Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Kids Memories Makeover

Goodbye Old Layout!
Fresh Green Layout
It’s been a while that I didn’t update my “Kids Memories” blog. The layout is very old and I think I need to make changes in it. Since this blog has page rank 2. I was thinking to give a makeover to this blog. Here is the outcome! Goodbye old layout and say hello to the fresh green layout made by me! Hope you like the new look of my “Kids Memories” blog! Feel free to leave comments and happy blogging everyone!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blue Layout!

Here's a new layout for the day. I create this layout using my PhotoImpact X3. This layout is perfect for a travel blog, journey and personal. If you are interested with this layout, feel free to buzz me. The price is very affordable, you can get this layout for a very reasonable price. You can bid this layout if you want! The bidding won't be less than $5.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Giveaway Layout

This is the first layout I made using PhotoImpact X3. This is my free giveaway layout. So to those interested, please leave a message. First come first serve! Happy Blogging and hope you like this layout. :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sides and Sky makeover

Side’s layout is now available! You can view it now and don’t forget to leave some love! I’m glad I managed to edit the layout this morning even though I lost the Microsoft Picture It Premium 10 that I am using to create and edit layout. I’m kind a frustrated but it’s okay, I will try to learn how to use my new photo editing software the PhotoImpact X3. That way I can start making new layouts for a giveaway. Visit Sides and Sky to view the outcome of the layout! Have a great day everyone!

PhotoImpact X3

Thank God, our computer is back! We have a new CPU now and everything inside are all new. We got it last night and we are so happy with it. Mike installed all the software including the printer, his games, the internet security and more. After he installed all the software we have, I checked if the Microsoft Picture It Premium 10 was still there but I was shocked because it wasn’t there anymore. Now, what should I do? How could I edit Side’s layout? That’s a big problem because the guy only installed Microsoft photo viewer and it’s not the one I am using to edit and create layout. I was very frustrated this morning. I decided to research online about the best photo editing software and found the one I am looking for. The number one photo editing in their lists is the Photoshop, I looked up the price and I am not happy with it. I don’t want to spend that much. I found the cheaper one it only cost $19.99 and that was the PhotoImpact X3. I pay $27.98 including the 1 year download insurance. PhotoImpact X3 is in the number 4 in their lists. I installed and try it if it’s working and it did! There are many good features in PhotoImpact same as the Photoshop. I need to do an extra research on how to use some of the features. But anyhow, the important is I managed to edit Side’s layout and I am so happy with the outcome.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Anime

When I was a kid, I like watching anime programs especially Sailor Moon and other best anime that they showed on TV. I am grown up now but it never stopped me to watch anime. Mostly I watched anime online if I have spare time. Good thing because my friend who loved anime also recommended me this website at

There’s nothing good than to watch your favorite anime movie or anime series. I am sure I am not the only one who been fascinated with anime, there’s a lot out there all over the world. What makes this anime popular? All I know that this anime is originate in Japan. They are the worlds known as Japanese Animation. You can find out more details about anime at Anime Wiki. There is a lot of information you should know and learn about anime.

Anime is not only popular on series, dramas, comics and movies. But also they are very popular on games online. Have you also heard the new shows from about Idaten Jump? I am sure you would like this show especially if you are pond of biking. You can watch it at, check it out and see for yourself!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Computer Problem

Thursday night, after dinner Mike is trying to clean the CPU because it has lot of dust in it. He vacuumed inside and took some of the part in it. He didn’t realize that maybe there’s a parts that you shouldn’t touched inside. When he starts the computer, it shows the blue screen that said error. It won’t show up the windows screen and won’t restart the computer. Well, I think he screwed up the computer. Instead of bringing the computer at the Best Buy Geek squad, he decided to bring his computer to that computer guy he knew to fix it. It takes few days before he’s done fixing or repairs the computer. The guy said we will get our computer back this Wednesday. So, I can’t edit the layout which Sides won for bidding this week. Hopefully we can get the computer this Wednesday, so that I can start install the bid layout of Sides. Thanks for the patient sides! As soon as we get our computer back I will edit it right away and install it to your blog okay? I’m glad I have laptop that way I can still get online, talk with my family and check emails. I don’t have Photoshop software or Microsoft picture it premium 10 to create and edit layouts. Bare with me people, I will surely give another layout give away next week. So keep visiting and happy blogging!


Good morning everyone! How’s your day? For me it’s good so far! It’s a busy day because I do all the household chores today. Lot of things to do this week, I make it sure that the house is clean because we might invite friends in the house to come over for dinner this weekend. That would be fun! I missed my family, hope they are here with us. Since, we are planning to invite friends for dinner; I was thinking to get a special dinnerware.

I found good selection of dinnerware; serve ware, flatware, linens, drinkware, and kitchen and home items at I like the Winterberry Collection, guess what? They offer lowest prices of the year! You better check it out and see how much you can save for dinnerware and drink ware! You can choose anything you want with your own lifestyle. There’s nothing good than to have a nice dinnerware in the dinner table.

Well, I am not good in cooking but I will guarantee that my visitors will like the food I’ll serve. I need to find a good recipe from my favorite recipe book or maybe I will try to check it online and find good recipes for this holiday season. What do you think? Do you have any idea?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bid Layout is over!

Today is the last day to Bid the light pinky layout. Since only one make the Bid, it means she's the winner! Congratulation to Sides for winning this layout. I really appreciate your effort. I'm done with the testing layout. All I need to do is to install on Sides Blog. I am waiting for your information to be sent in my email so that I can start download the layout code. Here is the test layout draft. :-) Hope you like it! If you have any changes with the title please let me know. Thanks!

Platform Beds

Would it be nice to sleep in Platform Beds where you can feel like you are laying in a luxurious bed? Wake up in the morning with a good feeling, when you came home from work the first thing you want to do is to lay down in your elegant Platform Bed. I think that would be nice isn’t it?

Actually my husband and I are talking about getting a new bed since we need to replace our old bed in our bedroom. We look up online and came across at and find those luxurious Platform Beds. It was very nice and yet very elegant. It’s very convincing and the first impression I have is just “Wow”. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Platform Beds are. It’s very classy and it adds an elegant look in your bedroom. Wish we can get one before this year ends.

I like the Tokyo 802 Modern Platform Bed, that’s my favorite of all Platform Bed Collections of eroomservice. If you are looking for a luxurious, elegant, very classy Platform Bed then look no further. I am sure you will be amazed on how great their Platform Beds selection is. Visit erromservice for more details!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bid this layout!

Bid this layout! You can bid any amount! The bidding will close on Thursday, 1 week from now. How much you think this layout is? My price is very affordable below 15. If the bid will reach 5-8 then it's fine, you will get this cool light pink layout. To those pink lovers, start bidding now! Happy blogging to all!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Done Installing!

At last! I'm done installing the new layout of my "Blog Exploration". You can view it now live! Don't forget to leave some love!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Blog Exploration new layout

This will be my new layout for my "Blog Exploration". What you think? I called it "cool pink". Simple but its nice. I didn't install the layout yet, I'm kind a lazy this past few days but i'll try tomorrow. So watch out for my Blog Exploration makeover! Happy blogging everyone! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lisa Blog Makeover

Congratulation to Lisa of Memory Lane for getting this free giveaway layout. I finished installed the layout this morning, so you can view the outcome of the layout at her memory lane blog. Thanks again lisa for keep visiting my blog and for winning a free blog makeover. Happy Blogging to all! Watch out my latest layout for the month of December! By the way I am not making any holiday layout because I don't celebrate holidays hehe :-) Hope you understand but I surely will give a free blog makeover! Have a great day!
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