Monday, January 24, 2011

book your reservation now at Myrtle Beach!

I missed going on vacation. Last year we never get a chance to go on vacation because we don't have enough budget to go for a trip. The last time we go on a trip as a family was last 2007, Dustin was 19 months old that time. This year we really need to save some money so that we can go for vacation. If we can't go back to the Philippines to visit my family, we will probably go to Michigan or plan something else. It's nice to go for a trip if you have enough money to spend. Some of my friends already planned their vacation this year. I am not sure where they will spend their vacation but I am sure they will have great time.

Anyhow, talking about vacation, have you been to resorts in Myrtle Beach yet? If not then you better book your reservation now at and stay at one of their luxurious Myrtle Beach hotel. I would love to come there someday with my family and friends and also to visit my friend in NC.

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