Friday, April 29, 2011

we can't make it!

I am sure preparing birthday is very stressful. Good thing I don’t need to worry about celebrating birthday. Next week will be my 29th birthday but I am not looking forward on celebrating it. Its like a regular day for me and this coming august, my friend will celebrate his husband birthday but I’m not sure if me and the kids can go. I know she will understand if we can’t make it. Anyhow, she can still get a birthday party gifts for him. She can order it online at

Dana on towel

She just done taking a bubble bath and now she is running around with the orange towel. She is hiding under it and try to cover herself up. She looks so cutie so I took a photo of her. Look at that round lovely eyes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

help you build your muscles!

Here is the other supplement that can help you build your muscles - a50. Have you wonder what this a50 is? Well, it said that most body builders and athletes use this product. It can help your muscles look leanest and meanest. This will be the right product to use for big boys. Love to see guys with big muscles like my husband. So if you never tried a50 before, you better give it a try or you can visit for the product reviews.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Earn Well - Blog Makeover

This is the new layout of jesenick mom title "Earn Well". I finish the layout last week. You can now visit her blog and see the outcome of the layout. Don't forget to leave comments! Have a great day!

rv towing

One or two household in our neighborhood has an RV. RV seems expensive and it’s nice to have one especially if you and your family like to travel and likes to do some outdoor stuff like fishing and camping. While we do our grocery shopping at Walmart, I saw one or two RV at the parking lot. The other one looks big and luxurious and the other one is just the regular rv size. So if you need help and need a towing service, you can contact, they have the best rv towing service that you can rely on or contact them at this number 1-877-466-6867.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Compensation Lawyers

What is more tragic than having a fire tragedy or a flood? Lot of people suffer in Japan cause of the Tsunami. This flood took lot of people’s lives. I’m not sure if those people can get compensation about what happen. Back then, we been affected by the flood too as well as fire. That happens last 2003, we lost everything and its hard for us to get back the life we have before. There are some people who help us but we didn’t get any compensation since we can’t afford to get a Compensation Lawyers.

Talking about Compensation Lawyers, if you are an Australian and live at Queensland area and been affected by the flood or cyclone yasi, find out your legal rights at Maurice Blackburn professional lawyers. Their lawyers act for people who have been badly treated or suffered loss; personal or financial. They fight for fair! To find out what else Maurice Blackburn Lawyers can do, visit

Under the tree...

This photo taken yesterday infront of our house. The tree starting to grown some leaves. It was a pretty tough tree. The kids love to play under the tree. Can't wait for spring when all the leaves comes out. That tree will surely gives a lot of shade. So when its sunny, we can rely to that shade.

Friday, April 1, 2011

cash advance online

Have you tried to cash advance online? I never tried it before but in case we ran out of budget and if we really need it right away to pay bills and stuff, I think I will consider to try the cash advance online. So if you having problem financially and need money, you can try this service at If you are curious on how their service works, you can visit their website or contact them for more questions.

Sketching away from boredom

Guest post written by Stella Mayer

My mom tells me that anytime she would take me out in public when I was a kid, whether it was the grocery store or sitting in a church service, she would always have a sketchpad for me to draw on and keep me occupied. I'm sure that fueled my imagination, which is still pretty active even now and I decided that I wanted to start drawing actively rather than just scribbles while I'm bored.

I kind of made that as a New Year's resolution to myself, so I went looking online to buy a special new sketchbook for myself. When I was doing that I ran across some information about satellite internet packages and after I did a little bit of reading, decided to CLICK HERE and sign up for one of them.

I found one that looks really nice and has tons of pages in it, which I think will serve as my sketchbook for a long time. I can't wait to fill up all those pages with my creations.

Ellas blog makeover

Ella's new blog is now available. You can view it now live. She had her blog makeover made by me. I finish installed it 2 days ago. It was a simple one. This blog talks about Ellas outdoor adventure. Love to see more photos! Visit her blog and don't forget to leave a comment! Have a nice day!
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