Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Cougar Paintings!


This two cougar painting is still available. They are my original paintings, I'm using acrylic paint, they both spray with matted finish. Both are size 12x16 unframed canvas panel. I'm selling it for $40 each if interested. Thanks!

Cougar Face acrylic painting

This is my new cougar face acrylic painting size 12x16 unframed canvas panel. Still for sale, this is my original painting, if you are interested to purchase this painting please let me know. I'll sell it for $40.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

our door handle...

My friend stop by in the house today and It was such a nice visit. She didn’t stay that long though but she was surprised when she open the door because the door handles fell. I told her not to worry about it because the door handle been broken since couple weeks and we never get a chance to get a new one and get it fix. My husband kind a busy this past couple days of work and he said he will fix it this weekend. Anyhow, the door knobs, door handles and hand wheels from is the one I recommend to him in case he needs to buy it online if he couldn’t find the one his looking for at the store. It saves time and gas if we can just order it online and wait couple days since were not in hurry to fix it. So hopefully we can fix our door handles this weekend.

Black Bear Painting! -- SOLD!

This black bear painting was SOLD today. Thanks for your purchase! Seems like lot of people here in San Luis Valley like bear and elk painting so I might need to focus on this and make more. I sell my paintings for $20 for 12x16 size unframed canvas panel. I do it for a hobby and its a good practice for me too. I never been to art school, I just learn it by myself through watching videos and reading books and hopefully my art work will improve. Thanks to all people who purchase my art!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

eyewear products

One of my closest friend here in the Valley just lost her sunglasses when we went to town. That is the 4th time she lost a sunglasses and now she needs another pair. She just bought a reading glasses and now she needs to go back and get another pair of sunglasses. I told her if she tried to buy sunglasses online and she said no, because I found this website at where they offer a great eyewear products and they offer a free shipping too. What a deal! I might get one for me also because my sunglasses have already crack because it fell accidentally when we went to the store last week. Its nice to have another pair this summer and I am ready also for our convention this end of the month!

More bear paintings --- all are SOLD!

I sold these 3 paintings at the same person who bought my other paintings last time. I'm glad she likes my art work. These are all original paintings painted by me, I only sold it for $20 each. I am still in practice, I never went to art school, I just learn it by myself. I do painting in my spare time if I am not busy or if I am not doing anything in the house or if I am done doing my household chores. This is another way to make an extra income at home. So hopefully I can sold some of my new ones too! ;-) Thanks to Tessa for purchasing my art work and hope you all like it!

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