Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tires Slashed on Orchard Mesa, Grand Junction

If you are from Grand Junction, i am sure you heard the news about the tires slashed here in Orchard Mesa. Guess what? We are one of those people who got tires slashed! We lived here in East Hanover Circle. Tires slashing involved in the area between East Lynwood, East and West of Arlington, North and South of Oxford and B 1/2. There are approximately 50 cars had tires slashed and ruined. Many people in the neighborhood are mad, frustrated and devastated about what happen. Now what we going to do? Hope we won't spend a fortune to change our tires hehe :-) Who's behind this crime? Hope they will going to find out who's behind all of this thing and hope it won't happen again.
For more information about this article visit this link: GjSentinel News


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