Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cocao and Dana

Dana love our dog Cocao. She is a Pitbull. She is really a sweety pie like Dana. Dana love to give her a hug and kiss and Cocao doesn't mind at all. Cocao listen to her when she say "Cocao sit down!. Pretty amazing when they start learning how to talk, she's really a talker and we love her so much! She's our little Princess! :-)

toys, toys and more toys!

There are too much toys that you can choose at the store and some of them are way too expensive and I don’t feel like buying those things for my kids. Good thing that Dustin only choose those cheap toys, he love hot wheels mini cars and it’s only a dollar. He already have hundreds of mini cars and he make a nice parking lot in his bedroom as well in the computer room on my sewing machine desk. Anyhow, we still shopping toys because its holiday and most of the stores are on sale. I still need to buy more toys to put in my forex box. I will send this next year to my family that way my niece and nephews can have new toys next year!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

top rated colon cleansing products

Colonetix is the number one top rated colon cleansing products on the market. I just find out at I never tried this product before but when I read the colon cleansing reviews about this product, it makes me want to try and get some. It said that colonetix is the most advanced colon cleansing formula in the market and look at the overall score, they rate it 9.9, the power and value are 10, seems very effective. My husband tried the colon cleansing before and he said it was awful because the taste doesn’t taste good but it works for him, after few months of taking colon cleansing, he decided to stop. I am not sure if he is still into colon cleansing but if he does I will absolutely recommend it to him. How about you? Want to try colon cleansing? Then visit to find out the top 3 rated colon cleansing products in the market today!

commercial pumps

Looking for a commercial pumps? Look no further because has all the pumps you need. They offer free shipping on all their pumps. You can shop pumps by their categories. It’s 100% manufactured in the USA. When it comes to pumps, is the website I will absolutely recommend. Hurry and get the commercial pumps you need. Find out their featured products at their website or call 888-817-8677.

Nice one...

Dustin was so sweet because he gave me yellow flower. Even though it's not a real flower but when he say "mommy flowers for you, I love you" and give me a kiss. It melts my heart when I hear him saying it. I like this picture, he is getting big! He is a grown up little boy now and Dana is a grown up little girl. Love you both!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

muscle builder

I heard that most women are attracted to those guys that has big muscle. I do love guys that has big muscle that’s why I fall in love with my husband right from the start when I met him. My husband is in good shape because he work out a lot before he met me. He took some muscle builder supplement to help him to have those muscle. It’s not easy to build muscle just like the one we saw at the muscle builder magazines. Their muscles are way too big and scary. I bet they spend so much time at the gym and took some body building supplements. Right now, it doesn’t matter if my husband lose those abs because for me, he is everything that I am looking for and I love him so much!

eye wrinkle cream

When you getting older, wrinkle in your eyes seems visible. You can’t hide it anymore unless you can find the best eye wrinkle cream to hide those unwanted wrinkles. You notice that most celebrities have pretty skin, they are wrinkles and acne free. Wish I could be like them that’s why I am starting to find eye wrinkle cream in case my wrinkles will come out because I am already 28 and 2 years more I will be 30! Wish my age will always be the same but it can’t!

5 days off

I'm glad that my husband take a 5 days off because of the holiday. We don't celebrate thanksgiving so we might end up driving at the Mesa to see a lot of snow this weekend. It's been a while we never go on a road trip because of my husband hectic schedule from work. This week will be the busiest day on all the store. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is people most awaited day because they can save tons of money. They can buy whatever they want for a very low price. So maybe we will do shopping too but we try not to spend so much this week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cyber Monday deals

If you can’t make it this coming Black Friday, then no worries because you still have a chance to get what you need and save this coming Cyber Monday. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from are still there until next week so why not shop online at this coming Holidays and save up to 50-70% on all their items? I already recommend it to my friend since she’s planning to buy netbooks this coming December. Tell your friends this amazing deal from, they offer free shipping so hurry and start shopping now at!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

wii sports resort

I was talking about xbox on my other post and while looking for xbox games and accessories, I also look the prices of their wii sports resort new release at website. They have pretty good price on their pre-order wii. I am sure many of you own wii and I would love to have one someday but I am not sure if my husband will allow my son to play this since we don’t want our son to get addicted into this games. We are happy to see him playing his learning games online and he learn a lot with it. He enjoys it and at the same time he learn a lot of things from what he is playing.

The Doggies and Me

Here is the new photo of me and our doggies Thunder and Princess (both English Mastiff). Princess didn't mind me sitting on her back. Well, I am not that heavy and the picture is only takes a second. Thunder seems worried on Princess. He keep looking at me hehe :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

sleep aids

I always think about my mom this past few days since my sister told me that either next month or next year of January, they will moved out with her husband and two kids in Panabo. I’m kind a worried because I know my mom is already old. Only my sister is the one could help her at the house specially that there are lot of kids in the house to taking care of. If they moved out then how can my mom handle all the problems alone? Wish I could be there for her but I am too far away and I am not sure if we could spend a week vacation next year. I couldn’t even sleep good at night so maybe I need a sleep aids to help me sleep. What you think? Hope everything will be okay.

questions that most people ask...

I never tried diet pills before because I don’t really have problem about my weight. I don’t need it at this moment but if ever I will gain weight, I will absolutely try one of the best diet pills in the market. But do you think are diet pills safe? This is the questions that most people ask especially if they are afraid to try one. Most of those diet pills are way too expensive. Good thing that prices exposed will expose those cheapest diet pills that really works. To find out the 2010 top rated diet pills, visit prices

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pinky Layout for Eilleen

This is the new layout I made for Eilleen for her blog makeover. She likes pink, so I mixed light and dark pink. You can visit her blog title "Life" to see the outcome of the layout. If you like to over haul your blog, you can contact me and choose the blogger layout you like. You can either make it personal, custom and scrapbook designs. The blog makeover is very affordable. :-) Happy blogging everyone!

make a change...

I make a change to our living room, I add the red cover for the couch and will soon put the red curtain in the living room window. I saw some nice modern furniture online and would love to have one of those. The problem is we don’t have enough budget this year because we still have important bills to pay. So maybe next year if we have enough budget then we will surely buy a new furniture especially if we will get done building the patio.
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