Saturday, October 29, 2011

titanium watch bracelet

Have you noticed the difference when you wear a titanium bracelet? Some says that titanium bracelet can relieves pain by neutralizing it and is thought to attract oxygen. I’m not sure if this is true since I never had a titanium bracelet before. I saw some nice titanium bracelets online at, they have pretty nice titanium bracelets collection. One of my favorite is the Boccia titanium watch bracelet. This is pretty simple and nice, I think my brother would like this kind of bracelet. It’s pretty expensive but its worth it.

Computer Programmer Jobs

Job is what everyone been looking for. Who doesn’t like job? We need to pay our bills and provide the needs of our family. How can you afford the things that you like if your not making money. My husband work full time and I work as a full time housewife but since I love computer, I do a lot of things online that helps a lot so that I can help my family in the Philippines. The money I got online is not big enough to cover all our expenses but it’s enough to help my family. Talking about jobs, at has a Computer Programmer Jobs available for you! Find out the top 10 computer programmer jobs or search jobs in your area.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Layout for My Blogging Journey

This is the new layout I made for my "My Blogging Journey". I been using the winter layout for a long time now and It's time for me to change it into "Fall Season". I will change it back when the season is change too. Hope you all like it! Feel free to visit my blogging journey and leave me message there! Happy Blogging everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bin compost tumbler

Thank God we mow the lawn last weekend. I got a chance to do it since my husband is the one who trim the flower and plants in the front yard. We help each other to get the work done and the kids are having fun riding their bicycles. We had a lot of garbage to put outside because Tuesday morning is the garbage pick up. Good thing we get rid of those junk in our backyard that way we don’t need to put it all in the front yard, it will be an additional payment I guess for all those junk. Anyhow, when I get home my friend showed me this spin bin compost tumbler video. You better take a look at it, this bin compost tumbler is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and it holds up to 60 gallons of materials. Its very durable and its easy to use. We need to start using this kind of product, it’s environmentally friendly and like what they said, go clean and go green!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

rv insurance quote

People who likes to travel, camping and do other outdoor stuff with their family usually owns an RV. I am sure most of you have an RV, do you? Well, if you just bought a new RV, you might need to get an rv insurance quote online at, they have the rv insurance you need for a very affordable price. Goodsam is the number one RV insurance specialist and if you apply now or switch insurance to them, you can save an average of $349 a year. To get a free quote, visit and complete your quote online!

Big waves

They surely have a big waves at Monterey Bay! This photo taken last September when we went to Monterey Bay for a two days trip. We drove to 17 miles drive and the view is really spectacular! Really love the ocean and as you can see at this photo, there are some people surfing. It was kind a breezy that time, I am sure the water is cold.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

on sale xbox 360 kinect

I really wanted to have an xbox 360 kinect so that I can work out in the comfort of my home and play with my kids and friends in the house. But the problem is, they are just way too expensive. My friend from Colorado Spring just got her xbox 360 kinect for his son and she said, she found a great deal online. I know kids and adults will love it, this is the most exciting game for family! So if you are looking for xbox 360 kinect online, you might like to buy it online at, they have great prices and you can also read the reviews and find out the ratings before you buy this product. Hurry! Their xbox 360 kinect is now on sale, so you better get your xbox 360 before the sale ends!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

custom flower delivery

Sending flowers is a sign of appreciation, care and love to someone. When your love ones, family and friends are sick, you send them a nice bouquet or send a custom flower arrangement. When your celebrating anniversary, you give your wife a beautiful flowers and a sweet greeting cards. Whenever I feel upset, my husband bought me flowers and that makes me feel better. Like last month when one of our close friend admitted in the hospital, my husband order a custom flower delivery online. So next time if you are planning to send someone a beautiful flower, you might like to visit the custom flower delivery. You can get custom floral arrangements for less with no service fee. Join their mailing list now and get a chance to win a $50 gift! Visit EZBloomers for more details!

Pretty view of Fisherman's Warf Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is surely have a nice breath taking view. The marina is so pretty as well as the weather. I took those photos while Dustin, Mike, Dana and mom are watching those boats. It was really pretty out there! We are heading to Monterey Bay Aquarium and will ride a trolly I guess.
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