Saturday, April 20, 2013

genuine toyota parts

I’m glad to get rid some of our old stuff by selling it online. Good thing they provide an SLV yard sale on face book. I am still doing a spring cleaning this month and hopefully that I can make an extra money with all of our old stuff. Anyhow, someone will be here this afternoon to look at the two set of tires that we put up on sale and we only ask $100 for the set. I am still browsing some other people who also selling their stuff and while browsing online I found this man looking for a genuine toyota parts and I share it to him the website that I found out online at Hope that helps, I am not sure if this is the one he is looking but I’m happy to help.

Friday, April 5, 2013

He build a lego truck!

Look at this new lego truck! My 7 year old son made this by himself without any instruction! He has a lot of lego parts and its nice to see him getting into it. He used his imagination and it works! I told him he can build anything he likes using those old lego parts and he did! He is so proud of what he did and he took a picture of it! He showed it to his dad and daddy was so proud of him! He is a great lego builder! hehe ;-)

Our new living room furniture!

We are so happy for the new look of our living room, we got a new sectional that we bought online at, it came out really nice and they really wrap it really good. No damage so far for the delivery and it looks really nice in our living room! The old couch we have, we put it at the kids play room. They have something to jump around there, it takes a lot of space though but I am sure the kids won't mind it. You can also see our new dining table. We got it from together with the ottoman that matches to our sectional. It was a good purchase! Nice to see the new look of our living room ;-)
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