Saturday, May 16, 2015

Craving Philippines Flan!

I can't remember when was the last time I made a flan? I been craving it this past couple weeks now and I'm glad I got a chance to make it again. It turns out pretty good this time. Its very creamy and this is the flan I remember having when I was in the Philippines. I look up the recipe online at Panlasang Pinoy. I like their website because they have all the Filipino recipes that I can try. Its just hard because some of the ingredients, I couldn't find it here in the Valley. We don't have a closer filipino store here in the Valley, I need to go to a big City to find some of the filipino ingredients but thankfully that flan ingredients is easy to find!

Apple Crisp for dessert!

This is our first time to try this apple crisp pizza recipe for dessert. It turns out pretty good! Everyone loves it and the sweetness is just right. We got the recipe online at the Girl Who Ate Everything, thanks to our friend for sharing it to us, then we have something to try for dessert. 

back to back rock painting - tiger and cheetah

This is the rock painting, requested for one of our young little friend Jessica. She wanted a cheetah and a tiger painted in a rock so what I did, I made her a back to back rock painting and she really likes it. I will try to make one this week and I will keep  it posted here when its finished :-) 

yamaha 4 string bass

When it comes to electric bass, my husband and I prefer the yamaha brand. The yamaha electric bass plays really good and you can find the best yamaha 4 string bass at musiciansfriend. They have great deal on all their yamaha 4 string bass selections. You can also view the highest 4-5 star rating reviews. That will make your shopping choices more easier. You can find the one that will meet to your budget. Just like what it said that it's hard to beat the yamaha BB424X electric bass guitar. So if this is the one you are looking for then look no further! Visit musiciansfriend for all their best seller yamaha 4 string bass selections!

Friday, May 1, 2015

My little cowgirl

Here's my little cowgirl! She was very excited on her first music program at her school last night. In her class, they will be cowgirls and cowboys and they will sing "Old Texas" then dance the "Boot Scootin' Boogie. She is such an adorable little cowgirl, she even ride her horse and she says "Heeeeyahhh!". So cute! 

Western wear

Last night, we really enjoy the music school program of my little girl. She is in Kindergarten and this will be her first time to be on stage! They need to wear cowboys and cowgirls outfit since they are doing the “Ghosttown in Sundown”, that's from the book they been reading for the week from Jack and Annie book. She is very excited on her cowgirl outfit. She had this cowgirl hat since last year when we had a get together party for one of our friend from Switzerland, the theme of the party is to wear Indian and Cowboys outfit. So I'm glad she will be able to wear her cowgirl outfit from last year.

Anyhow, talking about western wear, I found this Women's wear at Eli's Western Wear and they have great selections of western wear outfit. Now, I know where to buy my next western shirts! It's so hard to find my size in the Valley, we need to go to the big City like Pueblo, Denver or even Colorado Spring to shop those kind of western wear, we don't have western wear here in the Valley and I'm glad they have it available online.
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