Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kitsylane Reviews - Veronica Necklace

This is the one I got from my This is Veronica Necklace, it was beautiful and truly a glamorous kind of necklace. The first time it was release at my online boutique, it really caught my attention. I can't wait to wear it! I bought it right away and guess what? this is the last one available! I'm glad I bought it before it gets sold out! There are lots of jewelry items at my online boutique that get sold out really quick that's why if you see one that you like, dont ever think twice, just grab and get them before somebody will.
Anyhow, this is not my first purchase at my online boutique. The first one i purchase is the jewelry set for my little girl and that is the MUFFY STUD AND MUFFY NECKLACE, its a kitty cat jewelry set. My daughter loves cat and she really love her new jewelry set! She keep wearing it everyday! I also bought the Maia Tiger Eye Earrings which i really like. I got a free beautiful Sophia Scarf, Este Earrings at the end of October, then this Veronica necklace which i purchase last November. This December I make 3 purchase for myself as a treat of course since I just got my pay from my swagbucks. I got the turquoise Terrie Necklace, and a 2 beautiful ring which is the Rosa and Caleigh Ring. I will post the photos when i get my order this month.
Well, so far all the jewelry that i receive from kitsylane, I am truly pleased and guess what? at the same time I am getting commission for all the sales I make. Of course including the one I bought :-) If you are one of those stay at home mom that love jewelry and wanted to earn extra cash at the same time, this is the perfect home business for you! This is absolutely FREE! You can create your own online boutique for free and its easy to use, you can invite all your friends, family, colleagues, workmates, your neighbors, friends of your friends and to everybody that loves jewelry! All jewelries from Kitsylane was made from the top jewelry designers. I am so happy to become one of the kitsylane members! You can join my online jewelry boutique group on facebook and keep udpated for all the latest sales and coupons. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me comments here or join my group and pm me there! Enjoy and don't forget to stop by at my online boutique! Have a great day!

rodriguez guitars reviews

Is guitar is one of your favorite instruments? In my family, my brother is the one who play guitar but I am not sure now if he keep playing guitar after he got married. I see him playing guitar last time before I left them. He is not a great guitarist but he did pretty well though, he play his favorite music. Not only that, they play together with one of our neighbor who close to him. It was nice watching him playing guitar and it makes me proud of him. Talking about guitar, I look up the rodriguez guitars reviews at musicians friend, this will help us decide which guitar that has a higher ratings and the one we can afford in case we will buy one day to bring it at home and give as a gift to my brother.

Me and my snowman

This is my new snowman that me and my daughter made yesterday. It was fun making it, its pretty cold outside though and i don't like it that much. We play for a little while, we did sled and made snowman and snow castle, it makes our day! What a day! :-)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am making snowman!

As you can see, we got tons of snow in our backyard! we have about 6 inches of snow. My little girl was so excited to build snowman. This will  be our first snowman this winter! This will  be exciting!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our snowman this winter!

It was a fun day yesterday, we had about 3-4 inches of snow and the kids are very excited to go out and play. My little girl, she's 4 years old, she said winter is her favorite season! It was pretty cold outside but it doesn't stop us to have fun and build this 3 snowman. First we made the big one, and put purple hat and purple scarves in it, then the second one is that little one, my little girl said, she's making a snow kitty, so that means that is a pet, we add a dry leaf for the ears and add a purple scarf on it too, pretty cool huh? its so cute! Then when my 7 year old boy came out and play with us, he also wanted to build a snowman, so I help him build his snowman and he named him fireball, but fireball seems doesn't fit on the snowman we made so he change the name into FRED. Well, pretty nice, we add up a blue hat and a red bandana on the neck then we had our first snowman for this winter!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My este earrings from my kitsylane!
Este Earrings from my Kitsylane!
I really love my new Este Earrings! I got it from my and I got a really great deal with this. This Este Earrings retail price of $55, they are selling it for $20 and since i have a free $10 credit, i only paid $10 plus the 3.95 shipping! If you are looking for a dazzling unique jewelry online then come stop by at my online boutique now! Click the photo above and it will take you directly to the website. Enjoy shopping and hope you find the jewelry piece that you like!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Ring!

This is the Merida Crystal 14k Gold Simple Ring that I bought at BaubleBox, they are truly nice and it fits me perfectly. I couldn't believe they have my size! I wear size 5 ring, the smallest one :-) and when I check the size, they have size 5 available so I bought it for $11.00 retail price of $60 above the price so I really got a good deal! Click the photo above to get to the website and get an amazing deal on all their jewelries!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fire proof tablecloth

While browsing online about tablecloths, I bumped to this website at premiertablelinens and they sure have a nice tablecloths stuff in there. I love the table skirts and table toppers and I absolutely love their fire proof tablecloth printed. I never seen anything like this before and I don’t think I’ve seen a tablecloth that are fire proof. What a great idea isn’t it? Especially when you put a lot of candles in the table and in case the candle fell at the table, you wont need to worry about fire. So if you are looking for a fire proof table cloth, then this is the website I absolutely recommend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shop Jewelry Online!

I am all welcoming you to come and visit at my new online jewelry boutique from kitsy lane. Where you can find tons of amazing jewelry with great style, design and prices! You can directly visit my page at and get the jewelry you love the most. You can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, headbands and even scarves! visit now for to see all my jewelry selections! Enjoy!

Friday, September 27, 2013

My 2 Native American Paintings available - Original


These are my two Native American Indian Paintings available in my store today. They are both framed and matted. Had my initial in it. So if your interested, just visit my store either at etsy or ebay. At ebay you can get a chance to bid this item. Thanks and have a great day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My little zebra girl

We bought this zebra fabric last weekend because my little girl wanted me to make her a zebra dress and along with that, she wanted me to make her little giraffe a zebra outfit too. Look how cutie she is! she really loves it and they matches together! Isn't that adorable? ;-) love my little girl!

Monday, August 26, 2013

guitar string

I been searching clothing for my kids at the yard sale online here in the valley and while browsing I saw this guy selling his guitar but it needs a new string in it. I was wondering if you can buy a string here in the Valley? I never seen any music accessories store in the area but good thing we can search it online the best way possible to find the things we need. I look up online, I found this D'Addario at musician's friend  and I was surprised for the prices of their guitar strings! I thought it would be expensive and surprisingly the price is really good. This might be a good deal, just need a new string and it will be look like new. Nice gift for a friend who loves to play guitar.

2 butterfly paintings -- order for a friend


Thanks to a friend of mine who order this lovely butterfly painting. She took the photo of a butterfly when she's at work and she really love it. She ask if I can paint those butterfly and she wanted to order two of them, one for her and one for her grandpa. So here it is! I just sent it to mail this morning and hopefully she will get it on Wednesday. Hope she like it!

immigration lawyers

There are so many immigrants nowadays all over the country. Some of them they move to the country where they work and sometimes they moved and bring the family members to the States to live for good. Its not an easy process though. They need to hire an immigration lawyers to do it and after couple of years, they will be able to move and live here in the US as an immigrant or maybe to become a US Citizen too. I am not a citizen yet but hopefully I will be able to become one. I would like to bring my mom here or my sister and brother for vacation someday. I am sure they would love it!

Flower paintings -- SOLD!

I sold this 2 lovely flower painting for a sister here in our congregation. She really loves it and I painted this flower on a 8x10 stretch canvas. I just charge her $15.00 each. I really love the hollihocks. It turns out really nice.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Planning to make your own live band but don’t have enough instrument on your group? Well this is your chance to get a great deal and save on concertina at musicians friend! They offer the biggest sale this year for all their concertina instruments! Its free shipping too! I would love to have a guitar for my little boy and my husband will teach him how to play it. We have an organ that we got it for free, there are couple notes that doesn’t work but it doesn’t matter. We got it anyway so that the kids can play with it. They already know the twinkle twinkle little star. Well I guess, we also need a little drum, ukuleles and a microphone that way when the kids come, they can play the instruments and like having a concert here in the house, that would be fun!

Me and my lovely kidos!


Of course I never forget to paint my face too! I did a simple design just a blue flower. My little girl is a little cat and my boy is a dog. Natalie did pretty good on Dustin's face paint, it was simple yet its adorable!

nc homes for sale

It seems like some people we know here in the Valley are planning to move! Will absolutely miss them! I just read a message on face book that they are moving at NC this couple months. I have a Filipina friend who lives there and I heard a lot from her about NC and she always says that she loves living in there. There are a lot of things you can do in NC just like here in CO. So far we love it in here and this is our 4th time moving and I don’t want to move out anymore. Well, it doesn’t depend on me, it depends on how my husband job do, if he decided to do a job transfer then that’s the time we need to move out. Anyhow, talking about the NC, I recommend the highlands nc homes for sale. This is an easy way to find a perfect home for you and your family and I am sure our friends will be happy living in there.

face paint -- tiger

We do face paint get together in the house once in a while and the kids love it. We invite couple of kids in the house and we let them decide what they want to do, either do a painting, face paint, play in the sprinkler, play wii or play a game. That time they pick face paint, play wii and play at the sprinkler so it works really good! This one is my favorite one, Elijah my friend son pick a tiger design and I did paint it for him. He never stop thanking me, he really loves it. He said that's the best face paint he ever had! and that makes me happy! I took a picture of all of them as a remembrance so that they wont forget that moment. It was fun day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

fireplace shelves

I really admired those home who has a very nice fireplace shelves. I been wanting to have that in our living room, that way I can put our old photos on top or maybe a nice flower on top of the fireplace shelves, that would be look nice to look at especially on winter that most household spend some of their time in front of the fireplace. Its nice to sit with your family in a warm fireplace especially when its really cold out side. I am not really into cold because I grow up in a tropical country so it is a big change and a lot of adjustment on my part. But anyway, the house we bought don’t have a fireplace but we might get an electric fireplace this winter!

Beautiful Iris

This are one of the Iris painting that I made, I'm using acrylic paints and painted it in an unframed 8x10 canvas panel, the second one turn out really good, i put it in a frame and it really look nice, i might put this painting in my friend gallery show this end of july in Alamosa, but will see...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Cougar Paintings!


This two cougar painting is still available. They are my original paintings, I'm using acrylic paint, they both spray with matted finish. Both are size 12x16 unframed canvas panel. I'm selling it for $40 each if interested. Thanks!

Cougar Face acrylic painting

This is my new cougar face acrylic painting size 12x16 unframed canvas panel. Still for sale, this is my original painting, if you are interested to purchase this painting please let me know. I'll sell it for $40.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

our door handle...

My friend stop by in the house today and It was such a nice visit. She didn’t stay that long though but she was surprised when she open the door because the door handles fell. I told her not to worry about it because the door handle been broken since couple weeks and we never get a chance to get a new one and get it fix. My husband kind a busy this past couple days of work and he said he will fix it this weekend. Anyhow, the door knobs, door handles and hand wheels from is the one I recommend to him in case he needs to buy it online if he couldn’t find the one his looking for at the store. It saves time and gas if we can just order it online and wait couple days since were not in hurry to fix it. So hopefully we can fix our door handles this weekend.

Black Bear Painting! -- SOLD!

This black bear painting was SOLD today. Thanks for your purchase! Seems like lot of people here in San Luis Valley like bear and elk painting so I might need to focus on this and make more. I sell my paintings for $20 for 12x16 size unframed canvas panel. I do it for a hobby and its a good practice for me too. I never been to art school, I just learn it by myself through watching videos and reading books and hopefully my art work will improve. Thanks to all people who purchase my art!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

eyewear products

One of my closest friend here in the Valley just lost her sunglasses when we went to town. That is the 4th time she lost a sunglasses and now she needs another pair. She just bought a reading glasses and now she needs to go back and get another pair of sunglasses. I told her if she tried to buy sunglasses online and she said no, because I found this website at where they offer a great eyewear products and they offer a free shipping too. What a deal! I might get one for me also because my sunglasses have already crack because it fell accidentally when we went to the store last week. Its nice to have another pair this summer and I am ready also for our convention this end of the month!

More bear paintings --- all are SOLD!

I sold these 3 paintings at the same person who bought my other paintings last time. I'm glad she likes my art work. These are all original paintings painted by me, I only sold it for $20 each. I am still in practice, I never went to art school, I just learn it by myself. I do painting in my spare time if I am not busy or if I am not doing anything in the house or if I am done doing my household chores. This is another way to make an extra income at home. So hopefully I can sold some of my new ones too! ;-) Thanks to Tessa for purchasing my art work and hope you all like it!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cougar painting

This is one of my favorite! I'm glad it turn out well. This painting is SOLD! I got a lot of compliments with my friends here in the Valley. Thanks to all for appreciating my work! Time to get busy this week and try to paint some more bears, cougar and elk! ;-)

My Bear paintings!

These are the four bear paintings I painted last week and just SOLD it for one of the lady who has store here in San Luis Valley. I'm glad that she like all my bear paintings. She likes to collect grizzly and black bear painting and even one of my cougar painting was also SOLD by her. I was thankful that she appreciate my work. I already have two bear paintings done and I'll try to do more bear painting this week. Just to keep me busy :-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

genuine toyota parts

I’m glad to get rid some of our old stuff by selling it online. Good thing they provide an SLV yard sale on face book. I am still doing a spring cleaning this month and hopefully that I can make an extra money with all of our old stuff. Anyhow, someone will be here this afternoon to look at the two set of tires that we put up on sale and we only ask $100 for the set. I am still browsing some other people who also selling their stuff and while browsing online I found this man looking for a genuine toyota parts and I share it to him the website that I found out online at Hope that helps, I am not sure if this is the one he is looking but I’m happy to help.

Friday, April 5, 2013

He build a lego truck!

Look at this new lego truck! My 7 year old son made this by himself without any instruction! He has a lot of lego parts and its nice to see him getting into it. He used his imagination and it works! I told him he can build anything he likes using those old lego parts and he did! He is so proud of what he did and he took a picture of it! He showed it to his dad and daddy was so proud of him! He is a great lego builder! hehe ;-)

Our new living room furniture!

We are so happy for the new look of our living room, we got a new sectional that we bought online at, it came out really nice and they really wrap it really good. No damage so far for the delivery and it looks really nice in our living room! The old couch we have, we put it at the kids play room. They have something to jump around there, it takes a lot of space though but I am sure the kids won't mind it. You can also see our new dining table. We got it from together with the ottoman that matches to our sectional. It was a good purchase! Nice to see the new look of our living room ;-)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

appliance repair

There are times that our appliances will stop working and when that happens, some people give up their broken appliances right away and decided to buy a new one. It happens for us when our stove stop working, I dont know what happen but while I was cooking the stove just stop and I heard a funny noise to it. So after a couple of days, we bought a new stove and just throw the broken one away. One of our friends said, maybe it needs a little work with it or maybe the problem is not that bad, she recommend us the appliance repair and see if they can do something about it. Too late though because we already throw that stove. I just thankful to find out about the appliance repair then next time if we have the same problem or some of our appliances are starting to act weird then I guess we can schedule an appointment to them and see if they can help repair the broken appliances.

My new art store!

I just create an online store here at blogger and buy a domain good for a year for $10. The theme is just simple and I guess that will be okay. I will change the theme next time if I found a nice one that match on my theme. My art store is already available so if you find my art interesting, please feel free to purchase or visit my eBay to bid the item. Thanks and have a good day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

look for San Diego lawyers

There are a lot of place to see in San Diego and when we went to San Francisco, we didn’t get a chance to stop by in San Diego. There are a lot of Filipinos out there and its nice to see some of my kababayans. Well, maybe next time will go and visit San Diego for our next vacation after our Florida trip, will see. Anyhow, I have a friend who live in San Diego and so far they never had any problem living in there but they knew someone who are looking for a personal injury lawyer and good thing I recommend them the website. They can look for San Diego lawyers that will help them on their case and I told them they can visit the website and get a free consultation and see if it helps.

cardboard truck

My 7 year old son was very fascinated with cars and legos and this time when I saw a cardboard box, I ask him if he has something in mind that he wants to build using the cardboard and he say "yes". He wanted to make a truck but the first time he made it, he got frustrated because it didn't look right, so I told him I can help him building his truck, he can draw and cut it and I will put them all together and here it is! He also make a trailer! What a cool one truck ha? hehe :-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

100 cars for 100 days project!

Dustin is ready on his 100 days tomorrow at school and I help him with his project, its a 100 cars! I printed it out, cut it and paste it on the cardboard. Pretty good idea isn't it? Dustin really like cars, so I printed all different kind of cars from sports car, race car, trucks, old cars and the latest ones. His pretty happy with it, look at his smile! :-) He's pretty excited for tomorrow, he also make lego made of a 100 lego parts and he make a unique car with it, he really have a good imagination. I'm proud of him!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Got sold!

Just want to say thanks to all who purchase my handmade painted rock and the paintings above. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do and thanks for finding my items on my ebay and etsy store. So to those interested, I still have some few paintings available. So feel free to bid or you can buy it now for a very affordable price. Thanks!

Friday, February 15, 2013

printing software

Printing business nowadays are using a Web to Print software to help their printing work more faster and easier. Well, maybe not all but I guess some of them does. When I work at the printing business, we usually do it manually but now that they have this powerful suite of software tools that most printing businesses needed, I am sure the work will be faster, easier and smother. If you never tried this software before, maybe you might get interested to give it a try and see how it works!

Beautiful unusual flower

This is already available on my eBay Store, so to those interested, feel free to bid or buy it now for $24.99 and its free shipping inside US area. Thanks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

insoles for comfort

Mike spend a lot of walking at work that’s why when he get home, he complains that his foot and heels was hurting. Maybe because of his shoes? Or maybe he just walk so much in the gravel? I don’t know because he bought this insoles for comfort but I am not sure if it helps him a lot maybe he didn’t get the right one. When you spend so much walking, it cause your foot to feel hurt and sore. It happens for all women too especially to those women who wear high heels all the time. When we wear heels, it takes a lot of pressure in the foot if we walk a lot, that’s why I really wanted to find spenco online, I heard they have really good spenco insoles and arch support. I really need this insoles for comfort this coming June for our upcoming convention that way I don’t need to worry about wearing heels.

Gloomy Landscape Painting

This are one of the new landscape painting I made for this month. I painted it in a acrylic pad not in a canvas since I am still practicing into landscape painting. My husband said, I just need to focus on painting wild animals and flowers since I am good at it but I want to give it a try too into landscape because I like landscape and there's nothing to lose if I give it a try right? Hope you all like it. To those interested in my painting, feel free to leave message or visit my ebay website.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

avira antivirus software

There are many anti-virus software out there, are you sure you got the right one? Sometimes we ended up using the one that is more popular than any other antivirus software or the one that is more cheaper that is available in the market. We been using our anti-virus for couple of years now and so far we are happy about it and since our anti-virus will be expired soon, we are thinking to try a new one. We heard about this Avira from and I guess its worth to try. What you think? Avira is one of the world’s best free Antivirus software and its easy to use too. So if you are looking for antivirus software, you might like to try Avira from!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sell on eBay

To those who are interested in my art work, please go to my ebay at, two of my paintings are already sold, one is the mommy and baby giraffe and the English Mastiff rock painting. Thanks to those who purchase my art work and hope you all like it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White Horse painting

The original photo
My version :-)
I saw a picture of a white horse online while I was searching some photos to paint on and I feel inlove with this photo. I make my own version on it, its not as perfect as the original photo above but I am happy with the results though. I will keep this paint and I was planning to hang it in the wall and keep it as my collection.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Acrylic paint - colorful parrot

My new acrylic painting for this year 2013 - a colorful parrot. I saw this painting in my arcylic paint book that I bought last year and I just want to give it a try and this is how it turned out. Hope you all like it! I was planning to keep this and put it in our wall. I just need to buy a frame for it. This is one of my favorite! :-)

winter jacket

I just bought a new winter jacket last weekend and I really like it. It is warm and comfortable and I found the right size for me! The old winter jacket that I have is kind a way too big for me especially in the shoulder part. But I also have leather jacket to wear in case the weather will start to get warmer. Well, when it comes to jacket and any kind of winter gear, I also recommend the marmot line. You can buy marmot clothing online at, just search for marmot brand. I like their marmot sleeping bags, they are very nice and it said this is the warmest bag ever that can stand about -45 degrees and for the price of $168, they are pretty affordable and it worth the money you paid.
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