Monday, July 29, 2013


Planning to make your own live band but don’t have enough instrument on your group? Well this is your chance to get a great deal and save on concertina at musicians friend! They offer the biggest sale this year for all their concertina instruments! Its free shipping too! I would love to have a guitar for my little boy and my husband will teach him how to play it. We have an organ that we got it for free, there are couple notes that doesn’t work but it doesn’t matter. We got it anyway so that the kids can play with it. They already know the twinkle twinkle little star. Well I guess, we also need a little drum, ukuleles and a microphone that way when the kids come, they can play the instruments and like having a concert here in the house, that would be fun!

Me and my lovely kidos!


Of course I never forget to paint my face too! I did a simple design just a blue flower. My little girl is a little cat and my boy is a dog. Natalie did pretty good on Dustin's face paint, it was simple yet its adorable!

nc homes for sale

It seems like some people we know here in the Valley are planning to move! Will absolutely miss them! I just read a message on face book that they are moving at NC this couple months. I have a Filipina friend who lives there and I heard a lot from her about NC and she always says that she loves living in there. There are a lot of things you can do in NC just like here in CO. So far we love it in here and this is our 4th time moving and I don’t want to move out anymore. Well, it doesn’t depend on me, it depends on how my husband job do, if he decided to do a job transfer then that’s the time we need to move out. Anyhow, talking about the NC, I recommend the highlands nc homes for sale. This is an easy way to find a perfect home for you and your family and I am sure our friends will be happy living in there.

face paint -- tiger

We do face paint get together in the house once in a while and the kids love it. We invite couple of kids in the house and we let them decide what they want to do, either do a painting, face paint, play in the sprinkler, play wii or play a game. That time they pick face paint, play wii and play at the sprinkler so it works really good! This one is my favorite one, Elijah my friend son pick a tiger design and I did paint it for him. He never stop thanking me, he really loves it. He said that's the best face paint he ever had! and that makes me happy! I took a picture of all of them as a remembrance so that they wont forget that moment. It was fun day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

fireplace shelves

I really admired those home who has a very nice fireplace shelves. I been wanting to have that in our living room, that way I can put our old photos on top or maybe a nice flower on top of the fireplace shelves, that would be look nice to look at especially on winter that most household spend some of their time in front of the fireplace. Its nice to sit with your family in a warm fireplace especially when its really cold out side. I am not really into cold because I grow up in a tropical country so it is a big change and a lot of adjustment on my part. But anyway, the house we bought don’t have a fireplace but we might get an electric fireplace this winter!

Beautiful Iris

This are one of the Iris painting that I made, I'm using acrylic paints and painted it in an unframed 8x10 canvas panel, the second one turn out really good, i put it in a frame and it really look nice, i might put this painting in my friend gallery show this end of july in Alamosa, but will see...

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