Saturday, August 13, 2011

power supplies

Just came back from our grocery shopping at City Market. It was tiring, my leg is sore because we walk a lot in the store. I'm glad Dana fall asleep while we drove home. We also went to the bookstore before we go shopping and it was pretty nice. I Usually bring my camera when we go out so that I can take photos of the kids. But anyhow, we forgot to buy indoor extension, the extension we have was broken and we need to get a new one. Maybe we can just buy it tomorrow or next week. Anyhow, I was browsing online right now and looking for a power supplies and came across at, they have pretty good deal on power supplies especially on their extension, will see if Mike would prefer to buy it online or buy it at the hardware store. Will see...

Bike ride!

Every afternoon before dawn, Dustin and Dana go for a bike ride infront of the house. Dana just learn how to paddle and she did pretty good. She is a fast learner and I am very proud of her.
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