Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our Convention Pics 2017

This is our convention family pics that was taken last May 19-21, its a 3 day convention. It was such a nice convention that we always looking forward too every year. This convention title "Don't Give Up". It was a very uplifting and upbuilding to our family spiritually. So looking forward for our  next convention!

line 6 amp

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Fun pics of me and my daughter Dana...

This is me and my daughter Dana doing our fun pics together using daddy's new phone Samsung s8+. It has a nice feature and I like when you do a selfie because you can add funny stuff in it like the one we did in the picture. The first one is such a funny one. Dana won't stop laughing whenever she see  her eyes get so big! We look so adorable in this photo :-)

Our Family at Colorado Gators Farm

Here's our family photos when we went at Colorado Gators Farm at Mosca last month of May. It's my first time holding this baby Alligator. It's kind a scary but I am happy that I did it! Only me and the kids got a chance to hold the baby alligator. My husband decided not to do it. Next plan is our horse back riding next 2 weeks. Our family is so excited and this will be our first time doing our family horse back riding in the mountains. So will see...

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