Thursday, July 26, 2012

gaming computers

I bet it’s not so hard for my husband to look for a new computer for his game. He loves to play eve online games so when we decided to buy a new gaming computers, he look it directly online and look if they have the latest one available. He got his new computer last year and its pretty expensive but I guess its worth it because the computer he got have a lot of features. He sometimes bring his computer at work then he can play his game on his break time. When he leave his computer at home, I got a chance to use it once in a while or sometimes I let the kids play with it. So far, we have 2 laptops and one desktop computer. My 6 year old son used the desktop computer for his online school and Dana can use my computer if I am not using it so that she can play her favorite toddler games online.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sketch of my Dana Pie

This is my latest sketch this week. Dana was playing her wii games, she look adorable with her ponnytail on.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Face Paint

Got our face painted at Detroit Zoo, Michigan. Dana got a rainbow butterfly, Dustin got a Rhino, I got 3 small butterfly on my cheek and Julia, my husband sister in law got a flower in her cheek too. Too bad Mike didn't want his face to get painted. It would be fun if all of us got our face painted. That way we can have a family picture where we had our face painted. But its okay, maybe next time. Well, Dana really like the butterfly because when we get home, she doesn't want to wash it off but before she go to bed, she decided to wash it off anyway.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

nurses shoes

Isn't that nice to work in the Hospital wearing those medical uniforms. They are people who save people lives and I am so proud of them. I have few friends who work at the hospital and some of them are just taking a CNA course for couple months so that they can start their work at the medical field. They seems like their job and they are happy about it. They said, its nice to help people who are sick. Well, if you working as a nurse, you can't go to work without your nurses shoes right? So when it comes to nurses shoes, I will absolutely recommend the, they have great selections of nurses shoes. Visit their website and find your nurses shoes now at!

Pet Sitter for our dogs

At this photo, we are just making the dogs get used to our new pet sitter. They are one of our friends in the area. We go at the same congregation and I'm glad they are willing to watch our dogs while were away. We will be back soon this week and hope everything goes well to them and the dogs.  :-)

press box

I never been to one of the big stadium here in the USA but I would like to go there someday and watch a live sports games like football and a baseball game. That would be fun I guess because my Filipina friend from Grand Junction told me that is was really fun to watch a live game especially if you see and hear those people screaming and of course when you see your favorite players. The stadium they went too are huge and there are a lot of people out there. They also have a special section for the press and thats the stadium press box. They are the one who will give a special report on that sports event. Well, I am looking forward to see one of my favorite sports game and hope we can sit next to the press box that way I can see what they are doing.
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