Thursday, March 28, 2013

appliance repair

There are times that our appliances will stop working and when that happens, some people give up their broken appliances right away and decided to buy a new one. It happens for us when our stove stop working, I dont know what happen but while I was cooking the stove just stop and I heard a funny noise to it. So after a couple of days, we bought a new stove and just throw the broken one away. One of our friends said, maybe it needs a little work with it or maybe the problem is not that bad, she recommend us the appliance repair and see if they can do something about it. Too late though because we already throw that stove. I just thankful to find out about the appliance repair then next time if we have the same problem or some of our appliances are starting to act weird then I guess we can schedule an appointment to them and see if they can help repair the broken appliances.

My new art store!

I just create an online store here at blogger and buy a domain good for a year for $10. The theme is just simple and I guess that will be okay. I will change the theme next time if I found a nice one that match on my theme. My art store is already available so if you find my art interesting, please feel free to purchase or visit my eBay to bid the item. Thanks and have a good day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

look for San Diego lawyers

There are a lot of place to see in San Diego and when we went to San Francisco, we didn’t get a chance to stop by in San Diego. There are a lot of Filipinos out there and its nice to see some of my kababayans. Well, maybe next time will go and visit San Diego for our next vacation after our Florida trip, will see. Anyhow, I have a friend who live in San Diego and so far they never had any problem living in there but they knew someone who are looking for a personal injury lawyer and good thing I recommend them the website. They can look for San Diego lawyers that will help them on their case and I told them they can visit the website and get a free consultation and see if it helps.

cardboard truck

My 7 year old son was very fascinated with cars and legos and this time when I saw a cardboard box, I ask him if he has something in mind that he wants to build using the cardboard and he say "yes". He wanted to make a truck but the first time he made it, he got frustrated because it didn't look right, so I told him I can help him building his truck, he can draw and cut it and I will put them all together and here it is! He also make a trailer! What a cool one truck ha? hehe :-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

100 cars for 100 days project!

Dustin is ready on his 100 days tomorrow at school and I help him with his project, its a 100 cars! I printed it out, cut it and paste it on the cardboard. Pretty good idea isn't it? Dustin really like cars, so I printed all different kind of cars from sports car, race car, trucks, old cars and the latest ones. His pretty happy with it, look at his smile! :-) He's pretty excited for tomorrow, he also make lego made of a 100 lego parts and he make a unique car with it, he really have a good imagination. I'm proud of him!
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