Friday, July 17, 2015

roast beef stuffed peppers

I was just browsing online about dinner ideas for stuffed peppers and I found this recipe online at, it was the philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers with a lot of onions and mushrooms. We use the baby bella or the portabello mushroom and sweet onions. It was taste delicious! My husband and I really love it, the kids is not crazy that much about it, they doesn't like mushroom that much but it was okay, I make them something else that night. I grilled some chicken for them. Yesterday, we have friends over and we also use the recipe and they absolutely love it. We use the sargento cheese and pepper jack cheese to go along with the green peppers. You can go to for the recipe. I will post the pictures sometimes if we do it again this week. So i will keep you guys posted. thanks!

nail art with our little friends

Me, my kids and their little friends spend time with us in the weekend. Kids really had great time! Kids play at the trampoline with our sprinklers on. They play in the swing then after that we do our fun nail art and they also draw and paint flowers in a paper that they can take home after. Next time we plan to get together again and we will invite more kids to come over in the house and we will do another fun project to do maybe a diy picture frames or do painting for the kids. We need to do that before the school starts. So will see... 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Duck tape art project for the day

Love doing art projects with my kids and last night, we made this stuff out of the rainbow ducktape. She likes two butterflies, a slipper, a bow headband and a bracelet. She is one happy kid wearing all her rainbow goodies :-) Its fun to make art projects and see their happy smile! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

my horse painting

This is one of my daughter's request. She likes horse and Unicorn. She likes it but she said I can also sell it at my artstore. Feel free to make a reasonable offer, this one is size 12x16 canvas panel, unframed. Thanks!

latest painting - buffalo/bison

This is my first time to paint buffalo, so bare with me here :-) Just having hard time with the pur but I am still learning and practicing. My husband said, it was nice and it still look like a buffalo :-) This is the second painting I made after the mommy and baby bear painting. Its size 16x20 stretch canvas and its ready to hang. Visit my fs-artstore on facebook and like my page! thanks!

latest painting - mommy and baby bear

I made this painting two days ago. I already have one just similar as this one that I got Sold last year, I like the idea of a mother and a baby bear so I decided to make another one but different background. So hope you guys like it! Size 16x20 stretch canvas, ready to hang. They are available at my fs-artstore on facebook. So check it out and don't forget to like my page!

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