Monday, June 25, 2012

Adele Sketch

Adele is one of my favorite singer. She has a powerful voice. Love that smokey eyes of her. Well, I make a sketch for her. Hope you all like it!

Another Purple Dress!

Thanks to my friend Mary for giving me this pretty purple dress from her daughter. This dress is size 4 so its kind a little bit bigger to me because I am wearing size 1 clothing. But I did fix it and make it a little bit smaller. The underarm sleeve was very loose so what I did, I sew about 1 1/2 inches to it to make it just right. The length of the dress is fine, the ruffles are very pretty. I just put belt in it and woolah! It fits perfectly and it looks nice!

The Purple Dress I made

I wore the purple dress I made 2 days before our convention in Pueblo. I thought I couldn't make it but it turns out really nice and it fits me well. Love that color! We had 3 days convention at Pueblo State Fairground and this photo taken at the first day convention. What a lovely family picture of us! Thanks Jehovah for all the blessings!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

term life insurance

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sketch for my dana pie!

This is my little dana pie, she was 2 years old when I took this photo. She was so adorable on this picture. I make her a sketch and this is the result. I am having a little bit hard time sketching the eye. I love the hat though, love that color! Everyone said, it really looks like the one in the photo, she is such a cutie!

Kristen Stewart Sketch

I saw a nice photo of Kristen Stewart, she's one of my favorite actress and she is very beautiful at this photo and guess what? I made her a sketch! It's not perfect though, I need more practice to make it perfect. I did my best and hope you all like it! :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portrait sketch

I like to do portrait sketch. When I saw a picture that caught my attention, it urge me to draw that photo. Like this one, I saw this photos online, she is one of my favorite Philippine Actress. She is very beautiful and this photo caught my attention. So I end up sketching her. She is Desiree del Valle and she is a mermaid name Neptuna in the teleserye title "Aryana".

miss them

Do you own a custom shirts? I bet you do! I saw a lot of guys wearing custom shirts and even girls wore that too. I saw this nice custom army shirts online and this is what my brother and brother in law likes. I wonder if I can bring some of the custom shirts as a gift for them when we go back in the Philippines next year. I even don’t know if we can still go next year but I am still hoping. We already postponed our trip in the Philippines this year and my husband said we might go their next year. As long we have a budget for our vacation then that would be great! I can’t wait to see my family, I miss them a lot!

Cowboy Sketch

I never tried to sketch a cowboy before and this is my first try. It's not perfect but you can see the cowboy is chasing the bull or a cow. It's not bad for my first try. I finished this sketch last night together with the other sketch I made which is my favorite Philippine Actress. I will post it later then in my next post ;-) Feel free to leave your comment!

my experience before...

I hate when I wait too long in the line just to check out. I am not sure but maybe they don’t have enough workers or maybe their barcode scanner is not working. Just like my experience before when I shop in one of the busy department store in town way back in the Philippines, it took me a long time to check out. Why? Well, I guess their POS Systems have some problems that’s why the service is very slow. Of course they apologize to all their customers that time. It happens once but then after that incident, they provide the fastest check out and all their customers are happy and satisfied.
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