Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock painting - peacock

This is one of my favorite painting on a rock. I give this away to one of our sister and I'm glad she likes it. One of her daughter got the rock painted hummingbird. I still have couple rock painting left in a basket and whenever we have some friends over in the house, if they are interested then they can take one home as a souvenir from me ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

rocky patel cigars

My grandfather and my dad are both smoker and since my dad smoke and drink a lot, it cause him to get sick and become ill and it leads him to death. It was a sad story but we already accept the fact that he already resting in peace a long time ago and we need to move on in our life. That’s why don’t abuse your health with over drinking and smoking. Smoke once in a while is okay but don’t over use it. Well, when it comes to cigars, it reminds me of my grandfather because he likes to buy rocky patel cigars. Some of my relatives on my dad side also like this kind of cigar. So when you are looking for a rocky patel vintage 1992 cigars then is the right website for you to visit.

Rock painting - dog and cat

This are one of my favorite rock painting and its my first time to make a dog painting. This is Thunder our male English Mastiff and a face of a cat. I focus the cat eye, they look real isn't it? I'm glad it turns out good. If you are interested on this rock painting, you can get get it for only $10. Its perfect for a gift to those dog and cat lovers. Its not include the shipping though, just add $6 for shipping. I also put a matte finish in it so it won't fade the color and paint. Thanks!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rock painting - Owl

We bought our 3 year old daughter a stuff toy (owl) and now she wanted me to paint her an owl in a rock. Since I still have 3 river rock left so I made her one! I didn't sell this owl at my friend yard sale today. We will keep this since my little girl like it.

Rock painting - landscape

This is my new rock painting landscape. It was the lake side. One of my favorite landscape. Saw this photo online and painted it in the rock! Its like turning the plain rock into art. Hope you all like it! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Have you been to a very special event this year? I am sure some of you does, either it’s a corporate events, wedding events, Hollywood events or any special events, I am sure the settings are fabulous and luxurious. The event designers really did a great job! They did a lot of work to give satisfactions to their clients. So if you are planning for a special event or whatever event that is, then worry no more! Because is there to help you make your special events extraordinary. For more details visit their website or call this number for any further questions at 877-231-9267.

My new hobby!

I been into rock painting this past couple weeks and I am doing the rock painted landscape this afternoon. I am still not feel good though since I still have this runny, stuffy nose and cough but it didn't stop me to do what I love to do and that's to do my painting. The other day, I did a rock painted kitty cat. I already posted it on my facebook and to my etsy. So to those interested, you can look at and find my store femikeysketch.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just stay in the house today

We didn’t go out today to go shopping. We know it will be so crowded at the store and we don’t want to be in that crowded place, we need to wait until weekend to go shopping. This week we did a lot in the house, we finish cleaning the backyard, cut all the dry plants and burn those leaves, then today we did steam the floor and vacuum. The kids are in their play room playing their PC Games and I did my rock painting too. I’m glad that we went to the closer river to get some rocks for my rock painting. Just to keep me busy for the day. Good thing my husband took a day off last Wednesday until this coming Monday., so he got 5 days off to be with us.

Rock painting - Landscape

This is my first time to paint a landscape. I got a book tutorial for painting using acrylic paint and I just copy one of those photos. My husband said, it really turn out good and I was planning to send this one to my mother in law. The back of this painting is a horse paint so its like a back to back rock painting :-) It's one of my favorite hobby now is to turn a rock into art. Its fun though and maybe I could sell some of them if there are someone's interested :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rock painting - Giraffe

I saw a picture of a mama and baby giraffe in one of our watchtower magazine and it really caught my attention. I still have this big oval rocks and I was thinking, this would be perfect to draw giraffe at this rock. So this is what I did. Hope you all like it. But this one is already taken. One of my friend are interested to buy this one and she really like it.

my watch...

Last week, I was so upset because the brand new watch that I bought was broken. Good thing the watch I bought is not expensive, it will be a big loss to me if I buy an expensive one and then it ends up broken in a couple of days. Well, better to move on and get a new one! Next time I need to taking care of my watch and not to broke it. Its my fault too because I didn’t put it back on my jewelry box instead I put in the counter and never noticed it until it fall and broke. Anyhow, talking about watch, you can find Luminox watches here! Its free shipping on all watches and it ships today if ordered by 3pm CST. So what are waiting for? Grab your Luminox watches now!

My Cat Rock Painting!

This is one of my favorite rock painting. I gave the one in the bottom to my close friend and keep the other one. Aren't they cute? I ran out of rocks for now so I need to wait for next week when we go for a ride in the mountains or go to the river to fine those nice flat and round river rocks. :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

toggle clamps

I can't tell how many tools we have in our garage. My husband keep all his work tools in one area and put it in a big bucket and boxes. I am not familiar some of those tools though, some of it are kind a big and there are some small tools that we usually use when we repair something but the rest, i think they are some kind of a toggle clamp. He had it for a long time but he never used it so much. The last time he used it is when we fix our house in Grand Junction, we build an extra room in the kitchen. Now those toggle clamp is in the garage and waiting to be used it again. So if we need some industrials tools, we already know where to buy it at

rock painting in a small rock

Rock Painting is such a nice hobby especially for the kids. My 3 year old daughter found this small rocks in our front yard close to the mailbox and she told me that she wants to paint a lady bug and a bumble bee. So all we did all afternoon is to do our rock painting project. I made her and Dustin a lady bug and a bee then I also made a geico lizard and a butterfly. The lizard is one of my favorite. I saw the design online and I just copy it. I'm glad it turn out good and so proud of myself that I can help my kids to do this rock painting. They really enjoy it and I do like it. Its kind a new experience for me to paint in a rock.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

kitchen cabinets

Our kitchen cabinet is one of my favorite cabinet in the house. They look really nice and it really match the color of the kitchen. I’m glad we bought this house. This is the first house we look at, we had couple choices of houses that we need to look but this is the first one that caught my attention. This house got a lot of space and storage in the backroom. All the cabinets seems very new, I guess the owner really taking care of this house. They have great insulation and the garage are perfect. Wish my family in the Philippines could see our new house. But anyhow, talking about cabinets, you can buy kitchen cabinets online at, they have all the kitchen cabinets you need for a very affordable price.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rock painting

These are my new project for this week. We got those big nice flat rocks when we went for a ride in the mountain and came across in Alamosa River and when I saw those rocks, it makes me think about this rock painting ideas. This is such a nice gift though for your close friends and family. My daughter loves it and actually she pick that small rocks and I painted her a simple flower. I only got couple rocks to use for painting and when I run out, maybe we need to go pick rocks again close to the river :-) Hope you like my rock painting! Enjoy!

ladies boots

I have couple boots in the house that I could wear this fall and winter but still I am looking for something new that its good to wear anytime and any day. We always attend meeting twice a week and we wear casual clothes all the time and I don’t feel like wearing those old boots. Some says its better than nothing but if the boots don’t match on the clothes you wear, its still doesn’t look good and not make me feel good at all. I know some ladies out there feel the same way as I do. Well, women does it, they always wanted to look good and always want to have a nice pair of shoes and boots to wear in an any kind of occasion. I only have one nice brown boot that I always love to wear to go to meeting, the other one is not long enough to cover up my legs, that’s why I am thinking to get another ladies boots this week.

On winter here in the Valley, its always cold and breezy. You really need to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that perfect for a cold weather. Even though I been here in the United States for over 6 years now, I am still not used to a cold weather. I still feel don’t like to go out when its snowy or below 20 degrees outside. But now since we live here in San Luis Valley, I need to get used to it and make sure that I wear comfortable clothes, especially now that my 6 year old son is in school. I need to wake up early and took him to school at 7:30am. How much more when the winter comes?

So looking for a best ladies shoes is a good idea. If I could find the one I am looking for, I will not think twice to buy it. Either I will buy it online or in the store, it doesn’t matter as long its nice, fit perfectly and its comfortable to wear, and for me that’s all that matters. How about you? If your looking for a ladies boots then look no further. You can visit and see if you can find the shoes you need!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dana yellow dress

This is the new dress I made for my little girl. She's the one who pick the fabric and she's been telling me to make her a dress. Yellow is a perfect color for her. She looks adorable with this dress. :-) Very pretty.

Friday, October 5, 2012

bare fruit snacks

Kids is not the only one that can eat healthy barefruitsnacks even adults can do to. I always bring healthy snack for my 6 year old son and he really enjoy his school. Anyway, I love bare fruit snacks from, they are delicious healthy and they have my favorite snack and that is the mango and apple cinnamon. I been craving this snack for couple days now and I'm glad I found the website that offer this delicious snacks.

Horse paint

This is my first time to paint horse, my husband said its not that bad. I am still painting the second horse this week and that is the brown and white horse. Will post it later then :-) Have a great day!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

tulip acrylic paint

This is my first try to paint tulips. It's not one of my favorite though but its okay. I can still keep it in my paint collection and maybe give it to some of my friends who are interested :-)

Sunflower acrylic paint

This is the second sunflower acrylic paint I made couple weeks ago. I took a picture of the sunflower out in the backyard. You can also see the bee in it, my friend says that the round thing in the middle is look like a 3D, I am not sure if its true :-) Anyhow, feel free to leave a comment see yah!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another acrylic painting - Tiger

I guess I am getting better. I like this one though. I'm glad this one turn out good than the one I made before especially the first one with the 3 tiger cubs because I couldn't get the nose right. I am still practicing to use the acrylic paint. So will keep you posted and feel free to leave comments, thanks!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

answering services

As you notice that when you call a popular businesses like a telephone company, phone service or even when you try to call for an assistant call, you end up talking in the answering machine. Just like when I called somebody to fix my cellphone, I need to call the network provider. At first I talk to an answering service then they transfer me to a person who can help me with my problem. I send my phone back to them and they replace me a new one. That was so nice though at least I don’t need to buy a new cellphone. Anyhow, talking about answering service, I found this answering services at They been operated their business since 1975. If your planning to use their service, you can visit their website and talk to one of their representative or call this number at 1-800-818-8998.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Acrylic Painting - Yellow and White Tiger

This is my latest creation. Like what I said, I am still practicing to paint using Acrylic. I'm glad it turn out good. The big rocks and waterfall in the background make it looks nice. I use the 9 x 12" of watercolor pad. If your interested on this wildlife art, let me know and will talk about the price. Thanks and enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Tigers - Acrylic Painting

This is my first time to use acrylic for painting. I never tried to paint before so hopefully It won't be that bad. I decided to paint 3 baby tigers. I saw the original photo online at one of the tigers photography. They look so cute so here is my creation. Feel free to leave comments and if your interested on this painting, we can talk about the price. I use the 9 x 12" watercolor pad. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 3, 2012

cigar auction site

Wow, I didn’t know that they have an auction website for cigars. I only know couple names of the local cigars but I guess the one that my father been using a long time ago is just a regular cheap cigars that only cost for a couple bucks. Well, my grandpa usually used that big tobacco. It was so funny to watch him playing and smoking cigar. I never tried to use cigar even before because I’m scared to get addicted to it. Just like what my mom always tell me not to try or else you will get addicted. I know many people love to smoke and all I can say, just smoke moderately same as drinking alcohol.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sketch of Dana pie

I love this photo, this was taken last 2 months ago when we had our convention in Pueblo. Dana is wearing my sunglasses and it looks pretty big on her but she is such a cutie. I use soft pastel and pencil on this sketch. I am not used to Pastel so I add a very light colors to it, make sure it won't get so dark and messy. :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

gaming computers

I bet it’s not so hard for my husband to look for a new computer for his game. He loves to play eve online games so when we decided to buy a new gaming computers, he look it directly online and look if they have the latest one available. He got his new computer last year and its pretty expensive but I guess its worth it because the computer he got have a lot of features. He sometimes bring his computer at work then he can play his game on his break time. When he leave his computer at home, I got a chance to use it once in a while or sometimes I let the kids play with it. So far, we have 2 laptops and one desktop computer. My 6 year old son used the desktop computer for his online school and Dana can use my computer if I am not using it so that she can play her favorite toddler games online.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sketch of my Dana Pie

This is my latest sketch this week. Dana was playing her wii games, she look adorable with her ponnytail on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Face Paint

Got our face painted at Detroit Zoo, Michigan. Dana got a rainbow butterfly, Dustin got a Rhino, I got 3 small butterfly on my cheek and Julia, my husband sister in law got a flower in her cheek too. Too bad Mike didn't want his face to get painted. It would be fun if all of us got our face painted. That way we can have a family picture where we had our face painted. But its okay, maybe next time. Well, Dana really like the butterfly because when we get home, she doesn't want to wash it off but before she go to bed, she decided to wash it off anyway.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

nurses shoes

Isn't that nice to work in the Hospital wearing those medical uniforms. They are people who save people lives and I am so proud of them. I have few friends who work at the hospital and some of them are just taking a CNA course for couple months so that they can start their work at the medical field. They seems like their job and they are happy about it. They said, its nice to help people who are sick. Well, if you working as a nurse, you can't go to work without your nurses shoes right? So when it comes to nurses shoes, I will absolutely recommend the, they have great selections of nurses shoes. Visit their website and find your nurses shoes now at!

Pet Sitter for our dogs

At this photo, we are just making the dogs get used to our new pet sitter. They are one of our friends in the area. We go at the same congregation and I'm glad they are willing to watch our dogs while were away. We will be back soon this week and hope everything goes well to them and the dogs.  :-)

press box

I never been to one of the big stadium here in the USA but I would like to go there someday and watch a live sports games like football and a baseball game. That would be fun I guess because my Filipina friend from Grand Junction told me that is was really fun to watch a live game especially if you see and hear those people screaming and of course when you see your favorite players. The stadium they went too are huge and there are a lot of people out there. They also have a special section for the press and thats the stadium press box. They are the one who will give a special report on that sports event. Well, I am looking forward to see one of my favorite sports game and hope we can sit next to the press box that way I can see what they are doing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Adele Sketch

Adele is one of my favorite singer. She has a powerful voice. Love that smokey eyes of her. Well, I make a sketch for her. Hope you all like it!

Another Purple Dress!

Thanks to my friend Mary for giving me this pretty purple dress from her daughter. This dress is size 4 so its kind a little bit bigger to me because I am wearing size 1 clothing. But I did fix it and make it a little bit smaller. The underarm sleeve was very loose so what I did, I sew about 1 1/2 inches to it to make it just right. The length of the dress is fine, the ruffles are very pretty. I just put belt in it and woolah! It fits perfectly and it looks nice!

The Purple Dress I made

I wore the purple dress I made 2 days before our convention in Pueblo. I thought I couldn't make it but it turns out really nice and it fits me well. Love that color! We had 3 days convention at Pueblo State Fairground and this photo taken at the first day convention. What a lovely family picture of us! Thanks Jehovah for all the blessings!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

term life insurance

Do you already have life insurance? If not then you better get it now. You can apply a term life no medical exam at They have a very affordable coverage and no medical exam required. Either your looking for a term life insurance, no medical life insurance or even universal life insurance, you can get it all at Why apply an expensive life insurance if you can get the affordable one with no hassle free? You can call this number at 800-354-1666 or you can visit their website at and get your free quote!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sketch for my dana pie!

This is my little dana pie, she was 2 years old when I took this photo. She was so adorable on this picture. I make her a sketch and this is the result. I am having a little bit hard time sketching the eye. I love the hat though, love that color! Everyone said, it really looks like the one in the photo, she is such a cutie!

Kristen Stewart Sketch

I saw a nice photo of Kristen Stewart, she's one of my favorite actress and she is very beautiful at this photo and guess what? I made her a sketch! It's not perfect though, I need more practice to make it perfect. I did my best and hope you all like it! :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portrait sketch

I like to do portrait sketch. When I saw a picture that caught my attention, it urge me to draw that photo. Like this one, I saw this photos online, she is one of my favorite Philippine Actress. She is very beautiful and this photo caught my attention. So I end up sketching her. She is Desiree del Valle and she is a mermaid name Neptuna in the teleserye title "Aryana".

miss them

Do you own a custom shirts? I bet you do! I saw a lot of guys wearing custom shirts and even girls wore that too. I saw this nice custom army shirts online and this is what my brother and brother in law likes. I wonder if I can bring some of the custom shirts as a gift for them when we go back in the Philippines next year. I even don’t know if we can still go next year but I am still hoping. We already postponed our trip in the Philippines this year and my husband said we might go their next year. As long we have a budget for our vacation then that would be great! I can’t wait to see my family, I miss them a lot!

Cowboy Sketch

I never tried to sketch a cowboy before and this is my first try. It's not perfect but you can see the cowboy is chasing the bull or a cow. It's not bad for my first try. I finished this sketch last night together with the other sketch I made which is my favorite Philippine Actress. I will post it later then in my next post ;-) Feel free to leave your comment!

my experience before...

I hate when I wait too long in the line just to check out. I am not sure but maybe they don’t have enough workers or maybe their barcode scanner is not working. Just like my experience before when I shop in one of the busy department store in town way back in the Philippines, it took me a long time to check out. Why? Well, I guess their POS Systems have some problems that’s why the service is very slow. Of course they apologize to all their customers that time. It happens once but then after that incident, they provide the fastest check out and all their customers are happy and satisfied.

Friday, May 25, 2012

yoyos, anyone?

I played yoyo before with my friends and classmates when I was a little kid, but we use a cheap yoyos that we bought in the street market. I heard that they have this super yoyos available in the market that you can play more and do a lot of new tricks. I saw that type of yoyos on TV, I remember the guy perform using Duncan yoyo at America’s Got Talent, I think that was last year and he did pretty amazing tricks using his yoyos, wish I could be as good as him but anyway, to those yoyos lover out there, you can get duncan yoyos online for a very affordable price and you can enjoy playing yoyos more and do more tricks!

My little pie

Using the left over fabric I have for the simple dress I made, I also made my little pie a homper. Look how happy she is on her new homper! Isn't she look adorable?

Wall Water Fountains

Who doesn’t love water fountains? Even my kids love it! When we went to Pueblo Medical Center, I saw this very pretty huge Wall Water Fountains. I wonder where they bought those and if they have a small size of it? It’s nice to have it at home or in your business area. I research it online and I found some nice interesting wall water fountains at and all I can say is WOW! That sunrise springs wall water fountain will be perfect in our living room since we still have a space to put that water fountain. I am not sure but will see what my husband will say about this, either we will put the wall water fountain or maybe we will just buy a big triple canvas. Anyhow, it depends on how much budget we have.


I never tried to order flowers online but I like to give it a try and send a floral arrangement for my mother in law. She love flowers and I am sure she would love the floral arrangements from, they have great floral arrangement selections. I also join their mailing list that way I could get a chance to win their $50 gift. This casual design flowers are very nice, I like that blue butterfly on top of it. It look like a real butterfly landed on that beautiful flowers. Anyhow, if you are planning to buy flowers online, you might like to order it at, visit their website for more floral arrangement selections!

Simple dress...

Here is the new simple dress I made for this week. Zipper in the back and just plain design in front. I just add the belt that I bought at Maurices. Very simple and elegant. The fabric is like a snake skin type but it made of cotton. How do I look? hehe :-) Happy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Bike

Mike just bought me a new bike. Actually he bought two bikes, one for me and one for him. So every afternoon on weekends, we go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood and the kids love it. They really enjoy it and since the weather is getting nicer this week, we will surely do this more often.

monotube shock absorber

While my husband is fixing the Yukon truck before when we still have it, he mentioned about the shock absorber thing. I am not sure what it is when he told me to get it so I keep asking him what does that monotube shock absorber look like. I am not familiar about those things so instead he get up and get the shock absorber himself. Anyhow that was two or three years ago, now he mentioned again that I need to check If they have the rs7000mt series online and I say I guess so. So I check online and find one at for only $75.29 more cheaper than the regular price and they offer a free shipping too. I ask why since we don’t have the Yukon anymore and he said we can still use it to our truck.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

diapers for men

Not only babies can wear diapers because even adults does too especially to all seniors that having urinal problems. And wearing these makes them feel comfortable and not having problem going back in forth to the bathroom. Even in the hospitals and nursing homes, they use adult diapers to their patients. I found diapers for men online at, you can get a $10 off on all their diapers and briefs. All you have to do is visit their website and use the coupon code ADBR10 at checkout. It's limited time offer! So why not get adult diapers and incontinence at!

Just for fun...

I'm just using my husband new laptop since he has a photoshop and I found this thing where you can use different hair style and I am very curious on what hairstyle fit me best. What you think? Do I look better with a short hair? I like the 3rd one better. I wonder how I look like if my hair looks like that? Just for fun you know hehe ;-)
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