Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cheap Layouts for Auction!

Spring time is coming, so i made 2 spring layouts for this week because i am sure after my delivery i can't spend so much time online so i will featured my latest layout for this week. This is not free! This layout is for auction and you can get it for $10 and for additional changes and ec logo you can add $5. After my recovery for my surgery (Cesarean Operation) i will give another free blog makeover, maybe next week. You can still choose the previous layout you like except this 2 new layout. So let me know if you are interested and hope you like this new layout designed by me!


  1. wow sis.. very nice ones!!! But I think I have to enjoy muna the one that I've won from you..

    CS ka sis? Hope it will be well. God will arrange everything..

  2. WOW nice au cla Fe and goodluck sa imo CS I hope everything will went good.

  3. wow ang gaganda naman po nito ate. gusto ko kung nasa gitna ate ang cute cute niya.

  4. WOW ang cu-cute naman nang layie, hehehe cute nung pink tsaka ung green lols


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