Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sell on eBay

To those who are interested in my art work, please go to my ebay at, two of my paintings are already sold, one is the mommy and baby giraffe and the English Mastiff rock painting. Thanks to those who purchase my art work and hope you all like it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Horse painting

The original photo
My version :-)
I saw a picture of a white horse online while I was searching some photos to paint on and I feel inlove with this photo. I make my own version on it, its not as perfect as the original photo above but I am happy with the results though. I will keep this paint and I was planning to hang it in the wall and keep it as my collection.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Acrylic paint - colorful parrot

My new acrylic painting for this year 2013 - a colorful parrot. I saw this painting in my arcylic paint book that I bought last year and I just want to give it a try and this is how it turned out. Hope you all like it! I was planning to keep this and put it in our wall. I just need to buy a frame for it. This is one of my favorite! :-)

winter jacket

I just bought a new winter jacket last weekend and I really like it. It is warm and comfortable and I found the right size for me! The old winter jacket that I have is kind a way too big for me especially in the shoulder part. But I also have leather jacket to wear in case the weather will start to get warmer. Well, when it comes to jacket and any kind of winter gear, I also recommend the marmot line. You can buy marmot clothing online at, just search for marmot brand. I like their marmot sleeping bags, they are very nice and it said this is the warmest bag ever that can stand about -45 degrees and for the price of $168, they are pretty affordable and it worth the money you paid.
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