Saturday, September 24, 2011


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

I spent last weekend with my family. It was the first time in several months that I’d been home, but I can say that nothing has changed. My parents still have the same routine on Friday nights. They come home from work, change clothes, and plant themselves on the couches in the family room for pretty much the remainder of the evening. These people watch anything and everything on their direc tv, and my mother always feels the need to fill me in on every minute detail of a show. Her favorites are what I (and most people) consider guilty pleasures. She loves all the reality shows (she definitely keeps up with the Kardashians) and is absolutely obsessed with anything related to The Girls Next Door or Chelsea Handler. When I was younger I found my mother’s interests strange and somewhat embarrassing. I remember thinking that my parent’s Friday night routine lacked vitality and vibrance. But now, after spending time in the working world myself, I am beginning to understand (and even appreciate) the simplicity these nights provide. They give me rest and feel like home.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

maternity clothes

I missed being pregnant. But we don't have any plan to make another one. Two kids is enough to our family, a boy and a girl. I still have some of my maternity clothes in the closet. Maybe I will send this maternity clothes to my pregnant friend in the Philippines. I am sure it would fit her since we both short and petite. Being pregnant is such a wonderful feeling. Make you feel excited and feel the joy every time when baby start kicking. You can't wait to feel those tiny feet and carry him/her around. So to those mommies out there who are pregnant. You can buy maternity clothes online at and save 10% off your order! Free shipping on orders over $100. They have maternity clothes for every occasion. Get yours too and feel pretty and sexy on your pregnancy!

Walking on the shore...

I miss the ocean a lot and I am very happy when we went to San Francisco with my family. We got a chance to walk on the shore. I like the first photo when Mike, Dana and Dustin walk together. I was walking alone and I love the soft powdery sand. It was pretty  nice out there! We're walking towards fisherman's warf, we will see those old ships out there and go to Pier39 after to see the sea lions and seals :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

urban outfitters coupon

Who wants to shop at urban outfitters? I guess most of you does. I never tried to shop there yet but I will next time. I am kind a hesitate to buy clothing online especially when they are not on sale. It’s better to buy on sale clothing than to spend extra. I am sure most of you does the same way. Anyhow, urban outfitters have great selections of women’s and men’s clothing. You can get a free urban outfitters coupon at drop down deals. So If you like to save on your next shopping at urban outfitters, this is the website you might like to visit. You can save 10% up to 75% on all their clothing. Get all the coupons you need at!

Monday, September 5, 2011

celebrity wedding inspiration

Who’s your favorite celebrity wedding? I saw some videos of celebrity wedding and their wedding dress are look amazing! Very lovely and they all look fabulous in their wedding dress! The ring are worth a lot of money. You can see it on the magazines or online. Here at celebrity weddings411, they have article there title ‘something to be said about Olivia and George, I don’t know this couple but their love story seems very interesting. This are the celebrity wedding inspiration that most people are talking about. If you want to find out more about celebrity wedding, visit!

At the convention...

This photo taken at Sacramento Convention Center together with mom, me and the kids and cony whom I just met at the convention. She is a Filipino and she was very nice. She approach me first and ask if I am a Filipino and where we from and I say "Yeah, I am Filipino'. It was so nice to met a Filipino sister like her. Wish we could visit the Filipino Congregation at Sacramento.
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