Friday, November 25, 2016

Mandala Tapestry!

Mandala is one of my favorite artwork. I have a friend who are really good on making Mandala Art. I really love the way she did it. I saw a lot of Mandala Tapestry that are available online now just like a big Mandala blanket, scarf, beach towel and even a Mandala Coloring Book! Mandala is one of children and adults coloring book now because you can create amazing mandala just by adding colors to it. It helps kill time and its very enjoyable. They also have some round wall hanging and even a mat! I like it also when they put it in a pillow or even in a blanket. Very pretty! So if you are looking for a Mandala Tapestry, you might like to visit feszoneboutiqueshop. You might find the Mandala Tapestry that you like! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Google Rank 7!

Wow I was very surprised that my google page rank went up to 7! That was pretty surprising! Thanks to all people who keep coming back to my blog. I try my best to keep this blog update and so far lot of things going on here. Kids homeschooling, trying to open a shopify store and that is my feszoneboutiqueshop. I try to get more views on my shop and hopefully gain more viewers and buyers. Blogging will keep me busy too. I just open my etsy store also for my artwork. So if you guys are interested in art, please come and check out  my etsy store at

Winter Leather Jackets

Women winter leather jacket is now added to my boutiqueshop. Come and check it out! I have 12 leather jacket and faux leather available at my shop. You can click the photo below and it will take you directly to my shop! Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Weekend! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

My Shopify Store is now open!

I just open my shopify store. As you can see in the right side, you can view all the T-shirts available at my store. To all giraffe lovers out there, feel free to browse my t-shirt collection or click the logo below to go directly to my shopify store. Thanks!

Friday, September 23, 2016

horn instruments

While I was browsing horn instruments online, I came across with this website at, I really like their website because you can find all the instruments and even accessories you need. Like this one when I click the brass instruments, all at brass instruments categories they showed all the kinds of oil you need for this type of instruments. There's one that caught my attention and that's the Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubrication System and this one is used by professional trombone artists worldwide. So if you never been at musiciansfriend website, you better check it out and find the instruments you need! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Collections added at my SHOPVIDA!

Here's a 23 minute video of my Shop Vida Collection. Its all my old and new paintings. I will add more designs sometimes so keep checking out my page at and give me a big thumbs up here! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anatolian and Mastiff Blog...

I just recently create a blog for our Anatolian Shepherd and English Mastiff. You can view photos of them and videos too. We got our Anatolian Shepherd last month and our English Mastiff last week. Feel free to follow us and leave comments!

Shop at my SHOPVIDA Collection!

I just started collaborating with the shopvida and I would like to invite you to come and check out my collections! I use some of my artwork and transfer it into fashion. Hope you like the design as much as I do! They are all custom made and watch out for more collections coming! So far, they accepted 11 of my designs. So thanks ShopVida! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about my collections? Click the photo below to go directly to my shop. Thanks and Enjoy! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our visitor from Michigan...

We are so glad that my mother in law and brother in law visit us here in Colorado. They are from Michigan. It was a long ride from her. They will going to stay with us for 11 days I guess. So far we take them for a ride going to Rock Creek, Crystal Hill Mine, Creede Mine, show them the place where we live. We have more days to go so this week, we will go to Salida and maybe going to Pueblo, Colorado Spring, Denver, Pagosa Spring or some places here in Colorado that we never been to. So will see....!

m-audio oxygen 61

Are you looking for a keyboard controller? Look no further, why not check out the m-audio oxygen 61 mk3 usb keyboard controller from guitar center? I will surely recommended it to those who are looking for a solid, reliable build and put as much musicality into the keyboard. You can look up the features details of this audio at guitar center website. You will surely love this keyboard controller. If you use this type of keyboard controller before,  Feel free to share your comments. Thanks!

Our Anatolian and Mastiff Blog...

Check out our new blog for our dogs title "Our Anatolian and Mastiff Blog". This blog will be all about our two beautiful dogs. Our Anatolian Puppy (female name Sugar) is a 5 months old from Oklahoma and our English Mastiff puppy (female name Princess) is 8 weeks old from Kansas. Their first meeting together was last Monday September 5. They get along really well. To find out more visit our website at Enjoy!

This are their picture when we got them. Aren't they adorable?

Left handed Ukulele

I am not left handed but one member of our family is a left handed. That is my husband, he is left handed when he play instruments just like this left handed ukulele. Same as my brother in law too! I bet its going to be hard to find such left handed instruments. All I know, most of the instruments that I've seen are all right handed. But guess what? I find this Mel Bay Left-Handed Ukulele Chords at for only $6.99! So if your wondering what else offers, just check out there website and see for yourself! 

Blog updated...

Its been 5 months since my last post! Here I am now, I am back on blogging! It was such a busy month for us because we just lost 3 dogs in 1 month. That happen last month of August. First we lost our 18 years old Pitbull, Cocao, then after 2 weeks, our 10 year old male English mastiff (Thunder) died then after a week, our female English Mastiff (Princess) follow Thunder. Both Thunder and Princess are heartbroken because of Cocao. Cocao is just like a mother to them and they been together for a long time. Cocao watch them grow since when they are puppies and its very sad for us. We lost 3 of our loving guardians. They are part of our family and its hard to lose them. Our love for dogs never stop from there. We got a new puppy, its an Anatolian Shepherd (female name Sugar). She will be 5 months on 11th this month and we just got a new 8 weeks English Mastiff puppy (female name Princess) Same name as our lost Princess. We name her the same because they are look alike. Anyway that's it for now and I will keep you posted next time! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jungle Book 2016 Movie - Review

We watch this movie in the first opening day and our family absolutely love it. My husband been smiling throughout the end of the movie and he said, that's the best movie he seen for years! The kids love it too, they have mixed emotions. There is a part that scared them and my 7 year old daughter cried when the tiger died in the fire but she was smiling though at the end of the movie. My favorite part is when Mowgli is with the bear and when they are trying to get the honey and also when they sing the popular song the "bear necessity song". It was pretty awesome! Love it! So our family will give a 5 star rating of this movie! and next time were looking forward for the "Finding Dory Movie this summer! Hope everyone enjoy this movie too!

musicians friend

My friend and I are checking out prices for guitar this past couple weeks since she’s planning to get a guitar. She wanted to learn how to play guitar and I guess its going to be part of her hobby. She loves music and she is into instruments now. While searching online we bump at musicians and they have great deal on their acoustic guitars. They have one that are below $200 and there’s only one on less below $100. That’s pretty good! So hope she will find what she’s looking for and I can’t wait to hear her playing her new guitar! That would be exciting! We can use it when we had bonfire get together this spring or maybe summer. So will see…

Going to New York on May!

Were looking forward for our New York trip this May, we have 1 week vacation and its going to be so exciting! We will visit Bethel and other popular spot in New York and of course we will  be going together with our brothers and sisters in our congregation, there will be 18 people in the group including the kids. They are all so excited, couple more weeks to go and New York here we come!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tennage Engineering OD11

In our 10th year wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided just to stay home and make the day special for both of us. I cooked his favorite dinner steak with bacon asparagus and mashed potatoes. Of course with wine, flower and candle light in the middle of the table. It was nice and after we had dinner, we play the music directly to our tv and we just choose the 1960s-1980s music. It was fun! We dance until almost midnight! It was such a nice celebration for my hubby and I. Even my kids really enjoyed it. The speaker we use is not as good as we thought but it works out anyway for a small celebration like ours.

But anyhow, when it comes to speaker, I recommend the Tennage Engineering OD11 that I saw at guitar center couple weeks ago. This OD11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary Ortho directional loudspeaker designed by Stig Carlsson in 1974. The good thing of this OD11 is that they upgraded it to play all of your music from any device you want in wireless stereo and it delivers the same sound as it did 40 years ago. Pretty amazing isn’t it? I saw the video and it was really nice. It works out of the box with airplay on mac, iphone, ipad and appletv. Even on your windows computers that have iTunes installed. So if your looking for a loudspeaker that really works great! This Teenage Engineering OD11 is the one for you. Check out more information about this loudspeaker at!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cougar Rock Painting

I only make 3 of this cougar painted on a rock. I made two of the same one at the second photo but i made the other one smaller and 3 of them got Sold at the crane festival, thanks to those people who bought my rock painting! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Bird Rock Painting

These are couple of my bird rock painting that I made for the crane festival and 2 of them got Sold except the middle one. I will give that one as a gift for my mother in law from Michigan and hope she will like it! 

Sandhill Cranes Rock Painting

These are the sandhill cranes rock painting I made for the crane festival here in the Valley. I sold 3 of them except the one in the third photo on top. Its a big rock and its heavy, so I guess I will just put this in our front yard :-) It was nice that brother Dave let me sell my rock painting at the crane festival since he has a booth for his gravel business. I sold couple of my rock painting about 6 of them so better than nothing. I am happy that lot of people appreciate my work. Thanks to everyone who bought it!

Bronco Rock Painting for a friend...

A friend of ours is really fan of bronco. Since I am doing rock painting for the crane festival this weekend, I decided to make her one and give it to her as a gift. I am not a bronco fan but when we had the bronco game night here at the house, I really enjoy the game and the fun we have with our close friends. We had really great time together and I saw her and her mom really enjoy the game. They are really good on cheering that time. So this is for her and I am so glad that she loves it! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

kids old tights project - cat stuffed toy

This is very adorable. I found the idea at Pinterest where they show a stuffed toy ideas using old socks or tights. I use my daughter old tights and my daughter really love it. She thinks its cute! She name her "Moon Tail" because of her round tail. My son named his cat "Flop Ball". Very cute isn't it?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Cat Stuffed Toy

My daughter draw a cat made out of paper and she wants me to make her the same thing made out of scrap jeans that we been using to make stuffed toy. Now I need to make her a cat! I tried my best to do the same thing in her drawing and here's what it looks like! (smile....) Isn't it cute? She's a good drawer!

Dana's little duck...

While I was sewing, my 6 year old daughter wanted to learn how to sew. So I gave her the needle and thread then she started cutting all the scrap jeans I had in the table and look what she made! She made a duck face. Isn't that adorable? She colored it and she was smiling when she finish, she did good for the first time :-) I am so proud of her!

Scrap Jeans Project - denim whale stuffed toy

Here's my first try to make a whale stuffed animal made out of scrap jeans. This is one of my project this week. I made it for my daughter and she really love it. It didn't turn out the way I wanted. My daughter put the stripe on top instead of the bottom side but they said, it looks like a blue whale instead of humpback whale. Anyway, it doesn't matter as long they love it and she cuddles her whale and turtle when she go to bed. 

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Turtle stuffed animal

The three little turtles :-) They named them Pingoo, Turtely and Splash. They are not as fancy as the stuffed animal you can find at the store but this little ones makes my kids really happy. They said its better than the one in the store. Well, I made this out of a scrap jeans and then I let them choose what type of print they like to put in the shell so my daughter and her friend Renee decided to choose the leopard print and my son like the red plaid print so it turn out really well and I also made my daughter a whale stuffed toy :-) I will show it on my next post, thanks!

Scrap Jeans Project - Denim Skirt

Here's the two skirt I made for my daughter, its made out of an old scrap jeans. I got tons of jeans that has rip and tear and some of them are already way too small for them but the waste line still fit for my 6 year old daughter. Either I made it into something that they can use and this week, I made them stuffed toy. My daughter love to wear long skirt especially this winter when we go on the meeting or if we have gathering. So I made her more long skirt and this are one of her favorite skirt :-)

Friday, January 29, 2016

my color pencil sketch...

Here's my color pencil sketch for the day. I don't know who's this girl in the photo. I just search asian woman paintings online and I saw this simple beauty asian photo and I just made my own version. Just something to do for the day, just still practicing my color pencil sketch :-)

Friday, January 15, 2016

A sketch I made for my friend

This are the three sketches I made for my friend. Start on the top, that was ALIYAH, ALEXANDRA and JORDYN. They are the sisters in our congregation that I really adored. They are such a good kids, they love Jehovah and they love ministry. Aliyah and Alexandra are sisters and Jordyn is the granddaughter of Mary whom my best partner in the ministry. 

3D Flower Sketch

I am just practicing doing a 3D sketch. I saw some ideas online and this flower really caught my attention. So I use color pencil to add color to it. The one in the bottom is not finish yet but I like the way it is :-) What do you think? I need more practice!

Peacock project...

This is the peacock project that me and my daughter make. She help me colored it. I was about to make one and then I started to like it so I was thinking maybe I can make another two of them that almost the same design but in different angle. I bought a frame and hang it in our wall next to our clock. Everyone likes it and I'm glad it turn out well. I got the idea from pinterest so I give it a try and this is what it looks like! Hope you all like it!

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