Friday, November 28, 2014

My 3 Giraffe Paintings

This are the 3 Giraffes Paintings that I just paint couple days ago. It was size 11x14. One of our sister like this paint and she want to see this painting this week so if she will buy it that would be good if not, I will put it on sale on here or at my artstore. Feel free to leave your comment and what you think about this painting. Thanks and happy blogging!

Friday, November 14, 2014

80% off Fragrances is here!

I love fragrances and if I can get a great deal on it, I wont think twice to buy this product. I found this website at, and they are selling all their fragrances, skin care, cosmetics health care, watches and more for a lowest price and you can save up to $80% off! How about that? Isn't that a great deal? Our anniversary is coming next month and I am thinking about to get a gift set for men at their website. I am sure my husband would love it! So if you are thinking about giving gifts to yourself, your friend or loveones, why not visit their website now and check out some of their gift set ideas? You might find the one you like! Click the above photo and it will take you directly to the website.

Me at Paradise Island, Samal Philippines

I really love this photo, so I thought I can share it here. This photo taken when we went to Philippines for vacation last September 2014. It was a nice visit. The place still very nice and peaceful. You can see everything is green. Love the coconut palm trees, the beach is nice and clean. They also have great food and free entertainment. The visit was truly unforgettable. Love to come visit there again next time.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Free Virus Scan at Stop Zilla!

There are tons of viruses, malwares and other online threats out there and its good to have protection. Either you are using your computer, android tablets and smartphones, its good to be protected and free from virus and malwares. My computer before have tons of virus because I open a lot of different website that I didn't even know if its safe to browse or not. It cause my computer to hang up and sometimes it close itself. So a friend told me to give stopzilla avm a try. I did my own research to it and seems it works. So if you think your computer had virus, then you better check this out and see if this software works for you. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 2nd Pinay Journey eBook - My Family's Road Changes Course
This is my second release Pinay Journey eBook Volume 2 edition 1, already available at Kindle Amazon for $0.99 cents.
This book continues the story of my life growing up in the island of Philippines as a part of a family that is materially poor but rich in other ways. If you enjoy this ebook, please look back at my first book and feel free to follow along as my other stories come out. This story will also tell you about what happen when we moved to the Island of Mindanao, Davao and the changes happen in my family life. Enjoy and Thanks! 
Click the above photos and it will take you directly to the Kindle Amazon. Thank you!

Dakila and Kaibigan at Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

We meet Dakila and Kaibigan, thats the name of their Eagle. Dakila means (Great) and Kaibigan means (Friend). They are also one of the biggest Eagle at the Philippine Eagle Center. My daughter was truly amazed on those Eagles and also my son and husband. This is the first time they been to Philippine Eagle and I guess its my second time everysince. Too bad we didn't met Pag-asa the first Philippine eagle bred and hatched in captivity. It was a bredding season when we went there but it was okay, we met the rest of the Eagle though.

DBX ZonePro 1260m Speaker Processor

While I was browsing guitar at the guitar center, I also bump to this product, the DBX ZonePro 1260m. I never seen anything like this before. I guess they are using this kind of speaker when they are doing entertainment like live shows and concerts. There are many features that I am sure everyone like on this type of zone processor. There’s a total of 12 inputs and six outputs and good thing is, this devices can be controlled by third party control system too via RS-232 or Ethernet. So if you are looking for a speaker processor, I am surely recommend this DBX ZonePro 1260m device. You will absolutely like it and you will surely satisfied with all the features in it. Why not give it a try and check it out yourself?

At the Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

Look at those big huge bamboo tree! Isn't that amazing? This is my other behalf, we really like this photo, we couldn't see anyone like this here in the US, only in the Philippines, or maybe more in Asia!

Meet one of the Philippine Eagle, it was truly big, its bigger than the bald eagle we saw here in the United States. We love visiting Philippine Eagle and since this is the first time visit of my kids and hubby, they are truly amazed on how big the Philippine Eagle is and we love to come back there again next time.

Before we go to the entrance, we met this huge pythoon outside. They are using it for taking pictures, you can either hold it together with your friends and wrap it up in your neck, but i dont dare to hold it anyway, i am scared of snake, and this snake is truly huge and heavy! You can take a picture of yourself with this huge pythoon for 45 pesos I guess as a souvenirs :-)

Mike at the entrance, you can see the huge tree in the back. Its truly amazing place. You can hear all the bird sound and when you go inside, its a real rain forest with big huge trees, plants and flowers is everywhere. Its very nice place as I can remember, i like those big fish in the pond too. So our trip to Philippine Eagle is really worth it.

guitar kits

When you look at the guitar, it looks like they are easy to make and assemble but when you try to do it your self, it is hard and you need a professional to do it or maybe you just need to buy it at the store, its an easy way to do but it cost much isn’t it? Well, guess what I found? I found this guitar kits from musicians friend, it is the martin build your own guitar kit and it was amazing. They make it easier for you to do it yourself and its more cheaper that way. It’s a very good idea and you can also select the guitar style you like. We recommend this guitar kits to all guitar lovers out there, so if you are looking for a guitar, you might like to try this and save!

My First Pinay Journey eBook
This is my first Pinay Journey eBook, it was release couple weeks ago and its available already at Amazon for $0.99 cents. Its very affordable, it only have 6 pages in it.
This mini series is a true story of my experiences from a very poor child growing up in the Island of Bohol, Philippines to my new life as an adult living in the United States, something I never dreamt possible but I always hope for. If you have grown up anywhere in the world in a poor family, you will relate to my experiences, please join me in my journey. If you want to know how a poor third world family lives, take a look at this mini series.
Click the above photo and it will direct  you to the Amazon site. Thank you!   

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dana's first Project at school

Here is the photo of my little girl first project at school. They are supposed to build a house from the "Three Little Pigs" story tell and we decided to build just one house instead of the 3 house. Well, it said we can choose one of the three houses that we like but my 5 year old daughter prefer to build a brick house but it was color purple. It was funny because she really like purple house. We got the box from McDonald happy meal box, spray it and paint it like a house and her 8 years old brother also help to build a chimney using legos :-) it was cute! Now we are working in her second project which is build a "Castle" from the story "The Knight at Dawn". This will going to be an exciting project for her, will keep posted for the photos later when we finish it. :-)

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Me and my behalf decided to write an eBook and publish it at Amazon Kindle Publishing and see how it works. 

I finish two eBooks for myself title:
1. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 1
2. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 2

They are both available at Amazon now, check it out and take a look! if you like it, please feel free to rate my mini series eBook. Thanks!

My husband also finish 3 eBooks title:
1.  Healing and Redemption - A Mick Stonehouse Series: From the Beginning
2. Juicing for Healthy Weightloss! You can absolutely do it! 60 pounds in 70 days! No Exercise!
3. Juicing Simplified and Organic Soup: Why I changed from Protein to Juicing and Organic Soup

Feel free to check them out, its all available at Amazon!
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Thanks and Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back in the reality...

It was nice spending time with my family in the Philippines for two and a half weeks. Its been 7 years since my last visit and seeing them makes my heart happy. I cant explain how happy I am to be back in my hometown. I really miss my family especially my mom. I'm glad we made it safely. We did a lot of things, going to the beach, shopping at the malls, visit Philippine Eagles, Crocodile Park, Paradise Islands and spending time with my family at the house. We also invited them to come swimming with us at the club house where we stayed. We stay at the Condo for the whole week and its not a perfect stay but for me its good enough. Its very convenient stay because we are close where my family live, we are close to the convenience store and also the barbeque shop just in front of the Condo. Its very convenient to have barbeque for dinner once in a while especially if you don't feel like cooking and if you don't feel like spending a lot too. Its not a perfect vacation but it make me feel at ease to see that my family is doing well and that my mom is healthy.

Now, I am back to the reality, we're back here in Colorado. The kids is back to school, that keeps me busy for the day. I am happy and I'm looking forward to see them again in the future. I'm not sure how long but hopefully it wont be that long.

table linens

Getting ready for a get together party? or any kind of celebrations? Then get your table linens ready! Its more elegant to have cover on your table, isn't it? whenever we have visitors in the house, we always wanted our table look nice so we have our skirts, tablecloths and accessories ready for any occasion. Guess what? if your looking for this type of product, you can count on them at for their great table linens selections. So what are you waiting for? grab your table linen and accessories now and get ready for a dinner party!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Native Indian painting - stretch canvas 16x20

This is my latest Native Indian Painting. I use acrylic as my medium. Size 16x20 stretched canvas. This painting is available at my eBay Store, fs_2007. Thanks!

Me and my hubby foot :-)

Can't remember what we watching here but yes, we are just relaxing for the night and I decided to take a picture of our travel foot together. This photo is taken at home :-)

Native Indian Painting - Acrylic 12 x 16 canvas panel

This is my new Native Indian Painting. I use acrylic as my medium. Size 12x16 canvas panel. I am selling this at my eBay store. You can look up my username at eBay as fs_2007, there you can view some of the paintings that I am selling. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

handmade custom

While browsing instruments online, it caught my attention the fender handmade custom that they have available at their website at musicians friend. Dale Wilson did pretty good, he is truly the master builder. I am looking forward to buy one of his handmade custom instruments. It will be a great gifts also to those people who love fender custom. So if you never seen Dale Wilson fender handmade custom yet, you better check out the musicians friends and see for yourself!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tulips - Acrylic Painting

I made this painting as a request for my 5 year old daughter. I paint it on a 12 x 16 canvas panel and I used acrylic paint. Painted it last April 23, 2014.

Baby Bear acrylic painting

This is the latest painting I made yesterday May 6, 2014. I saw a photo online and it really caught my attention so I made a painting with this baby bear. I use acrylic paint and I paint it on a 12 x 16 canvas panel.

Monday, April 21, 2014

At Moonlight Pizza Restaurant

This photo taken when we went for a ride at downtown Salida. This is the time when we had lunch at Moonlight Pizza restaurant. We give a thumbs up at their yummy pizza! all the family loves it! will surely come back next time :-)

car insurance

Just bought a new car but never had a car insurance yet? Still thinking what insurance company you will get? Well if you are located close to North Carolina, you might like to try the They been in an insurance business since 1977 and they serve North Carolina residents and they offer life and health insurance to individuals. You can check their website and get a free quote at burlington nc car insurance here and see if they can help you find the car insurance you need.

Were going to Salida!

My husband and I love to shop at Salida, we go their once in a while to shop. Their health food store is better than what we have here in our small town. They have everything we need and I like their walmart their, It's more organized and we always find what we need. Last week, we went to Salida just for a one day trip. We went to shop, eat at the Moonlight Pizza Restaurant and walk at downtown and do shopping! I like my Hawaiian Pizza, I think thats the best Pizza I ever had, well except the pizza restaurant we have in Denver last time, they both so good! After lunch, we take a walk at downtown, stop at the art gallery, boutiques and other small stores. I found nice couple skirts and sandal. My little girl find a nice hoodies and of course, my kids love the toy store they have at Salida, downtown. They got two toys each and they are so happy! Its makes our day that time especially when daddy take us at the ice cream shop. We got home around 5 o'clock, just in time to fed the dogs, make dinner and take rest for the night. Just watching tv until bed time. It was a nice day and it was such a nice trip!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We miss the assembly this week!

Well, it turned out that we couldn't make it to the assembly for this week because we couldn't find someone to watch our house and our dogs. It's hard to leave the dogs alone especially that they are indoor dogs and also the food they eat is different that any other dogs. We feed them raw chicken at night and hotdogs and other left overs with rice on their breakfast. What a spoiled dogs isn't it? Well, they love their food, they don't want to eat any dry food at all! We fed them dry food before but they doesn't like it. So my husband change their diets and they love it. They are healthy, their teeth are whiter, they have healthy bones and their fur is more shinier!

Anyhow, if we couldn't make it this week, we can still attend the assembly at Grand Junction this coming May and we can met our spiritual brothers and sisters their in Grand junction especially my Filipina friend Ella! So can't wait for our assembly this May! Good thing we have someone to watch our dogs that day and also on our Convention this June at Denver.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

houses for sale at Lousville, KY

Have you been to Louisville, Kentucky? I’m sure some of you did. I never been to Kentucky before and if I do, I would love to watch their annual races. I heard that the city is the best known as the location of the Kentucky Derby as the biggest party in the south. That would be fun to watch since my little boy love to watch car racing so much! He has tons of toy cars collections and lego too. I also like to experience riding at their hot air balloon, they usually had it every September at their Bluegrass Balloon Festival, I’m not sure if they still doing it this year but I will absolutely love to try it. There are lot of things you can do at Louisville, so if you are planning to move at this City, you might like to find houses for sale louisville ky at this website at

Pretty Necklaces!

Aren't this two lovely necklace and earrings are pretty? You can get them at my ( We had the buy 1 get 1 for 50% statement earrings sale this day! Find out more of our gorgeous jewelries, only here at my online boutique!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mustache Party

Me and my little boy dustin, this photo taken last night march 1 at our going away mustache party in one of our sister. It was fun and memorable. We will absolutely miss her!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

bach flagelhorn

Couple weeks ago, I look up online about instruments prices, reviews and ratings. I am still not sure what instruments we will going to get for our kids. We would like to have a piano and start the piano lesson for my son but he lost interest to it. Even my little girl she likes trumpet, harmonica and guitar. My son likes drum and he also ask about the flugelhorn. He ask if he can learn how to play with it, it might be hard at first but the more he grow up, the more he practice and the more he learns so it just needs practice and maybe we can find someone to teach him how to play those instruments. I also look up online about the prices for flugelhorn and they seems kind a expensive. I saw one online at, their bach flugelhorn is on sale. You can save $611 (36%) off! Wow, it’s a good deal. Will see, I still need to talk my husband about it before I decided to buy. Will also need to make sure if this is the one for my son or not.

Can't wait for Spring!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! About 40 degrees and good thing my husband got a day off. We decided to pick up my son together as a family and since the school is close by its also a 10 minute walking distance from the school so we take a walk and my son was so happy. Today is also a beautiful day but since daddy is back to work, we wont be able to walk by ourselves. It wont not be safe for me and to my little girl to walk and pick up her brother. Will do it again next time when daddy is around. Anyhow, when we get back from school, my kids ask daddy if they can ride a bike outside the garage and they really enjoy riding a bike, we all can’t wait for spring and summer!

Friday, January 24, 2014

pretty looking sandal!

I bought this sandal couple years ago and now its already worn out, I dont think I'm going to use this summer again, I might need to get a new one, same style. I bought this shoes online at and hopefully they still have this design or else I'll find another one that almost similar to this, maybe on different color? what you think?

my favorite haircut

Found this lovely new hairstyle online and i feel in love with it. I told my hair stylist if she can do one of this for my hair. She said I will look good on the first one since my hair is kind a thin and it fits right for the proportion of my face. Anyhow, yeah I might going to give it a try for this haircut and see how I look. :-) I wanted to have a new hairstyle for this year 2014!

Monday, January 13, 2014

gift bags

Do you like to use a very unique gift bags when you give gifts to your love ones, friends or family? Some people doesn’t care about the outside look of their gifts, the things really matters the most is that you give it from the heart. Either you wanted to make it simple and don’t have so much designs in it then that’s fine. The important is your gift are place securely in a gift basket, gifts bags and even gift boxes. Anyhow talking about gift bags, I saw this burlap gift bags online and they are so adorable and truly unique. The good thing is their burlap bags have 1001 uses and you can put anything you like from chocolate, cocoa beans, gourmet coffee beans and more. So if you are looking for a natural and elegant looking gift bags, burlap bag is the one you need.

Ice skate for the first time!

This photo was taken last week Friday, January 10th at the Ice Skating Arena here in the Valley. This will  be our fist time to go on an ice skating with friends. We had fun! we fall and slip but where okay hehe :-) My two kiddos really enjoy it a lot. They know how to balance and they need more practice though. Will try to go back again and practice more for next week, hopefully will learn how to ice skate that time, if not then its okay, will keep practicing :-)

Monday, January 6, 2014

She needs a new comfortable boots!

One of my friend here is been worrying about her new boots that she bought couple weeks ago because she is not happy with it. Its not comfortable and her feet get cold easily. It's not a good boots for winter I guess. When we went to Pueblo, she ask me if I can find her comfortable boots for women and I told her will see what I can do. She is such a good friend of mine and she is like a mother to me. She got a broken toe and she's having hard time finding the right comfortable shoes and boots for her. So yeah, I also check up online and help her find one that she likes and she will probably try to buy it online. I recommend to her the comfortable boots for women that I found online at and she likes all their shoe collection for women! So will see how it goes when she receive her new comfortable boots.

Brandi Scarf from my online boutique!

This is one of my favorite scarf from my femikey online boutique at kitsylane dot come. I didn't got one since I got the Sophia Scarf for free last November. I have two friends who bought this scarf and they are both happy for their new scarf! It is absolutely beautiful just like the one they saw in the photo. Its perfect to wear on winter and the color are really outstanding. They sold out really quick too! So hope they will have more of this scarf because I have couple request for some of my friends too! :-)

beautiful gems and accessories

Curious about where to find this gorgeous, beautiful gems and accessories? You can find them all at my femikey online boutique at kitsylane dot com! Better get them now before they're gone! we have over 300 items that I am sure you will absolutely love! You can view all my top picks or go to shop and pick the one that you are looking for, either earrings, bracelet, necklaces, accessories, kids and men's items, we got them all. Visit now and enjoy shopping! Join my online jewelry boutique group on facebook and find out our latest sale this week!
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