Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shure 215 earphones

Did you know that shure 215 dynamic microdriver earphones clear is one of the top sellers microdriver at guitar center? You can get it for $99.00 at their website. Its in stock and ready to ship! I love shopping instruments and accessories at guitar center. This shure 215 microdriver delivers detailed sound with enhanced bass. So you will surely love this microdriver earphones. If you are looking for a trending earphones online then look no further. Visit guitar center and find the instruments and accessories you need! Happy shopping!

Dana's art project!

Here's Dana's new project! She use a lot of scrap like the plastic bottle, strings, stick, fabric, paper clip for the body, a lego tire for the head and a cotton for the hair. She did pretty good assembling it! I help her a little bit in the water bottle, I cut it like a wave and color it blue. We use fabric nets too and a ribbon. She had fun making this art project for her art lesson. She did really well and its nice spending time with her doing her art project. 

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