

One of a sister, a close friend of my mother in law invited us to her vacation house and it was nice because at the back of her house is the Huron Lake. It was a big huge lake. It looks like an ocean to me, you can't hardly see the close island infront of it. It was okay when we get there, we get a chance to see the beach and play for a little while but then the weather is not cooperating with us. It starting to rain and wind is cold so we end up staying inside. It was raining all day but it turn out really good though, we play puzzle, watch tv, we talk and have dinner and we came home around10pm :-) Thanks Sandy for inviting us! that was nice! :-)

Volcano Lava Cake at Forest Cafe, Michigan

After we went to the Sea Life Aquarium, we had lunch at the Forest Cafe and of course after the meal we don't want to miss their special dessert! the Volcano Lava Cake and it shows the light too, that was awesome! Just perfect size for family of 4. Its too creamy, yummy and delicious! Its not cheap though :-) but the food and dessert is all worth for the money you payed. Love it!

Lake Sinclair beach Michigan

Does it look like a real beach? Yes it is! Its the lake sinclair beach at Michigan. It was the Lake Sinclair and it was pretty nice out there. I feel like I am in the Philippines because I saw the ocean but its not really an ocean but its lake. :-) It was a nice visit, we stay for a little while to let the kids run around and play in the sand. There's a sign that said no swimming and no diving and we saw the couple doing a sun bathing out there and just listening to the music while enjoying the sun. Pretty  nice :-) Love to visit Michigan! and guess what? we are planning to cross the lake, the island infront of this lake that we are in is Canada so were heading that way after we play here. We just wanted to cross it on a ferry. 

Pancakes at Pantry!

These are the pancakes we don't want to miss when we go to Michigan! My husband love their huge pancakes. The first one on the photo is the Apple Pancake and the second one is there very popular German Pancake. It was taste delicious! The first time I saw it, I can't see myself eating those big pancakes. I don't think I can eat them all and I am not into that sugar rush that morning so I just order my favorite Ham and Cheese Omelette and I just have couple bites on those pancake from my husband and brother in law. :-)

Movie night with friends

Last night, we went to watch movies with friends "Inside Out". It was really nice, kids really enjoy the movie and that movie really  makes me and my husband cried. Its really get into your emotion, there's some emotional part that it really touches me and I saw couple of our friends cried in the movie too especially when Ping Pong say good bye and disappear and he says a very powerful words after that. That was touching and also when Joy and Sadness work together and Joy realize that she needs Sadness that way Riley can talk and to open up to her parents that she's not happy. So far we will give a 5 star to that movie. Very well done. We will absolutely watch it again if its available on Vudu and also the Jurassic World. We watch it on the first day showing of the movie and the kids really enjoy it. Its nice to spend time with friends last night, that was such a nice movie night with friends to us. Love it!

build your own guitar

What do you think about the idea of build your own guitar? Have you done that before? I never heard such thing before but I guess its a good idea. You can make your own guitar and customized it the way you like and you can also decide the style you want to add in your own guitar. I think its cheaper than to buy the whole thing right? I did a little research about it and its very interesting because they have all the parts ready for you, all you need to do is just assemble it. You can get it for a great price at guitar center for only $449.99. My son love to build his own stuff like legos and other build your own car kit and he really enjoy it. He is into building stuff so when he grow up if he likes to do music and wanted to own his own instruments, he might like to build his own guitar! So I am sure we will buy him something like this in the future.
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