Wednesday, February 24, 2016

kids old tights project - cat stuffed toy

This is very adorable. I found the idea at Pinterest where they show a stuffed toy ideas using old socks or tights. I use my daughter old tights and my daughter really love it. She thinks its cute! She name her "Moon Tail" because of her round tail. My son named his cat "Flop Ball". Very cute isn't it?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Cat Stuffed Toy

My daughter draw a cat made out of paper and she wants me to make her the same thing made out of scrap jeans that we been using to make stuffed toy. Now I need to make her a cat! I tried my best to do the same thing in her drawing and here's what it looks like! (smile....) Isn't it cute? She's a good drawer!

Dana's little duck...

While I was sewing, my 6 year old daughter wanted to learn how to sew. So I gave her the needle and thread then she started cutting all the scrap jeans I had in the table and look what she made! She made a duck face. Isn't that adorable? She colored it and she was smiling when she finish, she did good for the first time :-) I am so proud of her!

Scrap Jeans Project - denim whale stuffed toy

Here's my first try to make a whale stuffed animal made out of scrap jeans. This is one of my project this week. I made it for my daughter and she really love it. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. My daughter put the stripe on top instead of the bottom side but they said, it looks like a blue whale instead of humpback whale. Anyway, it doesn't matter as long they love it and she cuddles her whale and turtle when she go to bed. 

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Turtle stuffed animal

The three little turtles :-) They named them Pingoo, Turtely and Splash. They are not as fancy as the stuffed animal you can find at the store but this little ones makes my kids really happy. They said its better than the one in the store. Well, I made this out of a scrap jeans and then I let them choose what type of print they like to put in the shell so my daughter and her friend Renee decided to choose the leopard print and my son like the red plaid print so it turn out really well and I also made my daughter a whale stuffed toy :-) I will show it on my next post, thanks!

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Skirt

Here's the two skirt I made for my daughter, its made out of an old scrap jeans. I got tons of jeans that has rip and tear and some of them are already way too small for them but the waste line still fit for my 6 year old daughter. Either I made it into something that they can use and this week, I made them stuffed toy. My daughter love to wear long skirt especially this winter when we go on the meeting or if we have gathering. So I made her more long skirt and this are one of her favorite skirt :-)

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