Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dana's first Project at school

Here is the photo of my little girl first project at school. They are supposed to build a house from the "Three Little Pigs" story tell and we decided to build just one house instead of the 3 house. Well, it said we can choose one of the three houses that we like but my 5 year old daughter prefer to build a brick house but it was color purple. It was funny because she really like purple house. We got the box from McDonald happy meal box, spray it and paint it like a house and her 8 years old brother also help to build a chimney using legos :-) it was cute! Now we are working in her second project which is build a "Castle" from the story "The Knight at Dawn". This will going to be an exciting project for her, will keep posted for the photos later when we finish it. :-)

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