Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tennage Engineering OD11

In our 10th year wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided just to stay home and make the day special for both of us. I cooked his favorite dinner steak with bacon asparagus and mashed potatoes. Of course with wine, flower and candle light in the middle of the table. It was nice and after we had dinner, we play the music directly to our tv and we just choose the 1960s-1980s music. It was fun! We dance until almost midnight! It was such a nice celebration for my hubby and I. Even my kids really enjoyed it. The speaker we use is not as good as we thought but it works out anyway for a small celebration like ours.

But anyhow, when it comes to speaker, I recommend the Tennage Engineering OD11 that I saw at guitar center couple weeks ago. This OD11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary Ortho directional loudspeaker designed by Stig Carlsson in 1974. The good thing of this OD11 is that they upgraded it to play all of your music from any device you want in wireless stereo and it delivers the same sound as it did 40 years ago. Pretty amazing isn’t it? I saw the video and it was really nice. It works out of the box with airplay on mac, iphone, ipad and appletv. Even on your windows computers that have iTunes installed. So if your looking for a loudspeaker that really works great! This Teenage Engineering OD11 is the one for you. Check out more information about this loudspeaker at!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cougar Rock Painting

I only make 3 of this cougar painted on a rock. I made two of the same one at the second photo but i made the other one smaller and 3 of them got Sold at the crane festival, thanks to those people who bought my rock painting! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Bird Rock Painting

These are couple of my bird rock painting that I made for the crane festival and 2 of them got Sold except the middle one. I will give that one as a gift for my mother in law from Michigan and hope she will like it! 

Sandhill Cranes Rock Painting

These are the sandhill cranes rock painting I made for the crane festival here in the Valley. I sold 3 of them except the one in the third photo on top. Its a big rock and its heavy, so I guess I will just put this in our front yard :-) It was nice that brother Dave let me sell my rock painting at the crane festival since he has a booth for his gravel business. I sold couple of my rock painting about 6 of them so better than nothing. I am happy that lot of people appreciate my work. Thanks to everyone who bought it!

Bronco Rock Painting for a friend...

A friend of ours is really fan of bronco. Since I am doing rock painting for the crane festival this weekend, I decided to make her one and give it to her as a gift. I am not a bronco fan but when we had the bronco game night here at the house, I really enjoy the game and the fun we have with our close friends. We had really great time together and I saw her and her mom really enjoy the game. They are really good on cheering that time. So this is for her and I am so glad that she loves it! 

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