Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 2nd Pinay Journey eBook - My Family's Road Changes Course
This is my second release Pinay Journey eBook Volume 2 edition 1, already available at Kindle Amazon for $0.99 cents.
This book continues the story of my life growing up in the island of Philippines as a part of a family that is materially poor but rich in other ways. If you enjoy this ebook, please look back at my first book and feel free to follow along as my other stories come out. This story will also tell you about what happen when we moved to the Island of Mindanao, Davao and the changes happen in my family life. Enjoy and Thanks! 
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Dakila and Kaibigan at Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

We meet Dakila and Kaibigan, thats the name of their Eagle. Dakila means (Great) and Kaibigan means (Friend). They are also one of the biggest Eagle at the Philippine Eagle Center. My daughter was truly amazed on those Eagles and also my son and husband. This is the first time they been to Philippine Eagle and I guess its my second time everysince. Too bad we didn't met Pag-asa the first Philippine eagle bred and hatched in captivity. It was a bredding season when we went there but it was okay, we met the rest of the Eagle though.

DBX ZonePro 1260m Speaker Processor

While I was browsing guitar at the guitar center, I also bump to this product, the DBX ZonePro 1260m. I never seen anything like this before. I guess they are using this kind of speaker when they are doing entertainment like live shows and concerts. There are many features that I am sure everyone like on this type of zone processor. There’s a total of 12 inputs and six outputs and good thing is, this devices can be controlled by third party control system too via RS-232 or Ethernet. So if you are looking for a speaker processor, I am surely recommend this DBX ZonePro 1260m device. You will absolutely like it and you will surely satisfied with all the features in it. Why not give it a try and check it out yourself?

At the Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

Look at those big huge bamboo tree! Isn't that amazing? This is my other behalf, we really like this photo, we couldn't see anyone like this here in the US, only in the Philippines, or maybe more in Asia!

Meet one of the Philippine Eagle, it was truly big, its bigger than the bald eagle we saw here in the United States. We love visiting Philippine Eagle and since this is the first time visit of my kids and hubby, they are truly amazed on how big the Philippine Eagle is and we love to come back there again next time.

Before we go to the entrance, we met this huge pythoon outside. They are using it for taking pictures, you can either hold it together with your friends and wrap it up in your neck, but i dont dare to hold it anyway, i am scared of snake, and this snake is truly huge and heavy! You can take a picture of yourself with this huge pythoon for 45 pesos I guess as a souvenirs :-)

Mike at the entrance, you can see the huge tree in the back. Its truly amazing place. You can hear all the bird sound and when you go inside, its a real rain forest with big huge trees, plants and flowers is everywhere. Its very nice place as I can remember, i like those big fish in the pond too. So our trip to Philippine Eagle is really worth it.

guitar kits

When you look at the guitar, it looks like they are easy to make and assemble but when you try to do it your self, it is hard and you need a professional to do it or maybe you just need to buy it at the store, its an easy way to do but it cost much isn’t it? Well, guess what I found? I found this guitar kits from musicians friend, it is the martin build your own guitar kit and it was amazing. They make it easier for you to do it yourself and its more cheaper that way. It’s a very good idea and you can also select the guitar style you like. We recommend this guitar kits to all guitar lovers out there, so if you are looking for a guitar, you might like to try this and save!

My First Pinay Journey eBook
This is my first Pinay Journey eBook, it was release couple weeks ago and its available already at Amazon for $0.99 cents. Its very affordable, it only have 6 pages in it.
This mini series is a true story of my experiences from a very poor child growing up in the Island of Bohol, Philippines to my new life as an adult living in the United States, something I never dreamt possible but I always hope for. If you have grown up anywhere in the world in a poor family, you will relate to my experiences, please join me in my journey. If you want to know how a poor third world family lives, take a look at this mini series.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dana's first Project at school

Here is the photo of my little girl first project at school. They are supposed to build a house from the "Three Little Pigs" story tell and we decided to build just one house instead of the 3 house. Well, it said we can choose one of the three houses that we like but my 5 year old daughter prefer to build a brick house but it was color purple. It was funny because she really like purple house. We got the box from McDonald happy meal box, spray it and paint it like a house and her 8 years old brother also help to build a chimney using legos :-) it was cute! Now we are working in her second project which is build a "Castle" from the story "The Knight at Dawn". This will going to be an exciting project for her, will keep posted for the photos later when we finish it. :-)

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Me and my behalf decided to write an eBook and publish it at Amazon Kindle Publishing and see how it works. 

I finish two eBooks for myself title:
1. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 1
2. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 2

They are both available at Amazon now, check it out and take a look! if you like it, please feel free to rate my mini series eBook. Thanks!

My husband also finish 3 eBooks title:
1.  Healing and Redemption - A Mick Stonehouse Series: From the Beginning
2. Juicing for Healthy Weightloss! You can absolutely do it! 60 pounds in 70 days! No Exercise!
3. Juicing Simplified and Organic Soup: Why I changed from Protein to Juicing and Organic Soup

Feel free to check them out, its all available at Amazon!
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