Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So far, I'm done unpacking all the boxes inside the house except the one in the garage, but my husband will taking care of it. It was a big relief to finish unloading our stuff from all those boxes. It's a lot of work but its okay. Now, I have a chance to sit down and rest and not thinking about the boxes anymore. My husband just came home from work so I let him sit and relax and have coffee, will have dinner in a few minutes then later on, we can watch the movie title "The Dolphin Tail".

Safety First

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Safety is very important to me. Nothing is more important than doing what I can to protect my family. In addition to ordering a security system from I am thinking about other ways I can protect my family. After consulting with several professional home security experts, I have made a list of improvements I can make to my home to protect what is most important to me. At the top of my list is new outdoor lighting. I’m planning to install motion activated floodlights at each corner as well as brighter lights by my doors. I’m also going to install landscape lighting. Increased lighting is the number one way to make your home unattractive to would be thieves. I’ve also purchased new stronger locks for our doors. We’ve never given out any keys to our home but we aren’t the first owners so who knows who might have a spare key out there. I believe installing these items will take up most of my vacation week. Any time I have left I will spend with the people I’m doing all of this to protect!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

back pain...

My husband brother got three disc surgery on his back and that’s the most you can have If you don’t want that painful feeling in your back. I bet he feel awful before the surgery but you know what? After that spine surgery, he feel so much better. There are many people out there that are suffering for back pain and maybe some of them got a Spine surgery and some of them not. My husband also have problem in his back, he usually take medication for it and sometimes he go to his doctor for a shot. They give him cortisone for the pain and It seems help a lot. I mentioned it to him about the Spine Surgery Houston and he said, he will think about it. Well, to those people who are in the same condition, why bother the pain if you can try the Spine surgery Houston? For more information you can visit their website and find out more about their service and how you can get an appointment, this might be a good option to get rid of your back pain.


This is our new home, I was unpacking all our stuff in the kitchen. So far I finish unpacking the stuff in Dustin and Dana's bedroom, bathroom and living room. The rest of the boxes in the garage, I think my husband will taking care of it and I'll do most of it inside the house. It's a lot of work to unpack the things, that's why moving is not really fun at all. The fun thing is, we moved into a bigger house, we got lot of space in the house as well as the garage and the backyard. I bet the kids will have so much fun this spring or summer. This time of the year is not that fun because it was way too cold outside. It drops down to 0 and negative at night. But even though how cold it is, my husband and I will try our best to make the kids happy and give them the best adventure of their life. I still love our new place ;-)

keep yourself warm and cozy!

In a day like these where the temperature drop down to zero especially at night. We really need to take out our electric blankets and use it either in the living room or in the bedroom. It’s nice to keep warm at night, I am just thankful that the heater working really good and it doesn’t get really cold inside the house. I am kind a worried about the kids because they doesn’t like to be cold that’s why when we sit down together as a family in the living room, we have the electric blankets to keep our body and feet warm. So if you want to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter, you can check out electric blankets at!

Friday, December 16, 2011

web design

I know the basic of html and for that reason, I learn how to make a blog template for all my blogs and I do have few clients who like my web design. But for me, I can't say that I am professional in this field because I know I still have a lot of things to learn and I am willing to learn more that way I can create a nice website to start my online business. I would like to take a web design course in the future, this can help me to enhance my knowledge in the world of web designing.

I heard about ecommerce, they provide large and mid-sized companies to maximize online revenues. They have ecommerce solutions that can help your business to become successful. They will also help you to boast the revenue of your business. There are a lot of things you need to learn about ecommerce. I bet you heard about them and they have many clients that are truly satisfied in their service. So if you want to become one of those successful businesses who use their service, you might like to visit their website at and find out how they build successful businesses online.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My new hobby...

I didn’t make any more blogger templates designs this couple months. Maybe I just got lazy to do it. Well, I still don’t have any customers or anyone that wanted to do blog makeover. So while waiting for that, I just keep myself busy on doing other stuff like sewing. Its one of my favorite hobby now, I like to make my little girl a dress and also a dress for me to wear. I will post it here in my blog and let my friends on the blogging world to see my designs. So its still part of my designing world. Feel free to leave message and happy blogging to everyone!

Another purple dress!

This is another purple dress I made for myself. Look at my little girl, she's also make a pose. This is one of my favorite, it turns out really nice, very elegant and it looks expensive. I will try to make more dress as a practice you know. Who knows, I might become a better designer and make my own line. Will see in the future! 
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