Sunday, January 30, 2011

need a new tarp!

I was cleaning the patio outside and I noticed the tarp we put in the dogs' kennel. They have holes in each sides and looks old. I remember that my husband bought a tarp couple months ago and I think he didn't put that blue tarp yet in the dog's kennel. Because of his work schedule he never get a chance to change the tarp and work on Dustin's port as well. Hopefully this coming spring or summer, we will start putting those tarp and finish Dustin port, that way the kids can play outside even it's hot. With the tarps help, they don't need to worry about the sun because tarp can give a lot of shade to it.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

cancelled transaction...

I sent my family their allowance last Friday using xoom but I am really not happy about it because my first transaction didn't go through. I'm not sure why but my sister told me, the transaction I made is not cleared yet, it means our bank account didn't release the money yet so they need to wait until tomorrow to do it. So I cancel the first transaction and try it again for the second time. My sister go back to the bank 3 times to get the money but still the same. It said it's not cleared yet and didn't go through. Hmmm, what's going on? Well, I guess they need to wait for the next day to get the money. My sister told me to cancel it again for the second time and send it to Western Union instead of xoom because they need the money for this week. I went to the store and send their allowance at the Western and I'm glad they got the money now. Hope next time when I send their allowance, it won't happen this again or I might send it again to Western instead of using their service at xoom.

Friday, January 28, 2011

link from blog

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

he doesn't like it!

Dustin was so funny last night, I was brushing his hair and I was teasing him. He has this curly hair that’s really hard to taking care of. I was thinking to put ponytail in it and while he was looking himself at the mirror, he give me this mad look. He say “mommy, how many times I tell you, don’t put ponytail in my hair! I am not a girl! I am a boy!”. Isn’t so funny? I was just teasing him that night. Well, I know he doesn't like ponytail because he know that ponytail is only for a girl and not for a boy. :-) He is such a smart boy!

finance jobs

When I was in my college days, I dream of working at the office or at the Bank. I would love to find a job that suits my skills but I think accountancy and finance jobs is not right for me because it changed after I graduate. Instead of working at the Office, I worked at the Internet Café and Business Center as a cashier and typist. I love my job though and no regret after all. Now that I am married and have two wonderful kids, I still want to pursue another course and get a finance jobs. So if you are looking for accountancy & finance jobs, I will absolutely recommend the You can find the best accounting and finance jobs at their jobsite. There are 28,903 available jobs right now, so hurry and apply now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

shop best diets!

Who wouldn’t want to lose weight? Most women want to look best not only to their husband but to everyone. I know some mommy out there has the same complaints that after the labor, their body change right away. Sometimes their weight won’t come back to normal and I know some of you feel frustrated when you see those bulging belly.

When my friend ask me how do my tummy look like after labor and I say, it looks okay but I saw some black line in it that makes very uncomfortable especially if I wear my swim suit. I just thankful that I don’t gain so much weight before or after labor. They ask me if I am taking any weight loss pills and I say I don’t but if ever I will gain weight, I already know what website to visit at They have the best weight loss pills and I might try one of them someday. But for now, I will recommend this to those people who are looking for weight loss pills. Start improving your health and well being now. Shop weight loss pills at!

That's my boy!

Dustin is really a grown up man! He is a good looking boy! He just turn 5 years old last January 2nd and he is ready to go to school this Spring time! He is very excited to go school this year and he is a smart boy. We try to finish that learning book and so far he did pretty good. He already know all the answers, he can write numbers, letters, read the words and sounds. Sometimes he wrote it backwards but its okay, that's what most kids do.

All about cars!

Do you own a car or still planning to get one? There are many car model available and it's hard to choose the right one unless you already know what car you will going to choose. Like us, my husband like big truck and I do like small car like the lexus. We got the Ford F150 Rapto, color white. We bought it as brand new and the other one we got is the Chevrolet Yukon truck, we bought it last 3 years ago, it was a used car.

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Updating my kids memories blog

My Kids Memories blog was being neglected for almost 7 months now. June was my last post and after that I didn't update that blog anymore. I'm kind a lazy to update that blog especially if you have more than 5 blogs that need to update everyday. I only have 4 blogs that is active and two of my other blogs are not updated anymore. Since I found out that my kids memories blog has a page rank 2, I was thinking maybe this is the time to start update that blog, I can use that for an extra earning. I will keep you posted for the new photos of my kiddos and their moments together as a brother and sister. See yah and please don't forget to visit my kidsmemories blog!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Designer shoe on sale!

Winter here in Grand Junction this year is not as bad as last year. We didn't get so much snow this month but up in the Mesa, they got so much snow out there. I have two boots that I always wear but I would love to get another one. While searching boots online, I bumped to this page at, they have good deal on all their shoe collection. You can save up to 50% on their semi-annual winter sale! I check their hunter boots, it look very fancy, I like the Verbier Wedge Rain Boot Purple, that will be perfect for me. Since I don't go on hunting, my friend who loves to hunt will might like to buy hunter boots, so I will absolutely recommend this to them.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

nimlok displays

I really want to watch trade show exhibit here in the Valley again but I am not sure when they will going to do that here in downtown. That was two or three years ago when we saw a trade show exhibits here in our area. I missed seeing those interesting x stands and other trade show exhibit displays. Actually I found some of those displays online at Their nimlok compact pop-up displays was very interesting. Very unique indeed! I would love to see those kind of display on the next trade show exhibits here in the Valley.

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At the Filipino Store

This photo taken last Friday January 21st at the Filipino Store here in Grand Junction owned by Terrie Hampton together with my other Pinay friends. Starting at the right: Arlyn and his son Jake, Ella, Elvie and his son Jacob, me and the kids and the owner Terrie :-)

book your reservation now at Myrtle Beach!

I missed going on vacation. Last year we never get a chance to go on vacation because we don't have enough budget to go for a trip. The last time we go on a trip as a family was last 2007, Dustin was 19 months old that time. This year we really need to save some money so that we can go for vacation. If we can't go back to the Philippines to visit my family, we will probably go to Michigan or plan something else. It's nice to go for a trip if you have enough money to spend. Some of my friends already planned their vacation this year. I am not sure where they will spend their vacation but I am sure they will have great time.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

local jobs

How many of you out there are desperately looking for a job? It’s not easy to find a job especially if you didn’t finish college or don’t have a degree. If you don’t have any work experience, I am sure it will be hard for you to find one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a job. There are many local jobs out there who needs a hard working person like you. Either you don’t have any experienced, some of them are willing to teach you. Talking about local jobs, you can try and look a job at, they have a lot of local jobs available at their website. So hurry and visit now!

Ella and Me...

This is Ella and Me at Arlyn's house, this photo taken last Friday, January 14th! She is like a sister to me. Whenever we have freetime on weekdays especially on Friday, I pick her up to their house and we get a chance to go at Arlyn's house or here in the house to have lunch together. Sometimes we go shopping together and go to the mall. She is from Mindanao also like me and she is from Dipolog City. We have the same religion and we speak the same language that's why we get along very well. Like this photo! Aren't we look pretty? hehe :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was reading blogger comments in one of my blog, it was interesting because she feel so much stress when she's on diet and she totally give up. She is happy the way she was and I respect that. I know many people are really struggling with their weight problem and spend so much for weight loss pills and any diet plans and I would say it is really stressful especially if you can't reach your weight goal. I never have that kind of stress in my life since I never try any weight loss products but if does I think I need to start reading diet supplement reviews first before deciding to try any diet pills. How about you? what make's you stress?

the phenphedrine

I heard a lot about this type of weight loss name Phenphedrine but I never tried it before. It said that phenphedrine claims to have found the key to long term weight loss. I share this information to my husband since he is on diet but he is not sure about it. He is happy with his diet plan now because he already lose weight. So if anyone out there who tried or never tried Phenphedrine, click here for phenphedrine reviews. They have a lot of information about this product and it gives you an idea either this one is right for you or not.

she don't need it...

I was talking with my sister last night and it's nice to know that they are doing good. I tell them about what's going on here that the kids are sick and I tell them that they are fine now. Actually they are watching tv right now and I am glad that Dustin starting to eat his lunch. I was cleaning in Dustin's bedroom too and I noticed the box. I checked everything if I already put the things I need to put in there. The box is almost full, I still need some few things to put in there. I remember when I talk with my sister, I teased her if she needs weight loss pills because she really gain weight. She said no need, but if I buy her one I am sure she will take it.

almost full!

The forex box is almost full! I am just waiting for the vitamins I ordered online. I will send those vitamins for my family in the Philippines. I got the two multivitamins for my niece and nephews and two pack multivitamins for my mom. I will probably send the box this end of the month. Then they will receive it after a month or so. I care about my family a lot and I want them to be healthy especially my mom. I missed them so much and since we're not sure if we can visit them this year. This box will be their early present for the year 2011.

kitchen makeover

I was watching diy network and they are giving 10 secret steps for bathroom makeover and I was hooked up into it. It gives me a lot of ideas but I don't know if we can do that by our self. Well, my husband know how to do it and I am sure he needs my help if ever we'll do our bathroom makeover. If I could choose which one that needs makeover, I would rather to have a kitchen makeover and use the glass mosaic tile in the kitchen just for a chance. Buy new kitchen appliances can make a big change too so hopefully if we can save money, we can do that after we finish the room in the patio. That will be our next plan.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

refurbished laptops

It’s been more than a year since we bought this laptop. This past few days, my computer is not working good, it always hang, it loads very slow and the connection always disconnected. Very frustrating that’s why this afternoon we will take this computer to best buy so that they can diagnosed my computer and see what’s going on. Hopefully we don’t need to buy a new laptop to replace this one. If that happens, I am not sure if I can get a new one it depends in our budget. I saw a great deal for refurbished laptops at and if ever we need a new laptop, we will probably buy it online to get a good deal. For cheap laptops and netbooks visit!

Cool pics of Dustin and Dana

Dana is trying to imitate his brother. She is wearing Dustin's shirt and hat. Isn't she's cutie? Where is Dustin's hat? Oh well, he found this bowl for his toy and he put it on like a hat. What a smart boy hehe :-)

laminate flooring

I can’t wait to see the finishing of the room that we add here in the patio. This will be our family room, we will add frames and furniture to make it look nice. The floor is not done yet, we still need to find laminate flooring design. Either we will buy the wood laminate design or tile laminate. We just need to find out the prices first, we don’t want to spend a lot for that room. Good thing we find the best deal for laminate flooring at They offer free shipping and free std pad! Best price and the special deal will end this January 30th. So if you are planning to buy laminate flooring, this is your chance to save! Hurry and buy your laminate flooring at!
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