Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite kind of cheese

Do you have any particular cheese that you like the most? Or you just buy whatever cheese on sale? Mostly my husband buy a reduced fat cheese since he is on his diet and cheese is probably the good thing to eat while on diet. Even my 5 year old son love to eat cheese. In the morning for his breakfast, he usually ask burrito with cheese and pepperoni. I know there are many recipes that needs cheese and I would love to try some of them. The ricotta cheese is very popular, I heard this kind of cheese every time I watch my favorite cooking show from Rachel Ray, I try this before and it taste really good as well as the provolone cheese.

How about you? What brand of cheese you usually used? I bet you know Sargento, this is the kind of cheese we like. Sargento cheese is really good especially on grilled cheese and my son loves it a lot. Sargento is really an exceptional kind of cheese. If you like sargento and would like to get more recipes, you can visit their website at and you can quickly search recipe directly to their website.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dustin's Lunch happy face

This is what Dustin got in his lunch. He likes to eat his food if I make a happy face in it. He got bologna, I cut it into small pieces to make like a hair, then pepperoni as the eyes and mouth then banana as the nose. This is the fun thing you can do for your children when you give them food. They love to eat it and they having fun in it :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Write English with Confidence

When I write a letter, sometimes I got confused with synonyms and sometimes my spelling is wrong. I know many people have the same problem as I do and I think we need to start write English with confidence and to do that, you might need the free trial from They are the World English Writing Solutions and to find out how their service work, visit their website and try their free trial now!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

p6 extreme

I think most women weakness are the guys who knows how to taking care of themselves. Like having a good lifestyle, know how to taking care of their body to look good, mascular type and of course have a good personality. That is one of my weaknesses that’s why I fall in love with my husband right from the start when we first met. I guess he work out a lot before he came to meet me or maybe he is taking testosterone booster that’s why he get a muscle building results. Anyhow, I am not sure if he does but I know he work out a lot that time and he really cares about his health and his body. So when it comes to testosterone booster, you will probably want to try the p6 extreme. This is the basic testosterone booster that also happens to block estrogen. If you want to know more about p6 extreme, you might like to read the p6 extreme reviews and watch the video too as well. That way you are aware on what p6 extreme can do.

Me and my little girl!

I love to take picture of myself and with my little girl. She is such a funny girl, everytime I took the camera out, she will say "say cheese mommy" and she will find a place to sit and she will say cheese too. Love my baby girl, I can see myself to her when I was a little girl and I am thankful to my mom for raising me and give me life. I miss my mama and hope I can see my family soon, if not this year maybe next year and coming years. Will see...

that's normal...

On my first pregnancy, I worry a lot because maybe I will gain weight and can’t get back on my weight after labor. But I think I was wrong because I only reach 103 lbs when I was pregnant. I am still slim and petite, the only thing that becomes big is my belly. That’s why some of my friends and even my doctor wonders why I am not gaining so much weight when I was pregnant. I supposed to gain more weight since my baby need it. I eat a lot of food, fruits, vegetables and take my vitamins but that’s what it is, I didn’t gain so much weight. I was thinking maybe I will gain weight on my second pregnancy but still the same I only reach 104 lbs.

Well, I know some of the mothers out there who are expecting are gaining weight, but don’t worry that’s normal when you are pregnant. If your weight didn’t go back to normal after giving birth then you might need to try those Weight loss pills that work fast. To all mothers out there, enjoy every moment you have with your kids. Kids are the most precious gift that all mother’s have and for me? My kids and husband are everything to me!

diet pills that work

To find out if there is a kind of diet pills that work, you need to read consumer reviews about the product. The more the product get a higher rate that means, the product is effective and works the best. That’s why me and my husband, before we buy diet pills online or in the market, we make sure if we got the right one. So if you want to know how to find diet pills that actually work, visit, they are your number one guide for diet pills on the web!

I miss my new phone!

I missed my LG VX8500 Cherry Chocolate from Verizon, if Princess (our female mastiff) didn’t chewed my new phone, then maybe I am not using my old phone right now. I really enjoy listening mp3 music on that phone and I download some of my favorite music. Too bad Princess chewed and ruin it. Well, it’s okay at least we still have the blackberry smartphone. We can use the blackberry smartphone when we go back to the Philippines. That way we don’t need to buy a new phone when we get there. Talking about blackberry smartphones, offer the best deal on all their blackberry smartphones, so hurry and get your blackberry smartphone now at!

My snowball tower...

As you can see in this photo, I made a snowball tower. I took a photo of myself before the snowball melt. I made the snowball tower about 4-5 times because Dustin always knock it over. Dana is helping me to build it too hehe :-) It was fun and in the late afternoon, the snow already melt.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Discover the Secret!

To all young entrepreneurs out there! Wanna learn the secrets of becoming a millionnaire? Here's the Millionnaire Accelerator Program where they show you how it works. If you are interested, you can claim your free DVD Copy of the yes Movie Now. Visit their website now and find out the secrets of wealth creation!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

crowd control

I guess you are all familiar with stanchions, velvet rope and barricades. This are the one that most businesses use to control the crowd. This crowd control is very helpful like the one we see at the airport. They use velvet ropes or belt stanchions to keep all the passengers in line. All passengers will wait for their turn to check in. This is an easy way to control the crowd. Not only the airport has all the velvet ropes, barricades and stanchions. You can see it everywhere especially to those busy stores and other businesses.

Anyhow, when it comes to stanchions, security and traffic barricades, velvet ropes and other crowd control products, has everything you need! They sell top quality products and a lot of which are also considered green! Guess what? They also offer public signage including the free standing and wall mounted signs in a variety of sizes. So for more details about this, you can visit and see all their crowd control products.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too cold today!

The temperature today is 10 degrees, it is pretty cold outside and this morning it was 3 degrees. The snow outside was frozen so I didn’t let my kids play outside today. Yesterday was fun! We play in the snow yesterday and the kids love it! Here are some of the pictures!

miss my job...

I work before at the internet café and we accept xerox copy and typing jobs. I usually do all this kind of stuff since I’m working in the front desk and the xerox copy machine is next to me. The Café is near to the University so we have a lot of student customers coming in and out, and whenever we run out of a xerox toner, I just run few blocks away to get it. Well, that was 6 or 7 years ago, right now I am a stay home mom and I don’t need to worry about going to work in a rush day. But I miss my job sometimes, I miss all the people I am working with and hopefully when we go back to the Philippines for vacation, I can stop by there and say hi to the owner and see the new workers!

xbox 360 hdmi cables

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