Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bin compost tumbler

Thank God we mow the lawn last weekend. I got a chance to do it since my husband is the one who trim the flower and plants in the front yard. We help each other to get the work done and the kids are having fun riding their bicycles. We had a lot of garbage to put outside because Tuesday morning is the garbage pick up. Good thing we get rid of those junk in our backyard that way we don’t need to put it all in the front yard, it will be an additional payment I guess for all those junk. Anyhow, when I get home my friend showed me this spin bin compost tumbler video. You better take a look at it, this bin compost tumbler is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and it holds up to 60 gallons of materials. Its very durable and its easy to use. We need to start using this kind of product, it’s environmentally friendly and like what they said, go clean and go green!

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