Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winner of my free layout!

Last 2 days ago i am giving away one of my favorite layout, i called it "Pretty Blue Layout". I post it at my weblogexploration and i only receive one comment so it means she's the winner. This morning i receive her mail and got her username and password and i upload the code right away and recoded it. It takes a while to finish copying the sidebar but im glad i did it. So to all my fellow dedicated bloggers out there, watch out for my free layout for next week! Dont forget to visit Shelo's Blog! the winner of my free layout!

1 comment:

  1. Fe!!!! Sis, I was surprised.. I just log in now and surprised to see my blog. Wow.. I love it .. I really want to thank you. I will recommend your site , I promise.. I love you sis.. thanks for the time in doing blog make-over to my site.. You are truly great!!! Thanks jud kaayo sis!!!


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