Thursday, March 28, 2013

appliance repair

There are times that our appliances will stop working and when that happens, some people give up their broken appliances right away and decided to buy a new one. It happens for us when our stove stop working, I dont know what happen but while I was cooking the stove just stop and I heard a funny noise to it. So after a couple of days, we bought a new stove and just throw the broken one away. One of our friends said, maybe it needs a little work with it or maybe the problem is not that bad, she recommend us the appliance repair and see if they can do something about it. Too late though because we already throw that stove. I just thankful to find out about the appliance repair then next time if we have the same problem or some of our appliances are starting to act weird then I guess we can schedule an appointment to them and see if they can help repair the broken appliances.

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