Monday, August 30, 2010


We had our Samsung TV for a long time and I’ve been in the United States for almost 5 years and our Samsung TV still in good shape except the one in our bedroom because the color seems not look good. We are thinking to get a new Samsung TV to replace our old TV in our bedroom. I saw the latest Samsung 2010 models at and all I can say, they are all great! I would like to own a Samsung LCD TV or maybe a Samsung Plasma TV with a smooth action. What you think? Which one you like the best?

Dana riding on Cocao

This is such a cutie photo. Cocao was sleeping and Dana is climbing in the couch and sit on Cocao's back. I took the camera right away and took a picture of them. Dana is so adorable at this photo, she got that big cutie round eyes and she loves picture taking!

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Finding the right insurance is kind a confusing because they are many companies out there offer the same. Kind a hard to decide which one is right for you and for your family. If you don’t have insurance yet and you still thinking to get one, you might like to visit, they are your most trusted advisor… for life in this matter. They been in their business since 1972. Good thing is, you can compare rates and find the best insurance deals that meets your needs and budget. If your interested just go here and get a term life insurance quotes and rates!

Friday, August 27, 2010

scanner software

It’s been a long time I didn’t use our scanner. I get used to download photos in my digital camera to my computer. I don’t think we need a scanner software but I am sure many company or scanning service out there need a scanner software, so if you are looking for a document scanner software, I would absolutely recommend the diamond vision from Diamond vision is designed to increase profits for your scanning departments so why not try Dokmee Pro completely free for 30 days and see how the software works. For more details visit

Dana wearing the sunny outfit...

Dana wearing her sunny outfit. I made this dress last August 12, it really looks good on her. She was so adorable at this photo and the backless top and short fits her perfectly. Would love to make another one like this :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

car insurance quotes...

Three of our vehicle is covered by State Farm Insurance. I didn't pay our insurance this month yet, I will wait until next week for my husband's paycheck. So far we don't have any problem with it and we are happy for our car insurance. Our trusted agent is always there to help us, my husband is the one who contact our agent every time we have problem in our car or if we have any questions regarding to this matter. If you don't have car insurance yet, you better check, you can save $489 on your car insurance if you apply today. You can also get a car insurance quotes directly to their website and in just a few minutes, you will have car insurance you need!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

modern couches

When you live in a modern house, the furniture needs to be modern too right? The house we have is not a modern type but the setting is very nice, it just need to change the carpet and get a new furniture then I am sure it will be look like a modern type house. I saw a nice modern couches at and it caught my eye their amazing downlow fabric sectional and its color red! I love those couches it will be perfect to put in the living room! The Morpheo design sofa bed will be nice to put in the patio. So, If we have enough budget replacing new furniture will be the next thing we do. Will see…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunny outfit...

This is the sunny outfit I made for Dana yesterday. I like the fabric, nice color, it really looks good on my little girl. She looks very adorable with this outfit and I think I will make another one like this :-) Instead of jumpsuit, I decided to make a short and a top backless blouse. It's easier for me to make this kind of style because I don't need to put zipper or buttons. :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

International sounds

Guest post written by Jamie Kingston

I’m kind of a music snob, but that’s the first step to recovery, right? Well, anyway one of my favorite music-related things to talk about are international bands. So I use a lot of my time on the Internet watching music videos with English subtitles and looking up the literal meanings of lyrics in languages with which I’m not familiar.

See, I just don’t like listening to the music, I like to learn the context in these respective bands’ cultures in which their lyrics and music fit through an internet provider I found as a satalite internet special. That helps me better understand their message and motivation behind their art.

I’d say that my guilty international music pleasure is Rammstein, you know the German band that sang the songs “Du Hast” that was really popular and featured in the Vin Diesel movie “XXX.” They’ve remained pretty popular since then and have a long back catalog of music.

Another foreign, but very different band that I like is the French band Pheonix. Although a lot of their songs are in English, I still like to look up information about the band’s background and early career.

Monday, August 9, 2010


While browsing shoes and sandals online, I bumped to this website at They have great selections of shoes and sandals for both men and women. I love the rocawear nail head sandal. Very unique and I think that would be look good in my feet. I need a sandal where I can wear it anywhere I go especially when we go for a walk or going to the mall. I need a comfortable shoes just like the rocawear sandal. For more rocawear sandals and shoes collection visit!

Mad Look?

Dustin is really good in making his eyebrow moves. He did this in purpose and look at him, he is still good looking with his curly black hair. He got a weird looking here. Does he looks mad? hehe :)

Friday, August 6, 2010


I downloaded some of our new photos for this month of August and I would like to send a slideshow photos to my mother in law that way she can see all those beautiful photos of my kids. Thinking about slideshow, there are many website offer a free slideshow but the one interest me the most is the You can create a brilliant slideshows in minutes! they have great slideshow designs and can’t wait to try it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Emmys

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

The Emmys generally air live in September on tv through cable television deals around Boston. They honor the best in the television industry. The host and the presenters are different every year. The host is usually a nominee or someone from a nominted show. The Emmys are divided between Comedy, Drama, Made for Tv Movies and Mini-Series and each aspect of the shows are represented (acting, writing, directing, lighting, make-up, casting and wardrobe). The acceptance speeches have to be the best part because you never know what they might say and there are usually some surprises. For example, Kristin Chenoweth won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy last year and her show wasn't on anymore and she gave a hilarious speech about being unemployed and listed some shows she wanted to do. Although, most people probably tune in to see what the stars are wearing and if they look good or bad. But, they have a habit of honoring the same shows and actors over and over again like Frasier winning Best Comedy 5 years in a row and Kelsey Grammer winning for Best Actor a few times. It is always a fun night for people who really love television and it is great to see the actors be themselves instead of the role they play on tv.


The sky is very dark today, Thunderstorm is coming. Thunder and lightning makes our dog nuts. They keep wining outside. I need to let them in before the storm comes. Dustin and I studying his mathemathics learning book and we just heard a loud thunder. Our dogs scared in that thunder, they are hiding under the table. Hope the rain will stop when Mike's come home, he will be here in a minute. It's already 5:00pm and since it's raining outside, maybe we will feed the dog inside here in the patio.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saniflo Toilets

Would it be nice to take a shower and took a bath in a very clean elegant bathroom? My kids loves to play in the tub that’s why I make it sure that the tub is clean and shine. That’s one of the reason why we bought this house. The bathroom is nice and has tiles in it. Actually if we have budget, we would love to renovate our bathroom and buy a new Saniflo Toilet. Why Saniflo? Well, I love their style and you can find saniflo toilet at They offer an instant rebate and its free shipping over $195 orders you make. Visit now and find your Saniflo Toilet! If you register now, you can save $10 off of your second order over $100. Isn’t that a great deal?


Since I started shopping online, it makes me want to shop more! But I need to take it easy and not to spend much money because we need to save money for our vacation next year. I have two friends started their online home business and I would love to have my own online business too someday. I keep searching online about wholesaler that sells good stuff and I end up in website. Actually they have great stuff in liquidation and its very affordable too. This is a good website to shop especially when you start an online business.

Went to Filipino Store!

I really don't feel like going out today but then when my husband called and ask me what is my plan for the day and I say hmmm I'm not sure, maybe just stay in the house, watching tv and play my farmville hehe :-) then I remember, I need to ran to the Filipino Store to buy century tuna, sotanghon noodles and dried fish. So I get the kids ready and we went to the Asian Store. They are in their new location now at Parkwest Plaza, they just moved this month of August. It was a nice location and easy to find it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Who want Freebies? As a mother of two, I always want to get a Free Stuff especially when it comes to coupons and free sample products. Online is the best place to get Freebie. Even in making layouts in my weblog designs, I usually get a freebies stuff so I don’t need to buy embellishments and scrapbook designs for the layout. That’s why I gave a very affordable price for all my designs.

Just like yesterday when we went to Walmart to shop. If I didn’t get Freebies coupons online, I am sure we won’t save anything. That’s the good thing of having a free coupons, that make you save more in your shopping. We need to save some money if we want to travel this year. So if you like to save tons of money then you better visit They offer a lot of free stuffs! Visit now and get your free stuff today!
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