Sunday, December 27, 2015

made her a skirt out of her old jeans

Here's the skirt I made for my little girl. She has couple of jeans that are already torn and I have this butterfly fabric that I bought couple months ago. I got a chance to do my sewing project again and I made her a skirt out of her old jeans. Next time I will made purses out of her old jeans and maybe some more skirts for her to wear! She loves it and she looks so adorable to it :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

handmade earrings for pioneer gifts

These are the 8 of the simple handmade earrings I made for the pioneer gifts, I guess this one supposed to be given to the wife of the pioneer brothers or maybe for the youngster pioneers. I finish it before I started the rock painting. Glad to help and I also made some for me and my daughter. :-) 

Pioneer Gifts -- Rock Painting

Here are some of the rock painting I made for the pioneers in our congregation. They are going to have a pioneer meeting next week so I thought I could help out for the pioneer gifts. I finish 28 of them and I found some of the rocks in the road and in the side of the lake. Its a small rocks, and they are flat and round. Some of them have unique shape to it. Hope they will like it. It has a bible scripture in the back of it. I mostly used the proverbs and some of the shortest quote in the bible.

Native Indian -- Rock Painting

This is the rock painting I made for a friend. She wanted a native Indian so this is what I come up with and she really like it. I found the rock in one of our friends house it was round and flat, it has a little crack but you can't hardly see it if you cover it with the painting. I also make about 28 small rock painting to help out for the pioneers gifts. I am glad i will be able to help them to make gifts for the pioneers, its my pleasure to help out. :-)

Instruments for gifts

This is a time of the year where everyone is getting ready for the holidays and of course finding good deals is what everyone looking for. How about you? Are you planning to buy gifts to your love ones this holiday? for us since we don't celebrate any holidays, we try our best to give gifts to our kids and love ones anytime of the year. They get reward when they are good in school and they get special gift anytime in the year, so we don't need special day to give gifts and to give thanks. But we really respect what others believe though. Everyone make their own decision and they can decide what they want to do in the holidays.

Anyhow, I am sure many of you are looking for a special gift to their kids and love ones and if  you are looking for an instruments then you might like to visit the musician's friend. I am sure you will find all the instruments you are looking for. They offer a door buster closeout now, it will be a massive saving for the year. Why not check it now and don't miss their door buster closeout. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Early Winter here at Wolf Creek Pass

This photo taken on October 21 at Wolf Creek Pass and the Colorado State Patrol says that a number of cars "spun out everywhere going over the pass". So it seems kind a scary to drive in that kind of situation isn't it? So to those driving over the pass, just be careful out there and hope no one gets hurt! Wolf Creek Pass is about 45 minutes from where I live and driving on that direction might be not a good idea to do this weekend. 

More bird feathers...

I finish the first batch of feathers that my friend gave me a couple weeks ago and I used them all in my arts and crafts project. I also made couple of earrings out of feathers and give it to some of our friends. Now she ask me to fix couple of her jewelry and I need to find a matching beads to her necklace and I am glad I did find the matching beads to it. Instead of a hook earrings, I use the clip-on ones since she only use clip-ons earrings. I make her another 3 feather earrings and she gave me another bunch of bird feathers! Now I am going to make more feather earrings and maybe another artwork using those feathers. That will be a nice art project to do this week with my daughter. 

Elk hide painting

This is my first time to paint using elk hide. One of our friend has this huge elk hide and they had it for  a long time that been sitting around their storage and now they been thinking of adding an art work to it. They ask me if i can do it for them and they will pay me. At first I am kind a hesitate because I never use elk hide before on my painting and I used to paint on canvas. So it takes me a while to get courage to start it out. So I just cut couple of small parts in the side and try to paint it each side and see how the acrylic painting works to an elk hide. I show it to them the sample and they like it. I have already something in mind on what to draw, I just need a little bit of ideas on how to start it. So here it is with my daughter in it. I just finishing it up and add sealer to it to make sure the paint won't come off. So it turns out pretty good and I can't still believe that I did it. They appreciate my work and they really like it and that is all that matters. :-)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Handmade Earrings

Here are some of the couple earrings that me and my 6 years old daughter made. I also made 3 earrings out of a bird feather. That's the left over feather I have, I am looking for another feather artwork for this week, a friend of ours who owns couple of birds keep saving all the feathers and put it in a jar and instead of just leaving it in a jar, she give it to me and she ask if I can do something out of it for my artwork since I really love to do artwork with my kiddos. So I accepted it and me and my daughter really had great time to do something out of the feather. Of course I give her some of the feather earrings for her to keep :-)

Frame arts and crafts with kids

This is the fun time gathering we had at my house together with all little ones, young and teens. We had frame arts and crafts and mask too. Everyone had great time. Kids get a chance to create and design their own frame then I took a picture of them or they can pick who they want to be in their picture, I print it out and put it on their frame! then they can take it home together with a little gift bag. Everyone likes it and I am sure will do this again next year before school starts. I see how creative those kids are and they did pretty good on their frames! They design it really well. Good job kiddos!

dj intro

We have a gathering to attend before winter and I heard that they are looking for a DJ in the Valley to play the music. I am not sure if they will going to find one in a small Valley like ours but I'm sure they will find a good one maybe in the other side of the Valley where all the big store are. There are many party's and celebrations going on last couple months for the graduation and even the home coming and of course when you have a party, you don't want to miss having a good DJ right, sometimes they hire professional DJ's and some they just do it themselves and pick the music they like to play. Anyway, when it comes to dj, I found a nice dj intro at musicians friend website. This might be a right controller to use for a dj starter. So if you are looking for a dj intro, don't forget to visit musicians friend!

My Feather Artwork

Here are some of the feather artwork I made couple weeks ago. Just got a chance to post it now, my internet explorer didn't work so I decided to use the google chrome instead and it works out pretty good now. So just want to share it in here and hope you guys like it! I was planning to transfer them into canvas, I finish 3 of them and I give out one to one of my dearest friend and I'm glad she likes it!

Here's what it looks like now after I transfer it on a canvas, I print out a very nice background that will fit to it and it works pretty good and my friend really likes it, its way better than the white background isn't it? I will keep you posted from the rest next time, Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2015

easy grip pens

I always carry pen in my purse and carry it with me anywhere I go. Its very handy and I can use it anytime I want. My kids always have something to do in the car like drawing and writing and I make sure they have pencils and pens with them. So I keep more than one pen in the car. I also go out in the ministry a lot and use pen to write the names of people I am calling. So far the best pens I been using right now is the easy grip pens at, they are very nice, I like the designs and colors and the way it looks and I usually have 3 different colors with me, the red, black and blue. PenFactory have really great selections on all their pens and they are very affordable. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

zebra handbag out of ducktape

This one is for my dearest friend Lila. She is such a nice grandma. She is 89 years old and turning 90 this year. She is one of my partner on the ministry including Mary, she is my dearest friend who like a mother to me. I was thinking to made her a service bag out of ducktape and it matches to her walker! I couldn't find pink ducktape so I decided to make it red instead, but the zebra design really match. I am glad she likes it and she used it all the time on the ministry! :-)

ducktape handbag for a friend

This is the handbag I made for a friend whom I am studying with. She is such a nice lady and I feel privilege to study the bible with her. Everyone called her Mona and I know she likes butterfly so I add a rainbow butterfly to it. She was very happy to accept it and she really like it! I pray for her progress spiritually and hope she keeps doing what she is doing now and be happy.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

roast beef stuffed peppers

I was just browsing online about dinner ideas for stuffed peppers and I found this recipe online at, it was the philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers with a lot of onions and mushrooms. We use the baby bella or the portabello mushroom and sweet onions. It was taste delicious! My husband and I really love it, the kids is not crazy that much about it, they doesn't like mushroom that much but it was okay, I make them something else that night. I grilled some chicken for them. Yesterday, we have friends over and we also use the recipe and they absolutely love it. We use the sargento cheese and pepper jack cheese to go along with the green peppers. You can go to for the recipe. I will post the pictures sometimes if we do it again this week. So i will keep you guys posted. thanks!

nail art with our little friends

Me, my kids and their little friends spend time with us in the weekend. Kids really had great time! Kids play at the trampoline with our sprinklers on. They play in the swing then after that we do our fun nail art and they also draw and paint flowers in a paper that they can take home after. Next time we plan to get together again and we will invite more kids to come over in the house and we will do another fun project to do maybe a diy picture frames or do painting for the kids. We need to do that before the school starts. So will see... 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Duck tape art project for the day

Love doing art projects with my kids and last night, we made this stuff out of the rainbow ducktape. She likes two butterflies, a slipper, a bow headband and a bracelet. She is one happy kid wearing all her rainbow goodies :-) Its fun to make art projects and see their happy smile! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

my horse painting

This is one of my daughter's request. She likes horse and Unicorn. She likes it but she said I can also sell it at my artstore. Feel free to make a reasonable offer, this one is size 12x16 canvas panel, unframed. Thanks!

latest painting - buffalo/bison

This is my first time to paint buffalo, so bare with me here :-) Just having hard time with the pur but I am still learning and practicing. My husband said, it was nice and it still look like a buffalo :-) This is the second painting I made after the mommy and baby bear painting. Its size 16x20 stretch canvas and its ready to hang. Visit my fs-artstore on facebook and like my page! thanks!

latest painting - mommy and baby bear

I made this painting two days ago. I already have one just similar as this one that I got Sold last year, I like the idea of a mother and a baby bear so I decided to make another one but different background. So hope you guys like it! Size 16x20 stretch canvas, ready to hang. They are available at my fs-artstore on facebook. So check it out and don't forget to like my page!

Monday, June 22, 2015

at Huron lake, Michigan

One of a sister, a close friend of my mother in law invited us to her vacation house and it was nice because at the back of her house is the Huron Lake. It was a big huge lake. It looks like an ocean to me, you can't hardly see the close island infront of it. It was okay when we get there, we get a chance to see the beach and play for a little while but then the weather is not cooperating with us. It starting to rain and wind is cold so we end up staying inside. It was raining all day but it turn out really good though, we play puzzle, watch tv, we talk and have dinner and we came home around10pm :-) Thanks Sandy for inviting us! that was nice! :-)

Volcano Lava Cake at Forest Cafe, Michigan

After we went to the Sea Life Aquarium, we had lunch at the Forest Cafe and of course after the meal we don't want to miss their special dessert! the Volcano Lava Cake and it shows the light too, that was awesome! Just perfect size for family of 4. Its too creamy, yummy and delicious! Its not cheap though :-) but the food and dessert is all worth for the money you payed. Love it!

Lake Sinclair beach Michigan

Does it look like a real beach? Yes it is! Its the lake sinclair beach at Michigan. It was the Lake Sinclair and it was pretty nice out there. I feel like I am in the Philippines because I saw the ocean but its not really an ocean but its lake. :-) It was a nice visit, we stay for a little while to let the kids run around and play in the sand. There's a sign that said no swimming and no diving and we saw the couple doing a sun bathing out there and just listening to the music while enjoying the sun. Pretty  nice :-) Love to visit Michigan! and guess what? we are planning to cross the lake, the island infront of this lake that we are in is Canada so were heading that way after we play here. We just wanted to cross it on a ferry. 

Pancakes at Pantry!

These are the pancakes we don't want to miss when we go to Michigan! My husband love their huge pancakes. The first one on the photo is the Apple Pancake and the second one is there very popular German Pancake. It was taste delicious! The first time I saw it, I can't see myself eating those big pancakes. I don't think I can eat them all and I am not into that sugar rush that morning so I just order my favorite Ham and Cheese Omelette and I just have couple bites on those pancake from my husband and brother in law. :-)

Movie night with friends

Last night, we went to watch movies with friends "Inside Out". It was really nice, kids really enjoy the movie and that movie really  makes me and my husband cried. Its really get into your emotion, there's some emotional part that it really touches me and I saw couple of our friends cried in the movie too especially when Ping Pong say good bye and disappear and he says a very powerful words after that. That was touching and also when Joy and Sadness work together and Joy realize that she needs Sadness that way Riley can talk and to open up to her parents that she's not happy. So far we will give a 5 star to that movie. Very well done. We will absolutely watch it again if its available on Vudu and also the Jurassic World. We watch it on the first day showing of the movie and the kids really enjoy it. Its nice to spend time with friends last night, that was such a nice movie night with friends to us. Love it!

build your own guitar

What do you think about the idea of build your own guitar? Have you done that before? I never heard such thing before but I guess its a good idea. You can make your own guitar and customized it the way you like and you can also decide the style you want to add in your own guitar. I think its cheaper than to buy the whole thing right? I did a little research about it and its very interesting because they have all the parts ready for you, all you need to do is just assemble it. You can get it for a great price at guitar center for only $449.99. My son love to build his own stuff like legos and other build your own car kit and he really enjoy it. He is into building stuff so when he grow up if he likes to do music and wanted to own his own instruments, he might like to build his own guitar! So I am sure we will buy him something like this in the future.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Craving Philippines Flan!

I can't remember when was the last time I made a flan? I been craving it this past couple weeks now and I'm glad I got a chance to make it again. It turns out pretty good this time. Its very creamy and this is the flan I remember having when I was in the Philippines. I look up the recipe online at Panlasang Pinoy. I like their website because they have all the Filipino recipes that I can try. Its just hard because some of the ingredients, I couldn't find it here in the Valley. We don't have a closer filipino store here in the Valley, I need to go to a big City to find some of the filipino ingredients but thankfully that flan ingredients is easy to find!

Apple Crisp for dessert!

This is our first time to try this apple crisp pizza recipe for dessert. It turns out pretty good! Everyone loves it and the sweetness is just right. We got the recipe online at the Girl Who Ate Everything, thanks to our friend for sharing it to us, then we have something to try for dessert. 

back to back rock painting - tiger and cheetah

This is the rock painting, requested for one of our young little friend Jessica. She wanted a cheetah and a tiger painted in a rock so what I did, I made her a back to back rock painting and she really likes it. I will try to make one this week and I will keep  it posted here when its finished :-) 

yamaha 4 string bass

When it comes to electric bass, my husband and I prefer the yamaha brand. The yamaha electric bass plays really good and you can find the best yamaha 4 string bass at musiciansfriend. They have great deal on all their yamaha 4 string bass selections. You can also view the highest 4-5 star rating reviews. That will make your shopping choices more easier. You can find the one that will meet to your budget. Just like what it said that it's hard to beat the yamaha BB424X electric bass guitar. So if this is the one you are looking for then look no further! Visit musiciansfriend for all their best seller yamaha 4 string bass selections!

Friday, May 1, 2015

My little cowgirl

Here's my little cowgirl! She was very excited on her first music program at her school last night. In her class, they will be cowgirls and cowboys and they will sing "Old Texas" then dance the "Boot Scootin' Boogie. She is such an adorable little cowgirl, she even ride her horse and she says "Heeeeyahhh!". So cute! 

Western wear

Last night, we really enjoy the music school program of my little girl. She is in Kindergarten and this will be her first time to be on stage! They need to wear cowboys and cowgirls outfit since they are doing the “Ghosttown in Sundown”, that's from the book they been reading for the week from Jack and Annie book. She is very excited on her cowgirl outfit. She had this cowgirl hat since last year when we had a get together party for one of our friend from Switzerland, the theme of the party is to wear Indian and Cowboys outfit. So I'm glad she will be able to wear her cowgirl outfit from last year.

Anyhow, talking about western wear, I found this Women's wear at Eli's Western Wear and they have great selections of western wear outfit. Now, I know where to buy my next western shirts! It's so hard to find my size in the Valley, we need to go to the big City like Pueblo, Denver or even Colorado Spring to shop those kind of western wear, we don't have western wear here in the Valley and I'm glad they have it available online.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sold Cougar Painting

I just SOLD this cougar painting size 12x16 to a friend here in the Valley. She give it as a present to her son. This is the one that I hanged in our playroom together with the other cougar painting I made. I have two more available and I made another one as a replacement for the one I got sold :-) Thanks for appreciating my work! For more of my art work, you can visit, I will post more of my available paintings this week. Thanks!

My new cougar painting for this month

I just finish my new cougar painting that I made couple days ago. I painted it in a 10x13 acrylic paper. One of my cougar got SOLD to one of the friend we know in the Valley. She give it as a present to his son, since his son loves cougar so I'm glad he like it. I make this as a replacement of the one I got Sold :-) 

I need to make another one to take that space in the middle. Still working with the other one, maybe I'll start it this week. Will see...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

tostada for lunch

This tostada looks very yummy isn't it? I got this for my lunch couple days ago at one of our local bakery here in town, they make really good bread and mexican food and my family always come here on our service break. I also bring couple of my friends to have coffee and drink here once and a while. My husband and kids love their donuts and mini pizza. Just want to share this lovely picture of my tostada :-) Just looking by it makes me get some more! 

Vegetables for Juicing!

Every week, my husband buy a lot of vegetables including carrots, kale, spinach, red and green lettuce, cauliflower, cucumbers and other green leafy vegetables for his juicing. Its a good healthy habit that we do almost everyday. The kids got a chance to have a drink every morning before they go to school and me too I have half of a glass of this vegetable drink to start my day and it really gives me a lot of energy. We try to eat healthy everyday but sometimes we go out and eat at the restaurants or at mcdonalds and sometimes have pizza for dinner once every 2 weeks. Not bad isn't it? But the important is we strive hard to eat healthy because we don't want our family to get sick. We know that a lot of processed food right now that you see at the store are very unhealthy and it makes us very sick. So we just need to be careful and try our best.

Our Family Memorial Pics

This photo taken after the memorial last April the 3rd. Its the anniversary of Jesus Christ death. That's the only way we show appreciation of what Jesus did to us. It was really nice and I saw a lot of new people attend to the memorial and I am so fortunate that I will be able to join the pioneers to distribute the campaign for the month of April. It was such a blessing to our family. 

rf to rca

Are you looking for a rf to rca? Then look no further, at musiciansfriend they have this American Recorder Technologies 1/4” Male Mono to RCA female adapter for $1.43 for the Nickel and $2.15 for the Gold. They offer free shipping so it was a great deal. One of my husband relatives just bought several of it and she said that the Gold one works really good for her than the Nickel but she will give the other one a try because the price is less than the gold. So if you cant find this type of product in your nearest local store then stop by here at musiciansfriend.  

Rock Painting - Dog

Here's my new rock painting for this week. I decided to paint a dog in a rock. I got the rock from the river while we went rock hounding in the mountain last week. The first one is a sad looking pug nose pup :-) and the second one is a happy Collie. hope you like it! I will post this to my art store sometime this week, thanks! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Nice entertainment night

Last couple weeks ago, we are invited to one of our friends for their family gathering. They invited couple of our friends too and after dinner we had a free entertainment with one of our friends who are member of a local live band in Denver. They are the son and grand son of my beloved friend, they visit to entertain us that night! It was so nice. My kids really had fun and they are really interested with the instruments they bring especially the electric guitar and the drum. After they play the music, my kids got a chance to play it for a little while. My eldest son asked one of the boys where they bought and got those instruments and of course I didn't hear the whole conversation. It was nice that my son get interested to it. So when we got home we check out online and visit website about instruments and we also look for prices and I tell my son that he can get that instrument that he like when he grow up. Right now, I guess he is not big enough to carry those instruments.

Mermaid Paintings

Here are the two of my mermaid paintings that I got sold last week. Actually I had 4 of them but I forgot to take a picture of the other two which is I made a little bit of changes of it especially the background, I add a little bit of detail to it and I will post one of them when I get a chance this week. Thank you for the one who bought this paintings. Thanks for appreciating my work! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

new giraffe painting

This is my new giraffe painting for the week. Its not that perfect and one of my friend really like giraffes. She might get this one too. She said giraffe's painting reminds her of her lost dad. That was nice, so I sold her the 3 giraffe paintings I had couple weeks ago and this one I might give it to her for less price. Will see, so if you guys likes my giraffe painting and wanted to see some of my paintings that are still available, please like my facebook page at fs-artstore, thanks!

Ducktape bag for a friend

This is what I made for a little friend name Jessica, Jess for short. We watch her two times a week and this is what we make when she came. She is very happy about it and she is showing it off to her classmates at school. She likes kitten that's why we decided to add a cat head in front of it. Its a cross sling bag and she always wear it at school. I'm glad she enjoy our ducktape art for that night and this week, we are making a face mask using ducktape, so we will keep posted on the photos sometime this week. Happy blogging!

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