Tuesday, January 31, 2017

best MF orange pedal

I was just searching guitar effects pedal online for a friend. He bought his guitar last year, he has a band and he likes to do gig with his friend. It's been a while I didn't go to my friends gig. I miss watching live bands. He just ask if I know anything about guitar effects pedal and I say not so much but I can do a research for him and if I can find one I will let him know. So far this is what I found, I bump to this website at the musiciansfriend and they have the best MF orange pedal. This is their top rated items and a lot of customers and retailers are looking the same product! So i might show this to him and see if this is the one he is looking for. So will see... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flower Art Design...

Here's the latest flower art design that me and my daughter made. It's something me and my kids love to do. Spending time together doing an artwork using flowers. This is our anniversary flower and its ready to go in the garbage. So before I throw it away, I need to do something out of it and this is what me and my daughter made! Its pretty fun and my daughter loves it! Something for us to keep and remember. :-) Hope you all love it! 

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