Thursday, March 24, 2011

read this lipozene reviews

I mentioned to my husband about lipozene a week ago. I ask him if he tried this product before and he said he is not interested and he is happy on his on going diet plan. I didn’t mentioned this product to him anymore because I know he will reject it again. I saw the product advertisement on tv and it seems believable. I also read reviews about this product and I read some negative ones. So to find out, either lipozene scam or not then you might need to visit lipozene reviews, they have a lot of information about this product.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Husband mostly give their wives jewelry, flowers, chocolate and take their wife for a nice trip or go for a vacation especially in a very special occasion like anniversaries and birthdays. You wives, have you receive a lingerie gift set from your beloved husband? I know most husband love to give lingerie to their wives. They love to see their wives wearing sexy lingerie especially the camouflage panties. I saw camo-lingerie online at and they are look nice and sexy! Very seductive and every time you wear those kind of lingerie, you will absolutely feel sexy all the time!

Woody riding on Dana's back

This photo was really cute when Dana puts Woody in her back. Woody from toy story is one of Dana's favorite toy story character. She never take it out until night time. She's having fun playing with woody and its like a good companion to her :-)

I couldn't find it!

We use antennas for tv before but I wonder where it is because I never seen it anymore here in the living room. My husband might throw it away or it might got broken. I remember that Dana was playing with it one time and I took it away from her and now I don’t know where I put it. We might need to buy a new one for our bedroom. I look up online and has a great deal for their antenna. Will see if we can get it online or we might need to go to the nearest electronics store this week to get it.

pretty smart...

I talk to my niece few days ago and she told me that she got a higher grades at their school and she belong in the top 10 in their class. She’s pretty smart! I know she did good at school and if she will maintain that grades, she will absolutely have a better future. She ask one favor and you know what she wants? An iPad or iPhone. This girl knows what she wants but since she still in high school, we can’t give that thing to her instead we will send them an extra allowance so that she can buy what she needs. If I have a job and make a lot of money, I will probably get her a custom laptops that way she don’t need to go to her classmates house to do her homework.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crystal Designs layout sample

Hi Sar! This is what I came up with on your Crystal Designs Blogger Layout. Let me know if you like it or if you have any changes or something to add in it. Just leave me message here if you see this design. By the way the one on top is new, so let me know if that one is okay. I make it almost the same as the one that you showed me. That is 3 columns, both the side bar are in the right. Thanks and have a great day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tents made of blankets

My kids love to play in their bedroom, they have a lot of toys to play but what they like the most is when I made them a tent made by blankets. I usually used Dustin blankets and hook it up in his drawer so that it wont fall. They will turn off the lights and use their flashlights under those blankets and pretend that they are camping together. When my husband came home, he was surprised and he told me maybe we can get them a small tent. While browsing tent online, I bumped to this website at, they have great selections on all their nemo tents. Maybe we can find a cheaper one, that way they don’t need blankets to play camping instead they will have a real tent.

My finish project for the day...

This is the new project I made for today. I made a backless top and a short. Love to make my baby girl a dress. I used the old fabrics and I add the cat applique to it. It turn out okay even though I didn't use any pattern. I just measure and cut it! It doesn't matter as long it fits to my little girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

casablanca fans

When we finished the patio, we will probably put a ceiling fan to it. But we still not sure yet what kind of fans we will get. Maybe we will get the Casablanca fans, we heard a lot about it and If we can find a great deal then we might get one after we finished the patio. We look up online and came across at the, they are the leading online store for Casablanca fans. They have large, medium and small fans available and all of them looks very interesting. We need a small ceiling fan that is affordable and guess what? If you order fans over $49, you can get a free shipping. It satisfaction guarantee! So hurry and grab your Casablanca fans now at!
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