Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cheap Layouts for Auction!

Spring time is coming, so i made 2 spring layouts for this week because i am sure after my delivery i can't spend so much time online so i will featured my latest layout for this week. This is not free! This layout is for auction and you can get it for $10 and for additional changes and ec logo you can add $5. After my recovery for my surgery (Cesarean Operation) i will give another free blog makeover, maybe next week. You can still choose the previous layout you like except this 2 new layout. So let me know if you are interested and hope you like this new layout designed by me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Free Blog Makeover Winner

I have a new winner for my free blog makeover for this week. Since Phebie is the second one who request a free blog makeover to her blog title "Mother Know's Best", so i decided to gave it to her the layout she likes which is the Sunny Blue Layout. Im done re-coding the layout and you can view her blog to see how the layout turns out. Here is the copy of the layout draft and dont forget to send some love to her blog! Happy Blogging and thanks for visiting!

No email from Rosemarie?

I never heard anything from Rosemarie. She's my winner for the free blog makeover for this week but until now i didn't got her email so i decided to give other a chance to get the free layout they like and my new winner is Phebie! They both like the sunny blue layout and since phebie send me email with her username and password so i rather gave it to her the free blog makeover and give Rosemarie a chance also to choose the layout she likes para fair di ba?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Layout for this week!

This is the latest layout for this week. I got this freebie header from digital scrap book place and thanks to Tina Chambers for sharing this freebie headers. I make a little changes in it and since i am giving away another free layout this week. You can choose either one of this or one of my designs you like. So you better leave comments if you are interested to get a free blog make over for this week! Happy Blogging to all!

A-Z Tag

Thanks to sis Shelo for passing this tag, i really appreciate it and hope you all had a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting my page!

A- Attached or Single? – attached of course
B- Best Friend? – many to mention
C- Cake or pie? – it depends with the flavor
D- Day of choice? - Weekends
E- Essential item? – my cellphone and camera
F- Favorite Color? – blue, pink, purple, green and red
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? – gummy bears
H- Hometown? – Davao, Philippines
I- Indulgence? - blogging, surfing and uploading photos
J- June or July? – I think June because we went to Michigan that month last 2 years ago.
K- Kids? – i have 3 year old son and expecting a baby girl this month.
L- Life is not complete w/o – God, my family and my husband and kids.
M- Marriage date? – December 19, 2005
N- Number of magazine subscriptions – none
O- Orange or apple? - orange
P- Phobias? – im scared on a deep water and snake
Q- Quotes? – "Try and try until you succeed". hehe :-)
R- Reason to smile? – Everything when i am happy and see my love ones happy
S- Season of choice? – summer and spring
T- Tag people - Laradee, Shy, Melds, Rechie, Nancy and Anne
U- Unknown fact about me – I would left it unknown instead..
V- Vegetable? - couliflower and potato
W- Worst habit? – talking to myself hehe :-)
X- Xray or ultrasound? - ultrasound
Y- Your favorite foods? –seafood and all Asian Food
Z- Zodiac sign - Taurus

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winner of my free layout!

Last 2 days ago i am giving away one of my favorite layout, i called it "Pretty Blue Layout". I post it at my weblogexploration and i only receive one comment so it means she's the winner. This morning i receive her mail and got her username and password and i upload the code right away and recoded it. It takes a while to finish copying the sidebar but im glad i did it. So to all my fellow dedicated bloggers out there, watch out for my free layout for next week! Dont forget to visit Shelo's Blog! the winner of my free layout!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dark Layout...

I like dark color too and yesterday while im making my own scrap booking at Digital Scrap Book Place, i found this purple petals kit for free and i decided to use it for my blogger layout. It turns out good though. Hope you all like it, if you like this layout you can get this for $15. By the way i am giving 1 free layout this day, check out my weblogexploration and see what layout i am giving away for today!

Spring Layout...

My favorite season was spring and summer and i was thinking to create a spring blogger layout just in advance you know hehe :-) Maybe i will use this layout for one of my blog but will see about that. If not then maybe i will give this spring layout for auction or maybe for free!

Since i like purple and green, i decided to create a layout with my favorite color. The graphics is not free, i purchase it for a very affordable price at Digi Scrap Kits for only $2.00 and try one of their clipart and graphics. So here's the spring layout!

Monday, February 9, 2009

3 Layout for Bidding!

These are the 3 layout for bidding this week. The bidding will start now and ends this coming Friday. Bidding will start for $10. Bid your favorite layout before someone will taken it! Happy Blogging everyone and hope you like my designs :-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

BID Layout

Next week i will going to post the 3 layout for bidding. I am sure many of you like to get a blog makeover so why not start bidding your favorite layout? The bidding will start this monday February 9, the bidding cost starts at $10. So check that out next week! happy blogging and thanks for the visit! Leave some love in here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh Green Layout

Here is the 3 column Fresh Green Layout for the day. I got this freebies scrap kits for free at Monti's Spring Garden Scrap Kit. I tried the combination of pink, yellow and green. I use my picture as a sample hehe :-) If you are interested please let me know. Share some love in here! dont forget to leave comments and happy blogging everyone!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Layout for the month of February...

Since its February, i was thinking to make another layout which is my favorite color "Pink and Aqua Blue". I make it very simple and as usual i use freebie graphic kits from Glitter Graphics. If you are interested please let me know and we can talk about the price. Hope you all like it and check out for my new layout next week. Have a great day and happy blogging everyone!
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