Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Safety First

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Safety is very important to me. Nothing is more important than doing what I can to protect my family. In addition to ordering a security system from I am thinking about other ways I can protect my family. After consulting with several professional home security experts, I have made a list of improvements I can make to my home to protect what is most important to me. At the top of my list is new outdoor lighting. I’m planning to install motion activated floodlights at each corner as well as brighter lights by my doors. I’m also going to install landscape lighting. Increased lighting is the number one way to make your home unattractive to would be thieves. I’ve also purchased new stronger locks for our doors. We’ve never given out any keys to our home but we aren’t the first owners so who knows who might have a spare key out there. I believe installing these items will take up most of my vacation week. Any time I have left I will spend with the people I’m doing all of this to protect!

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