Sunday, July 26, 2009

Western Slope Mastiff New Layout

Old Layout

New Layout

I changed the layout of our Western Slope Mastiff blog. Instead of color gray i end up of color brown. Mike dont like to put a lot of advertisement at the sidebar so instead of having 3 columns, i make a 2 columns layout. Very simple and Mike like the outcome. This blog is now updated so if you like to see all our mastiff photos. Please visit and leave some love. Thanks!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vote for me!

I am joining a baby contest for my baby girl "Dana" at Great American Photo Contest and I need all your Vote! Please Vote my baby Dana! I really appreciate if you do! Please go to this link and complete the following fields. Your votes really counts! Thanks in advance! happy blogging!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Sorry for not updating this blog for a couple of days. I was getting lazy to write a post hehe :-) I dont have anything to say though, nothing good happens this week except that i am enjoying my little kiddos and i spend more of my time with them instead of being in the computer. Oh! by the way i want to congratulate all the winner for DJ Tammy Blogging Slogan Contest. Angie won the 3rd Prize and i am one of the sponsor for a free blog makeover. To angie, if you ready to tell me what you like for your layout design, just feel free to leave a message okay? I will try my best to get you satisfied with your winning layout makeover. So once again congrats! Happy blogging to all and thanks for all the visit!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tires Slashed on Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction

If you are from Grand Junction, i am sure you heard the news about the tires slashed here in Orchard Mesa. Guess what? We are one of those people who got tires slashed! We lived here in East Hanover Circle. Tires slashing involved in the area between East Lynwood, East and West of Arlington, North and South of Oxford and B 1/2. There are approximately 50 cars had tires slashed and ruined. Many people in the neighborhood are mad, frustrated and devastated about what happen. Now what we going to do? Hope we won't spend a fortune to change our tires hehe :-) Who's behind this crime? Hope they will going to find out who's behind all of this thing and hope it won't happen again.
For more information about this article visit this link: GjSentinel News

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Layout For Sale!

This layout is for sale. Its very affordable. You can get this layout for only $20. I accept credit. You can pay it before 10-15 days. This is for Blogger account only. If you are interested with this new layout please just leave your comment at the shoutbox or at the comment box. Thanks and have a wonderful day! Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Layout Draft of ChitChat About Entertainment

Visit Shy ChitChat About Entertainment blog. There you can find everything about entertainment. You can visit her blog to see the layout live! Dont forget to leave some love! Have a great day!

ChitChat About Entertainment new look!

Old Layout
New Layout
Here is the new look of Shy new blog title "ChitChat About Entertainment". She likes light blue so this is what i came up to her new blog. Actually i just restore my computer this morning and i lost all the layout files that i saved in my computer so i need to do the layout again. Im glad it doesn't take me too long to upload the images hehe :-) That spyware makes me nuts! It always coming back and it shows again the warning sign about my computer been attacked with spyware and viruses. Anyway, my computer restored now so i dont need to worry about viruses because i install our Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software. Hope this one helps hehe ;-) hope you all like my new designs! Happy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Layout draft and ec logo of my blogging journey

Here is the outcome of my blogging journey! New look makes a lot difference huh? I love pink and i really adore my new layout! hehe im happy with the outcome. Hope you all like it! visit my blogging journey and leave me some love!

My Blogging Journey new look!

Maybe you can remember the old layout i have at my blogging journey blog. I purchased that layout to my favorite layout designer "The Designer Chic". I still love that layout, i saved the old layout and make a new one just for a change you know... i finished the new layout and installed it right away. You can view it to see the layout live and dont forget to grab my new logo! Hope you like the new look of "My Blogging Journey"!

Embracing Motherhood makeover

Its quarter to 5:00 am here in the morning. I dont feel sleepy, i woke up when my baby woke up. Since i dont feel sleepy and i have few minutes to stay online, I decided to finished installing the layout of honey_nonz, the owner of Embracing Motherhood. She's also my lucky winner for a free blog makeover this week. So please visit her blog to see the outcome of the layout and dont forget to leave some love! Happy Blogging to everyone! Here is the print screen copy of her layout!

Monday, July 6, 2009

TBS Makeover

Im done installing the TBS - Timberline Beauty Salon blog of Lito. Im glad it doesn't take long time to install the layout. Since all my kiddos are sleeping so i had a chance to install it and make some changes on it with the satisfaction of lito the owner of TBS blog. Im glad you like the outcome and im looking forward to make more layouts! So if you want to have a blog makeover, just let me know! My layouts are very affordable! For sis honey_nonz, i will install your layout tomorrow morning okay? Visit Timberline Beauty Salon to see the layout live! dont forget to leave some love! Happy blogging and goodnite everyone!

Timberline Beauty Salon Layout Draft

Hi Lito! Here is the layout i came up with to your Timberline Beauty Salon Blog. You say you like light blue so i just mixed the light blue and dark blue :-) Hope you will like it! If you have any changes please let me know and dont forget to send me your blogger username and password so that i can install this layout to your blog. Keep visiting and refer me to some of your friends! Happy Blogging and keep visiting!

Embracing Motherhood Layout Draft

Hi mommy honey_nonz! Here is the layout i came up with to your embracing motherhood blog. Hope you will like it! If you have any changes, please let me know! Dont forget to send me your blogger username and password in my email add okay? Have a great day and enjoy!

Blog Makeover 2 Winners!

Instead of choosing 1 winner for my free blog makeover, i decided to choose two of them. I already choose two bloggers for my free blog makeover and the winner is Lito of Timberline Beauty Salon and Honey_nonz of Embracing Motherhood. I check their blogs and it seems like both of them really need a blog makeover so you two are my lucky winner! I already designed the two layout for each of you and hope you too will both like it! All you have to do is send me your blogger username and password at sfemikey at yahoo dot com and i will do the rest. I will only install the layout with your permission. Don't forget to write a post for your blog makeover and refer me to all your friends! thanks again and keep visiting!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today is 4th of July, It is Holiday "Independence Day". Tonight they will going to have a firework shows outside the mall and also at the park. We can't go to the park and watch the fireworks show but we can see it here in the house. Maybe we will just climb up in our roof top and see the fireworks! That would be fun! hehe :-) Last year we did that too and Dustin really enjoyed it. So will see about that... tonight we will have dinner to our friends house and after that? see yah at the roof top! ;-)

Nothing much...

There is nothing much to do today. I already done my cleaning yesterday and mike was outside cutting the grass while dustin is watching tv and dana is on her swing sleeping. But this afternoon, we are invited for dinner to our friends house so its good because i dont need to cook for tonight hehe :-) well... i am still in mood to give a free blog makeover this coming next week, so to those interested please let me know and leave a message. Keep visiting and thanks to all my visitors and viewers! Have a great day and happy blogging!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Life Abroad makeover

"My Life Abroad" is now available. You can view it now live! Im just install the layout code yesterday and i'm not sure if Weng already see this, but maybe hehe :-) Anyway hope you all like my new layout, im still trying to improve my designing skills! Im still on the stage of learning! Keep on visiting and thanks to all of you! Have a great day!
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